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The special wedding book from Meminto

March 9, 2022

Meminto’s wedding book captured our wedding in a very special way.
Read here how we used the wedding book and what makes it so special.

Beautiful Christmas gift thanks to Gerda

December 20, 2021

Gerda is lonely. Really lonely. Not just now and then, but all the time. Gerda doesn’t have any relatives who come to visit her. Well, the nursing service comes regularly.

St. Nicholas – respect person, gift bearer, saint

December 9, 2021

As long as you believe in St. Nicholas as a child, that is, that he is real, he is not only someone who fills the boots with gifts and sweets on the night of December 5-6, but also a person of respect.

Review on Meminto Stories Relationship Book

November 29, 2021

In life, some things go by much too quickly. Although we consciously perceive every moment, we often forget the beautiful details of some experiences.

Advent – much more than simply four weeks until Christmas

November 25, 2021

Even as a child, you are fascinated by the many impressions that the Advent season brings. Finally, you have left the gray, boring November behind.

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Autumn is what you make it!

He is there. You can’t miss it. Autumn. This season that makes it so mercilessly clear to us that summer is over and winter is just around the corner. This season in which the already gray days become shorter and shorter.

Meminto App

The Meminto App is now available for smartphones!

It took longer than expected, but it’s finally here: After two dozen beta versions, the Meminto Stories app is finally available in the app stores on Google and Apple. Now it’s even easier to fill a Meminto Stories book “on the side”. We show you how it works!


Born in the GDR – grew up in united Germany

When the border fences and walls opened overnight in November 1989, Hans and Erika had been married for just three years. They had adjusted to life in the GDR for short, and had come to terms with the conditions accordingly.

Stages of human life

Is there actually a universally valid definition for the stages of a person’s life? Are they specific periods of time in a person’s life that are always of the same length?

Wedding gift from witnesses

The most personal wedding gift from witnesses

These days, some plans are being thwarted by the worldwide Corona pandemic. Vacations, family celebrations, large events, popular festivals, etc. are falling victim in rows to the strict regulations designed to contain the virus.

Last minute Easter gift

Last minute Easter gift

Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter – on all these occasions gifts are distributed. And again and again you need creative ideas to please your partner or other family members.

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