The Life Book
for Christians

Your story in your own words! With questions from childhood to old age, Meminto guides you through your (faith) life and helps you to remember and record everything important.

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A Meminto enables your loved ones to...

…remember most important moments of life…
capture memories weekly as if they happened yesterday….
…to leave a positive impact with your life’s work.

A gift with depth and meaning

Anyone who has experienced a lot and has gone through ups and downs in their lifetime can pass on dozens of experiences.

Let grandchildren and great-grandchildren know how God has blessed your life and what you have experienced over the years.

Ps 90:12 encourages us to deal wisely with our time. A Meminto makes us grateful and creates hope.

Something that lasts.

Why is a Meminto so valuable?

Would you like to give a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime? Meminto is the perfect choice! Give your loved ones the opportunity to record their life story in a unique way. This version includes many questions about life as a Christian.

With Meminto, remembering becomes a joy. Whether it’s childhood memories, teenage adventures or adult milestones, Meminto guides you through every stage of life, asking inspiring questions and capturing the most precious memories, stories and photos.

By emailing a question every week for a year, creating the book becomes a breeze and is completed in a year at the latest. Of course, answering all the questions directly will also make it quicker.

But the best thing about the Meminto book is that it brings families together, because everyone can take part and create personal questions and get to know you better as the author.

Give the gift of time travel through life and let your loved ones relive and record their personal history.

Meminto – The gift idea that will stay in the heart forever.

Life writes the best stories.

This is how your Meminto can look like!

Everyone becomes an author with a Meminto!

Life books

ℹ️ Here’s how it works:

We ask our participants 52 questions about their lives. These come either once a week by e-mail or can also be answered in one go, as desired.

The answers become the chapters of a book full of life stories.

Of course, pictures can be added to each story, which are printed in color.

Approximately 8-12 days later, the Meminto is printed and sent out as a long-lasting, valuable book.

Examples of our questions and how they are asked can be seen below!


100, 200 or 300 pages


Size 5.8 x 8.3″


in full color


Photos, Audio and Video


or on your own

Call function

without a screen

Record memories also by voice - on the phone!

Our Meminto telephone system can call the person you have given the gift to once a week at the desired time and asks the next question. We print the answer via QR code in the book and also convert it into written text!

For more information click here!


Meminto calls with question


They tell a story


We'll print it in the book

Meminto Stories Explainer Video "Life Stories"

How it works

Three steps to your own Life Book


1. Buy or give as a gift

They will get access to all the questions that will remind you of your own life.


2. Answer questions

One per week or all at once: this is how the chapters of the book are created.


3. Receive your book

After choosing a cover design, we will print the book.

What questions await Christians in the Lifebook?

Meminto guides you through your life story with targeted questions. All questions can be adapted, exchanged or even deleted. Of course, you can also add your own questions.

Memories come alive again.

With a Meminto, you’ll get more than just a book.

Revive memories

With the right questions, Meminto reminds you of specific, beautiful moments every week. For a whole year.

Meminto brings together

A Meminto unfolds its power in cooperation with others.

Surprise your loved ones

Your own personal experiences in a book - simply unique.

Capture life story

For generations to come: one's own life story leaves traces.

Insights and Opinions

How Meminto users become heroes

7 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Give away now or start it yourself!

Choose a suitable e-card or one of our gift boxes.
We will take care of the timely delivery by mail or post!

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Help / Support

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to some questions you may have. Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our helpdesk.

Basically, a book with up to 100 pages costs $79. A book with up to 200 pages costs $99, and up to 300 pages is charged at $139, plus shipping and handling of about $10.

Depending on which story you want to record, you will always find the prices for our books directly in the respective topic. So first select what you want to write about and then scroll to the section where you can order.

You can choose between a different number of pages for the book, add additional copies and also a digital copy. This ultimately affects the total price, which can be slightly different for each book.

After purchasing your book theme, you (or the person receiving the gift) will get an activation code from Meminto, which you can enter here. Afterwards we will select 52 personal questions from our large question collection, which you can change, delete or replace indefinitely. You can also set your own questions! Each book can hold hundreds of pictures in addition to the answers, which can then be printed in color on up to 300 pages (or even more, but please contact us on this) in your book. To make sure you don’t forget anything, Meminto can email you a question every week or remind you with push notifications from the app (extension for a further year is possible!). Together with family and friends, Meminto is the most fun. Invite them to join you and watch as your book magically fills with stories that even you didn’t know existed! After choosing a cover design, the book goes to print. About 12-20 days later you can hold it in your hands and proudly call yourself an author!

You can work on your book for a total of 2 years. We will remind you once 6 months and the second time 30 days before the end of this period so that you don’t forget. If there is not enough time, you can extend the processing time by another 2 years for $25.90.

We do not make any changes to the content of your answers and stories, but print what you have written. 

Before you send your book to print, however, you have the option of booking a proofreading service. We will correct typos and spelling mistakes. The costs for proofreading are based on the amount of text to be checked and will be displayed transparently.

Your privacy is very important to us. No one can see your answers unless you share them yourself. If you still want us to help you, you must allow access beforehand.

Even if you fill out your book together with other participants, you can set for each answer whether it should be visible only for you or for everyone.

Additionally, our 2-factor authentication protects your account. Even if your password is hacked, no one can log in to your account that easily.

We are aware of how sensitive your stories and the information they contain can be. Unlike other competitors, Meminto does not use any information for purposes other than creating the book. Your data will not be passed on or even sold. With Meminto, you can be sure that we treat your data with the utmost care.

Yes! You can do it! Why?

  1. Because it’s fun and enjoyable to reflect back. You’ll be amazed at what you remember!
  2. Because we can remind you every week to answer the next question. So you don’t miss anything and stay in the loop.
  3. Because you only need 2-6 minutes to answer a question. You can do it almost anytime and anywhere, even from your smartphone.
  4. Because our books are designed according to fixed templates. You can make simple changes, but you won’t get lost in perfectionism.
  5. Because the anticipation is great to hold your own book in your hands and show it to family and friends.
  6. Because thousands of others (to be exact: 12256!) have done it before you and written down 34450 stories. And why should they be able to do something that you can’t?Just get started now!

Yes it is! We want you to know exactly what to expect and be truly satisfied.

You have the opportunity to start a free mini-book here. Instead of 52 questions, we’ll pick nine for you to start with. If you like how we remind you of situations you may have forgotten and you are comfortable with the Meminto software on your desktop PC or smartphone, you can also upgrade directly.

Just start your free mini-book here!

Not sure yet?

Create a free mini book!

Get 9 questions about your topic and create a digital Meminto Stories book.

Simply download our free app or sign up HERE.

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One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told...