Best Storykeeper Alternatives: Storykeeper Vs Meminto

The difference between Meminto and StoryKeeper is that Meminto emphasizes flexible storytelling methods and creating keepsake books. At the same time, StoryKeeper focuses on collaborative storytelling with up to 10 contributors and offers voice-to-text functionality for easy story recording.

These services guide users through documenting their life experiences, making it easy to create a lasting legacy. Both platforms provide various tools and features, such as prompting questions, the ability to include photos and professional book printing services. They cater to individuals who want to capture their memories meaningfully, ensuring that stories are preserved for future generations. Whether for personal reflection or sharing with loved ones, these platforms provide valuable storytelling and memory preservation resources.


About the books

StoryKeeper and Meminto both offer custom, beautifully designed memory books, but Meminto emphasizes flexible storytelling formats, including voice recordings, video, and phone interviews, while StoryKeeper focuses on collaborative storytelling with professional editing.

Formats for StorytellingWritten text, voice recordings, video, phone interviewsWritten text, voice-to-text
CustomizationYou can change, delete, or add questionsYou can create custom prompts and questions
Number of Contributors No limitUp to 10 contributors
Book LengthUp to 300 pages (but you can request for more pages)Flexible length
Book PrintingDefault color printingFull-color hardcover
Privacy and Security2-factor authentication, user-controlled visibilityUser-controlled visibility, optimized for ease of use
PriceFrom $69From $199
Printing and DeliveryYes (Books printed and delivered in 10-14 days)Yes (4-6 weeks)


How the Answers Are Collected

StoryKeeper collects answers through an intuitive online platform with weekly prompts, allowing for voice-to-text functionality. At the same time, Meminto offers a similar online platform with weekly email or app reminders and flexibility in modifying the provided questions.

Number of Questions52 questions selected initially, can be modifiedHundreds of pre-loaded prompts, plus custom options
Inclusion of Photos and Media
Format of ResponsesText answers with photos, videos, and audio.Detailed writing, photos, videos, handwritten notes.
Customization of Answers
Video or Audio Answer
Answer via Phone Call
Answer via App (Android/iPhone)
Answer by E-mail


Question Collections

StoryKeeper provides a vast collection of pre-loaded prompts with the ability to create custom prompts, while Meminto offers 52 pre-selected questions from a large collection that users can customize or replace.


Gift options

Discover the gift options available with Meminto and Memorygram to find the perfect way to share memories with your loved ones.

Gift card by e-mail
Custom Keepsake Books
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil
Free Mini-Book Option

StoryKeeper Vs Meminto: How Does It Work


StoryKeeper is designed to help people capture and preserve their cherished memories and stories.ย 

First, you sign up and activate your StoryKeeper account. Once your account is set up, you can start responding to hundreds of story prompts available on the online platform. If you prefer, you can wait for a weekly prompt that StoryKeeper sends via email.

To make your memory book more personal and engaging, you can invite loved ones to contribute. Each account can include up to 10 contributors who can create their custom prompts and questions for your story. This collaborative approach helps to gather a rich collection of memories.

When you feel ready to order your StoryKeeper book, the expert team at StoryKeeper will review and edit your content. This includes one comprehensive edit for grammar, layout, and formatting, ensuring that your final book looks professional and polished.

Before finalizing your order, you can preview your memory book to ensure your satisfaction. Once you approve, you can publish your book, and StoryKeeper will deliver two beautifully bound, full-color hardcover copies to your door.

In addition, you can order as many additional copies of your StoryKeeper book as you wish. This allows you to share the finished product with family and friends, creating a lasting keepsake for everyone to enjoy.


Meminto is a platform that helps you document and preserve your life stories and memories. Here’s a simple guide on how it works:

First, you purchase a book theme on Meminto and receive an activation code. This code lets you access their website to start working on your book. Meminto selects 52 personal questions from a large collection to get you started, but you can change, remove, or add your questions as you like.

You can answer these questions in various formats: written text, voice recordings, videos, or phone interviews. Meminto makes it easy to document your memories in a way that feels comfortable for you. Additionally, you can upload hundreds of photos to accompany your stories, making your book more vibrant and personal.

Meminto can send you weekly question reminders via email or push notifications from their app, helping you stay on track. You can involve family and friends by inviting them to share their stories and memories, adding more depth to your book.

Once you’ve answered enough questions and added your photos, choose a cover design, and Meminto prints your book. The book is professionally bound and usually arrives within 10-14 days. You can create a book of up to 300 pages; if you need more, you can request additional pages.

You can work on your book for up to two years. If you need more time, you can extend the project for another two years for a fee of $25.90. When your book is complete, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake that captures your unique life story, which you can share with family and friends.

Best Storykeeper Alternatives

When it comes to preserving cherished memories and life stories, Meminto is the best alternative to StoryKeeper. The Meminto platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

One standout feature of Meminto is its ability to turn your stories into beautifully designed keepsake books. These books are professionally crafted, printed in full color, and can include hundreds of photos alongside your written or recorded memories. The result is a vibrant, tangible record of your life that you can cherish and share with future generations. The high-quality presentation of these books sets Meminto apart from other memory preservation platforms.

Meminto makes documenting your life more engaging by allowing you to invite family and friends to contribute. This collaborative feature enriches your book with diverse perspectives and stories, making it a more comprehensive and meaningful collection of memories. Loved ones can add their anecdotes and insights, enhancing the depth and variety of your book.