Last minute Easter gift

Last minute Easter gift

Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter – on all these occasions gifts are distributed. And again and again you need creative ideas to please your partner or other family members. Of course, it’s nice to have all the gifts together in time, but often time is just too short and you have to think about a gift at the last minute, like currently now at Easter time. We would like to give you a few tips so that you don’t make yourself the Easter bunny with your gift and how you can achieve the best Easter mood even with a last minute Easter gift with the help of Meminto Stories.ย 

Surprised by Easter again?

If only Easter didn’t come so suddenly every year… Yes, then many people wouldn’t be in the situation of having to get a last minute Easter gift. Easter gifts or gifts in general to buy at the last minute, can be quite stressful. Because the loved ones, whom you want to make a joy for Easter, expect beautiful and creative ideas, you should already come up with something. Sure, diy is on everyone’s lips, and you can make an Easter gift yourself at the last minute, but you should probably leave that to the children who want to make grandma or grandpa happy for Easter. They simply have more time for it and perhaps also more skilled hands.

Your partner will certainly have other requirements, and if you give a gift certificate to the Easter nest again, as you did last time for a birthday or at Christmas, then you can at best blame it on the Easter bunny, but you won’t necessarily be giving them any real pleasure.

Small tips for successful Easter gifts

Easter nest

Actually, it is not so difficult to avoid the pressure by a last minute Easter gift. After all, the date for Easter has been set for a very long time. So just plan enough time to get great gifts. Because it is not just about giving away anything. The dearest ones are to experience over mad Easter gifts also personal appreciation. And that only works with gifts that create real joy. But if you really don’t have any ideas of your own, you can also ask friends or relatives if they have any tips for you. They often come up with the best ideas.

In case you really want to make an Easter gift yourself, you should plan a lot of time. Utensils get, diy instructions read and if necessary a second attempt, if the first goes wrong, must be considered in the time planning. So you see, a successful gift always has to do with enough time.

The gift at the last minute

Easter Saturday, 6:00 p.m., hectic activity around you. Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow’s Easter. Beautiful Easter decorations are spread all over the house. Here an Easter nest, there an Easter bunny. Your partner brings a few small packages into the living room with a mysterious look on his face – and suddenly you feel really hot. A quick glance at the clock shows you that your options for buying a last-minute Easter gift are pretty limited right now. How could you have forgotten? You feel like sinking into the ground. It’s not that you don’t love buying nice gifts. It’s that you simply forgot.

How can you save this Easter now? Various things you can buy at the gas station come into question. A bunch of packaged tulips, various gift certificates, chocolates, key chains – not really the best ideas for Easter. You could also make a gift certificate yourself. A voucher for a romantic dinner for two, just you and your partner. With all the trimmings. Yes, that would be a really good idea. It would be, if you hadn’t stood there with such a voucher on your last birthday and last Christmas, mumbling something about “it’s best to give away time for each other anyway” into your beard.

A book from Meminto - the last minute Easter gift you're guaranteed not to embarrass yourself with!

We promised you at the beginning to get you a last minute Easter gift, with which you not only achieve the best Easter mood, but also bring real joy. One with which you can show that you also have creative ideas. A gift that is sustainable, with a long-term effect. And one that the recipient can even help to create.

We are talking about a book from Meminto Stories. No ordinary book. A personal book. A book about a life, a childhood or a relationship. A book that you can write without ever being or wanting to become a book author yourself.

52 questions, 52 answers - we explain how an Easter gift becomes a book

If you still have enough time, you can order the attractive gift box from Meminto. It contains the access code to the personal area at Meminto and other small surprises. If it’s a last minute Easter gift, you can download the gift certificate including the access code at All you have to do is wrap it up nicely yourself.

If it is a gift for your partner, you can for example choose a relationship book to write about the first time together. You can also write this book together. Same topics, each from the other’s point of view. Grandpa would perhaps get a life book because he had such an eventful life and grandma could tell about the time when mother was a child in her book.

Meminto regularly asks the recipient, once a week, very individual questions about the selected topic – either by mail or by phone. The answers are collected by Meminto and compiled into a book. Of course, pictures can also be uploaded to illustrate the respective story.

After a year the book is ready

When all questions have been asked and answered, Meminto produces the book. Professionally bound with an attractive cover. If you have it sent to you, you already have the Easter surprise for next year. Hopefully you won’t have to worry about a last minute Easter gift.

Capture your story now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you will have a book about your relationship in your mailbox!

But a Meminto book is more than a book. Writing such a book helps to preserve or refresh memories. It helps future generations learn more about their parents or grandparents. It provides a year’s worth of excitement and boredom while it’s being written. And when it’s finished, it’s guaranteed to be picked up again and again, handed down, lent out, and certainly reproduced.

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