Meminto Vs Storyworth
The best Storyworth Alternative

This is a comparison between StoryWorth and Meminto Stories. What are the advantages of both keepsake book providers? 

StoryWorth has been around for a few years and offers the ability to write down life stories. Meminto Stories is a bit younger, but has more additional topics for authors to write about besides their own lives and offers a great app for iOS and Android. Both services are also otherwise somewhat different in their offerings.

Let’s start with the pricing issue: at Meminto, books start at $69 for a 100-page book and can then be topped up, while StoryWorth charges a unit price of $99.


About the books

Everyone has their own individual taste when it comes to the specific design of the book. Here you can see what is possible with Storyworth and Meminto.

Full-cover image printing
Professional-level printing and bounding"The quality of the books is remarkable and long lasting. I was guided through every step in my book and able to write at my own pace. The support is incredibly fast and helpful. I would write a second book."
Werner B., Meminto author
"Very poorly bound - coming apart at the seams. Layout is terrible, photo descriptions often on the page prior or after the photograph. Very inconsistent as far as indents, titles, no spell check, etc." -
Shellyse P. Storyworth customer
Cheaper books starting at 100 pagesFrom $69From $99
Paper selectionNatural or coated image papernatural only
Font, size and formatting selection
Add participants as readers or contributors
Small E-book for freeStart here!


About the question collections

The questions are at the heart of both providers. Storyworth and Meminto have different ways of answering them

Available, selectable questions>2000 throughout all question collections< 300 in 1 question collection
Questions structured in chronological categories
Answer by e-mailProduces better printing results!Often poor layout results
Answer via app (Android/iPhone)
Answer via phone call
Add Video or Audio Answer
Weekly email reminder
Duration of subscriptionNo subscription
1 year


Various question collections

Why should you limit yourself to life stories? There are so many topics in your life that are worth being captured.

Life book
Relationship book
Childhood book
Memorial book
Parents book
Travel book
Wedding book
Blank book template for everything you want to write about


Gift options

Giving a book like this as a gift is a great idea! The way is crucial.

Gift card by e-mail
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil


About the Software

The Meminto software is not only easy to use in the browser, it also offers much more flexible design options. The lovingly designed app for iOS and Android allows you to capture thoughts and upload images on the go.

Design cover completely free, even the back
Add videos, view with QR code
Add audios, view with QR code
Group questions into categories
Arrange images in two columns
Set answers to private

You have seen: Meminto outperforms StoryWorth in all disciplines, serving you with a  better book and a better handling of the software. What you will like most, however, is the personal service you will receive directly via chat. Meminto also offers regular webinars to help you get the best results for your book.

Still have questions? See the FAQs here or book your personal appointment with us!