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When the emotional world no longer seems to be controllable – paper and pencil help with grief work

June 23, 2021

Paper and pen help with the grief work. There are situations that simply overwhelm. Almost everyone has experienced it in some form or another: the situation that suddenly throws you off track.

In memory of a loved one – the Meminto memory book

June 23, 2021

We often only realize how valuable a person is to us when that person is no longer there.

How the wedding memory box almost ended up in the bulky waste

June 10, 2021

Timon and Marie have been happily married for over twenty years. And still as much in love as when they said yes to each other as an overjoyed bride and groom.

Stages of human life

June 1, 2021

Is there actually a universally valid definition for the stages of a person’s life? Are they specific periods of time in a person’s life that are always of the same length?

Writing a diary – much more than just a pastime

May 18, 2021

Friday, April 15, 2021
Dear Diary,
today I wanted to write a blog post about diary.

Older entries

Wedding gift from witnesses

The most personal wedding gift from witnesses

These days, some plans are being thwarted by the worldwide Corona pandemic. Vacations, family celebrations, large events, popular festivals, etc. are falling victim in rows to the strict regulations designed to contain the virus.

Last minute Easter gift

Last minute Easter gift

Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter – on all these occasions gifts are distributed. And again and again you need creative ideas to please your partner or other family members.

End of year thoughts

To renounce is to gain – End of year thoughts

“Look, honey, there’s a place in China where all the people have to wear a mask, it looks funny”. Christian, who until just now had been engrossed in his newspaper, looks up briefly to see if there is a response from his wife.

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