Best Story Terrace Alternative: Meminto Vs Story Terrace

The main difference between Meminto and Story Terrace is Meminto’s flexibility and interactive approach. Meminto offers a user-friendly interface, diverse themes, and a collaborative experience with friends and family, making creating personalized memory books easier and more enjoyable. Story Terrace provides a more traditional service by matching clients with professional ghostwriters to craft detailed and professionally designed memoirs.

Both platforms are great at helping individuals capture and preserve their life stories, but they cater to different needs and preferences. For instance, Story Terrace focuses on life or personal stories, whereas Meminto can be used to capture every single moment of life (business-wise or even personal-wise). Story Terrace and Meminto have unique strengths, making them suitable for different types of users—those looking for a collaborative, hands-on experience and those preferring a professionally guided journey to document their personal lives.


About the books

With Meminto and Story Terrace, you’ll get a book to capture and preserve your life story. We’ll be comparing some features of the books created by Meminto and Story Terrace, so you’ll see how each platform presents and designs their books differently.

MemintoStory Terrace
Customization OptionsExtensive customization for content and designLimited customization, more structured process
Themes and TopicsDiverse themes, including travel, relationships, etc.Primarily focused on personal memoirs
CollaborationAllows collaboration with family and friendsProfessional ghostwriter-client collaboration
Photo IntegrationSupports adding hundreds of photosIncludes limited photo integration options
Publishing TimeframeTypically delivers within 10-14 daysLonger production schedule, varies by package
PagesUp to 300 pages, with options for additional pages at an added feeUp to 125 pages
PriceFrom $69From $2200
Printing OptionsDefault color printingFull color printing


How the Question Answers Are Collected

When comparing how Meminto and Story Terrace collect answers to questions, you’ll notice differences in their approaches to gathering and recording personal memories.

MemintoStory Terrace
Weekly Reminders
Weekly Question Reminders
Format of ResponsesText answers with photos, videos, and audio.Relies on text-based answers, limited photo use
Physical and Digital Format
Video or Audio Answer
Questions Structured in Chronological Categories
Answer via App (Android/iPhone)
Answer by E-mail


Question Collections

In comparing the question collections of Meminto and Story Terrace, you’ll find that Meminto offers a variety of themed question sets, such as life, travel, and weddings. At the same time, Story Terrace focuses solely on life-related questions. 


Gift options

Discover the gift options available with Meminto and Memorygram to find the perfect way to share memories with your loved ones.

Gift card by e-mail
Custom Keepsake Books
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil
Mini-Book for Trial

Meminto Vs Story Terrace: How They Work


Meminto is all about helping people capture their life stories in a fun and interactive way. It starts with choosing a theme that fits the story you want to tell, like your travels or your relationships. Once you’ve picked your theme, Meminto gives you an activation code to enter on their website. Then, Meminto selects 52 personal questions for you from a big collection. But don’t worry; you can change, remove, or add your questions anytime you want! These questions are like little prompts that help you remember special moments in your life.

After that, it’s time for the fun part – answering the questions! You can do this at your own pace, and you can even involve your family and friends. You can answer the questions using their website or app on your phone. And if you ever forget to answer a question, Meminto will send you a weekly reminder to keep you on track.

As you answer the questions, you can also add photos to go along with your stories. Once you’re happy with all your answers and photos, Meminto puts everything into a beautiful book. You can choose how many pages you want and whether you want it in print or digital format. And if you ever need help or have questions, Meminto’s support team is always there to lend a hand. Finally, when your book is ready, you’ll receive it at your doorstep, ready to be shared with your loved ones!

Story Terrace

Story Terrace helps people turn their life stories into professionally crafted memoirs or autobiographies. The process begins with an initial consultation where you discuss your storytelling goals and preferences. Then, Story Terrace matches you with a professional ghostwriter who conducts in-depth interviews to capture your unique story details, memories, and emotions. These interviews are crucial for creating an authentic narrative.

Once the interviews are completed, the ghostwriter begins crafting the manuscript, working closely with you to ensure your story’s authenticity aligns with your vision. The manuscript is thoroughly edited to enhance clarity, coherence, and storytelling quality. 

Story Terrace’s professional designers then create a customized book cover and layout, reflecting the essence of the story. You have the opportunity to review and approve the final manuscript and design. Once finalized, Story Terrace assists in the publication process, making the book available in print and digital formats. You retain ownership of your story, and the book is credited to you as the author. Finally, you’ll receive professionally printed and bound copies of your book.

Best Story Terrace Alternative

When it comes to telling your life story, Meminto is a great alternative to Story Terrace. Meminto makes it super easy and fun to create your own personalized book filled with memories. Unlike Story Terrace, Meminto offers a wide range of themes, so you can choose the one that fits your story best. Whether you want to talk about your travels, relationships, or everyday adventures, Meminto has got you covered.

One of the coolest things about Meminto is that you can answer questions using their app on your phone. It’s like having a little helper in your pocket, reminding you to jot down all those special moments. And if you ever need extra inspiration, Meminto sends you a new question every week to keep you going.

But Meminto isn’t just about answering questions – it’s also about sharing your story with the people you love. You can invite your family and friends to join in, adding their memories and photos to your book. It’s a great way to create something truly special together.

The best part? When your book is done, Meminto turns it into a beautiful keepsake you can treasure forever. You can choose to have it printed or keep it digital so you can share it with everyone you know. With Meminto, telling your story has never been easier or more fun!