Best StoryCorps Alternative: Meminto Vs StoryCorps

The key difference between Meminto and StoryCorps is that Meminto allows users to create personalized keepsake books with their stories, while StoryCorps focuses on recording and archiving audio interviews, often shared on public platforms like the Library of Congress and NPR.

Several platforms aim to help individuals preserve their stories and memories for future generations. Meminto and StoryCorps both offer unique approaches to this goal. They provide innovative ways to document personal stories, ensuring that cherished memories and life experiences are not lost over time. Whether through personalized keepsake books or audio interviews, these services cater to different preferences and needs, allowing people to capture and share their stories in meaningful ways.


About the books

To help you decide which platform best suits your needs for preserving stories and memories, here’s a comparison of the focus areas of Meminto and StoryCorps.

Primary Focus Personalized keepsake booksAudio interviews and public archiving
Story FormatsDigital or physical memory book with voice recordings, videos, pictures, or even phone interviewsAudio recordings only
CustomizationFlexible question selection and addition, customizable text and imagesGuided interviews with set structure
PrivacyHigh privacy control, 2-factor authenticationShared with public archives and media
AccessibilityWeb, appMobile booths, StoryBooths, Door-to-Door service, App
Printing and DeliveryYes (Books printed and delivered in 10-14 days)No (audio only)


How the Question Answers Are Collected

To understand how Meminto and StoryCorps collect and manage responses to their questions, here’s a comparison of their key features related to the collection process. This will help you choose the platform that best suits your storytelling needs.

Method of CollectionWritten stories, voice recordings, videos, phone interviewsIn-person audio interviews
Question Selection52 personalized questions with the option to modify, delete, or add your ownGuided questions provided by facilitators
Interview ProcessSelf-paced can be done individually or with othersFacilitated interviews with trained staff
Frequency of CollectionWeekly question reminders via email or appOne-time sessions, typically 40 minutes
CollaborationAllows inviting family and friends to contributePrimarily between two participants who know each other
FlexibilityHigh flexibility, change and edit questions anytimeStructured format with set questions
Recording and StorageDigital storage with the option to print keepsake books Stored at the Library of Congress, selected segments aired on NPR
Price StructureNo subscription is needed. 1-time purchase with options to extend and add featuresSuggested donation for recording sessions


Question Collections

Here’s a comparison of the different kinds of stories both platforms cover with their question structure.


Gift options

Discover the gift options available with Meminto and Memorygram to find the perfect way to share memories with your loved ones.

Gift card by e-mail
Custom Keepsake Books
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil
Mini-Book for Trial

Meminto: The Best StoryCorps Alternative

Meminto is the best platform that helps individuals preserve their life stories and memories. It achieves this by providing thoughtful questions that guide users in documenting their personal stories. Meminto can capture stories in various formats, including written text, voice recordings, videos, and phone interviews, which are transformed into beautifully crafted keepsake books. These books help families and communities connect while leaving a lasting legacy. into beautifully crafted keepsake books. These books help families and communities connect while leaving a lasting legacy.

Meminto’s storytelling process is flexible. Upon purchasing a book theme, users receive an activation code to enter on the Meminto website. This grants them access to personalized questions, which they can modify, delete, or replace. Users are also free to add their questions. The platform allows for the inclusion of numerous pictures alongside the answers.

The platform features a user-friendly interface and an extensive question collection, covering various life aspects like travel adventures, relationship milestones, parenting experiences, and memorials for deceased loved ones. To help users stay on track, Meminto sends weekly question reminders via email or push notifications.

Meminto places a strong emphasis on privacy. User answers remain private unless shared explicitly. Even when collaborating with others, users can control the visibility of each answer. The platform employs two-factor authentication to secure accounts, ensuring personal data is only used for creating the book and is never shared or sold.

The book creation process with Meminto is simple and enjoyable. Users can easily add, remove, or rearrange content and customize text formatting, layout design, and image placement. The platform offers a preview feature, and the support team is ready to assist with any specific requests. Once the book is finalized, it can be printed, allowing users to proudly share their unique stories with family and friends.