Meminto vs Storii: The Best Storii Alternative

The best Storii alternative is Meminto. Meminto offers structured guidance through AI-powered questioning and comprehensive photo integration, while Storii simplifies storytelling with multimedia immersion and automated recording processes.

Both platforms offer innovative solutions for capturing and preserving life stories, fostering meaningful user connections. However, they prioritize storytelling in different ways. One platform provides structured guidance and exploration, while the other focuses on multimedia immersion. Both platforms facilitate collaboration and offer customization options, although they execute these features differently. While one platform integrates photos comprehensively and uses structured question prompts, the other emphasizes seamless multimedia storytelling and simplicity in the recording process


About the books

Meminto and Storii excel in fostering meaningful connections through storytelling, but they approach this goal differently.

Meminto strongly emphasizes guiding users through exploring their life narratives using advanced AI technology. Storii emphasizes capturing life stories in multimedia, allowing users to incorporate photos, music, videos, audio recordings, and text into their biographies.

Final Product Format Option to compile answers into a printed bookPrinted keepsake book
CustomizationCustomizable cover design, narrative styleCustomizable question prompts and content
PagesUp to 300 pages, extendable on requestFlexible number of pages based on content
Color Options Full-color printing availableColor or black-and-white printing options
Cover designCustomizable cover designsStandard cover design with limited customization
Font, size and formatting selection


How the Answers Are Collected

Meminto and Storii offer different formats to guide users through the storytelling process.

Storii takes a multimedia approach to storytelling. It lets users add photos, music, videos, audio recordings, and text to their biographies. While Meminto focuses on structured question prompts, Storii emphasizes multimedia immersion for storytelling

Question Collection MethodAI-guided prompts via website or appAutomated voice prompts via phone or app
Customization of QuestionsUsers can modify, remove, or add questionsUsers can choose, modify, and rearrange questions
Frequency of Questions Weekly questions sent via email or appQuestions can be scheduled up to three times a week
Response MethodWritten narratives, voice recordings, phone interviewsPhone call responses or typed responses via web/app
Storage of AnswersStored and compiled into a keepsake bookAutomatically stored, transcribed and saved to a profile
Access for Loved Ones
Integration of MediaPhotos and answers added to the bookPictures, videos, and other data points can be added to the profile
NotificationWeekly reminders via email or appFamily members are notified of new recordings


Gift options

Discover the gift options available with Meminto and Memorygram to find the perfect way to share memories with your loved ones.

Gift card by e-mail
Custom Keepsake Books
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil

Meminto vs Storii: How They Work


Once you pick your book theme, Meminto gives you an activation code. You can use this code on their website. Then, Meminto will choose 52 personal questions for you from their big collection. You can change, remove, or add your questions whenever you want.

Each book allows you to add many pictures and their corresponding answers. You can print the book in color and make it up to 300 pages long. If you need more pages, you can ask for them. Meminto also sends you weekly questions by email or their app, and you can set reminders, too.

You can continue this experience for another year if you want. It’s even better when you involve your family and friends. You can invite them to join you. Your book will start filling up with interesting stories you might not have known before!

Once you’ve chosen your cover design, your book will be printed and usually arrives within 12-20 days. When it comes, you can hold it and proudly call yourself an author!


You can either buy a Storii Gift Box or sign up online. Then, you can pick from our collection of over 1000 life story questions or make your own! You can easily see or change the questions coming up for you or your loved one.

The 12-month subscription to Storii comes in a nice box. Inside, recipients will find easy-to-use index cards and instructions. You can sign up either by phone or online, whichever you prefer.

For those who like things super simple, Storii can be set to call your loved one automatically up to three times a week. These calls happen at times convenient for them throughout the year. If something unexpected comes up, storytellers can call back the same number anytime to record at their own pace.

Once a story is recorded, it’s uploaded to the user’s Storii profile online. Family members are notified when a recording is done, and they can add photos or videos to accompany the story. Stories can be printed, shared online, or downloaded as audiobooks.

Storii requires no fancy tech skills, so there’s no learning curve. This makes it easy for loved ones to feel confident and empowered when sharing their life stories.

The Best Storii Alternative

The best Storii alternative is Meminto. It focuses on fostering meaningful connections through storytelling. Using advanced AI technology, Meminto gently guides users through exploring their life narratives by asking thought-provoking questions. This platform encourages comprehensive documentation of personal stories, distinguishing itself with its versatility in memory preservation.

Meminto features flexibility in sharing stories—users can opt for written narratives, voice recordings, or even phone interviews. These stories are transformed into beautifully crafted keepsake books, ensuring that memories are preserved for future generations. This fosters a sense of connection within families and communities and leaves behind a lasting legacy.

Meminto goes beyond personal life stories. It offers structured guidance on various aspects of life, from parenting experiences to special occasions like weddings. Additionally, its Memorial Book provides a space for healing reflection, allowing multiple contributors to capture precious memories of a loved one who has passed away.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and extensive collection of questions further enhance its appeal. Whether documenting travel adventures, capturing relationship milestones, or creating memorial books, Meminto provides ample opportunities to immortalize diverse aspects of life.