Best Trylifestory Alternative: Meminto Vs Trylifestory

The difference between Meminto and Trylifestory is that Meminto offers a versatile, self-guided book creation platform with customizable questions and extensive privacy features, making it more user-friendly and secure. While Trylifestory offers a recorded video interview service, it lacks the user-friendly interface and customization options of Meminto’s book creation platform.

Both platforms serve as tools for capturing and preserving life stories, catering to individuals with diverse preferences and needs. They offer unique approaches to storytelling, accommodating varying levels of involvement and interaction. While one platform specializes in guiding users through a structured interview process to create video memoirs, the other empowers individuals to curate their narratives through customizable book creation. Both avenues aim to immortalize memories and experiences, fostering connections across generations.


About the books

When deciding between Meminto and Trylifestory to capture and preserve life stories, it’s essential to consider the key features each platform offers. Both platforms aim to facilitate the documentation of memories and experiences, but they do so through different approaches.

MediumSelf-guided book creation platformRecorded video interview service
CustomizationCustomizable questions, diverse topicsStructured interview process
InteractionUser-driven content creationInterviewer-led conversation
ExperienceReflective and interactive book creationPassive storytelling through video
PagesUp to 300 pages, with options for additional pages at an added feeVideo-based
Price$69 for childhood books, $79 for life books$499


How the Answers Are Collected

Let’s look at how Meminto and Trylifestory collect your answers to questions about your life so you can choose the easiest way to share your stories.

Number of Questions52 questions selected initially, can be modified71 in-depth question
Collection MethodSelf-entered by usersInterviewer-led video recording
Content AdditionAdd text, video, audio, and picturesVideo responses only
Customization of Question
Editing ProcessUsers can edit responses anytimeProfessional editing post-interview
Answer via Phone Call
Answer via App (Android/iPhone)
Answer by E-mail


Question Collections

Discover the different types of questions you can answer with Meminto and Trylifestory to find the best fit for telling your unique story.


Gift options

We’ll compare Meminto’s and Trylifestory’s gift options to see which one offers the best way to give someone a special memory.

Gift FormatActivation code for book creationPurchase of video interview service
PersonalizationCustomizable questions and book designPersonalized interview questions
Physical Gift
Digital GiftDigital version of the bookFull video interview and top 3 stories
Collaborative GiftingYes, Invite family and friends to contribute

Meminto Vs Trylifestory: How They Work


Meminto makes it easy to create a personalized memory book. To start, you pick a book theme and purchase it.ย 

After buying, you get an activation code, which you enter on Meminto’s website. The platform then provides 52 personal questions from its large collection, but you can change, delete, or add your questions anytime. Meminto sends weekly reminders via email or their app to keep you on track.

You can add pictures to illustrate your stories as you answer the questions. You have complete control over the content, allowing you to edit and arrange it whenever you want. Your book can be up to 300 pages, and you can request more pages if needed.ย 

Once you’re finished, you select a cover design, and Meminto prints your book. The finished product, printed in color and nicely bound, typically arrives within 10-14 days. This straightforward process enables you to create a unique and lasting keepsake that captures your life’s special moments.


Trylifestory offers a unique way to capture and preserve personal stories through a recorded video interview. The process begins with purchasing the LifeStory service. Once purchased, you will receive an invitation to schedule a convenient time for your interview.ย 

A professional interviewer conducts a one-on-one interview using Google Meet during the scheduled session. The interview is guided by a set of 71 in-depth questions designed to cover a comprehensive view of your life. The interviewer helps make the process simple and engaging, even for those needing technical assistance.

After the interview, the recorded session is professionally edited, including the addition of titles and a personalized opening sequence. Within two weeks, you will receive the full-length video in a 16:9 format and your top three favorite stories edited into a 1:1 format for easy sharing on social media. This method ensures that your memories are captured meaningfully and presented in a polished and shareable format.

The Best Trylifestory Alternative

When preserving life stories, Meminto stands out as the top alternative to Trylifestory. Unlike Trylifestory, which focuses on recorded video interviews, Meminto offers a more interactive and customizable approach. With Meminto, you can create your personalized memory book with ease. The process starts by choosing a book theme and purchasing it. Once you have your theme, Meminto provides a variety of questions for you to answer, which you can easily modify or add to according to your preferences.

One of the key advantages of Meminto over Trylifestory is its user-friendly interface and flexibility. While Trylifestory relies solely on video interviews, Meminto allows users to add text, audio, videos, and pictures and even choose the cover design for their book. This level of customization gives users more control over how they want their stories to be presented.

Another factor that sets Meminto apart is its privacy features. Meminto prioritizes the security and confidentiality of users’ stories, ensuring that only the intended audience can access them. Additionally, Meminto offers options for collaboration, allowing users to involve family and friends in the creation process.