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Childhood memories – How grandpa secretly drove a car as a boy

25. February 2021

Grandpa was one who loved to share his childhood memories with all of us.

6 steps to autobiography with Meminto

19. February 2021

With an autobiography, you write about your own life.

How to write a biography? 7 tips for your biography

15. February 2021

There are many people who would like to write a book about their own life. But almost as many people ask themselves the question: How do you write a biography?

Gifts for girlfriend or wife – always a challenge

2. February 2021

If you have read this article, then you will realize that finding really good gifts for the girlfriend or wife is not such a big challenge.

Retirement gifts

28. January 2021

Up at the window they stand and look after him a little wistfully.

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End of year thoughts

To renounce is to gain – End of year thoughts

“Look, honey, there’s a place in China where all the people have to wear a mask, it looks funny”. Christian, who until just now had been engrossed in his newspaper, looks up briefly to see if there is a response from his wife.

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