Best No Story Lost Alternative: No Story Lost Vs Meminto Stories

The main difference between No Story Lost and Meminto Stories is how they capture and preserve your memories. No Story Lost uses professional interviews conducted by a team, resulting in beautifully crafted coffee table books filled with family stories. On the other hand, Meminto Stories encourages personal reflection through a collection of personalized questions.

Both platforms are committed to preserving precious memories through personalized storytelling. Each platform offers different methods to capture life’s moments through professional interviews or personal reflections. These services enable users to document their life experiences by creating exquisitely crafted family storybooks or customizable memory books filled with photos and anecdotes. Despite their differences, both platforms aim to empower individuals to immortalize their personal stories and create enduring legacies for future generations.


About the books

Meminto and No Story Lost both aim to preserve personal and family stories, they do so with different approaches.

Meminto offers a more flexible, user-driven experience with various storytelling options and strong privacy controls. While, No Story Lost provides a more structured and professionally guided process, resulting in high-quality, personalized coffee table books.

MemintoNo Story Lost
Primary FunctionProvides a platform for recording life stories and creating customized books.Focuses only capturing and preserving family stories
Story FormatsCustomizable memory booksCoffee table books
PagesUp to 300 pages per book, with the option to request additional pages if neededBased on word count and package
Printing OptionsDefault color printingColor printing available
Sharing OptionsWritten narratives, voice recordings, phone interviews, and videos that will be included with QR CodesShareable coffee table books
Price$69 for childhood books, $79 for life booksFrom $1099


How the Question Answers Are Collected

Both services offer questions you can answer when creating your book. When selecting a service to document and preserve your stories, it’s important to consider how each platform collects and handles the answers to their questions.

MemintoNo Story Lost
Weekly Reminders
Method of Collecting AnswersUsers input answers via platform (web or app)Conducted through professional interviews
Format of ResponsesText answers with photos, videos, and audio.Oral interviews transcribed into written format
Customization of AnswersUsers have complete control over their answersTailored through interviewer guidance
Video or Audio Answer
Answer via Phone Call
Answer via App (Android/iPhone)
Answer by E-mail


Question Collections

We’ll look at the various topics commonly covered in life to see which of these platforms have questions related to those subjects in their collections.


Gift options

Creating a meaningful and lasting gift involves more than just the book’s content; the presentation also plays a significant role.

MemintoNo Story Lost
Gift card by e-mail
Custom Keepsake Books
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil
Mini-Book for Trial

Meminto Vs No Story Lost: How They Work

No Story Lost

No Story Lost is a service that helps you capture and preserve the stories, memories, and advice of your loved ones. Here’s how it works:

First, No Story Lost conducts interviews with your loved one. They have a team of professionals skilled in interviewing, writing, and designing. These interviews bring out your loved one’s best memories, including stories you might have never heard.

After the interviews, No Story Lost creates a beautiful coffee table book filled with your loved one’s stories, advice, photos, and quotes. The book is written in the style and tone of the storyteller, so when you read it, you can almost hear their voice.

You can choose to be as involved as you want. No Story Lost offers options for you to join the interviews, edit the content, and add any extra written material.

Before the book is printed, you’ll get to review and approve the written content and design. This way, you can ensure that the book perfectly captures your family’s legacy.


Meminto is a platform designed to help you document and preserve your life stories in a meaningful and engaging way. The process begins once you purchase your chosen book theme. 

Afterward, you will receive an activation code to enter on the Meminto website. This code unlocks a set of 52 personalized questions selected from a vast collection after doing a short, personal interview. These questions prompt reflections on various aspects of your life, helping you recall and document significant memories and experiences. You have the flexibility to modify, delete, or replace any of these questions, and you can also add your own custom questions to tailor the process to your specific needs.

Once you start answering the questions, you can include hundreds of pictures alongside your stories, creating a rich, visual representation of your stories. Meminto supports the creation of books up to 300 pages long, with the option to extend for a fee if necessary. 

To keep you on track, the platform can send you a weekly question reminder via email or push notifications from the Meminto app. This feature ensures that you remain engaged with the process and continue to build your book over time.

Collaboration is another key aspect of Meminto. You can invite family and friends to join you in creating the book, allowing them to contribute their own stories and memories.

When you’re ready to print, Meminto offers a user-friendly editing interface for reviewing and refining your content. You can easily edit text, adjust the layout, and ensure all images are placed correctly. 

Once you are satisfied with the final draft, you choose a cover design, and the book is sent to print. Within 10 to 14 days, your personalized memory book will be delivered to your doorstep, ready to be cherished and shared with loved ones.

Meminto: The Best No Story Lost Alternative

Meminto is designed to foster meaningful connections through the process of storytelling. This platform guides users in exploring their life stories by posing thought-provoking questions, allowing for comprehensive documentation of personal stories. 

One of Meminto’s standout features is its flexibility in how stories can be shared. Users can choose to write their stories, record their voices, shoot videos, or participate in phone interviews. These stories are then transformed into beautifully crafted keepsake books, which serve as a lasting legacy for future generations. 

Meminto’s user-friendly interface and extensive question library enhance its appeal, providing ample opportunities to document different life experiences, from travel adventures to significant milestones. Additionally, Meminto emphasizes privacy and security, with options for users to control the visibility of their answers and robust data protection measures.

The key features of Meminto includes:

  • Personalized Storytelling: Meminto offers personalized questions to prompt reflection on life experiences, ensuring your story is uniquely captured.
  • Versatile Story Sharing: Users can choose between writing, voice recordings, or phone interviews to share their memories, providing flexibility in storytelling.
  • Customizable Memory Books: Meminto allows users to create customized memory books with up to 300 pages, accommodating a wealth of stories and photos.
  • Weekly Question Reminders: Meminto sends weekly reminders to its users via email or push notifications, helping them stay engaged and maintain steady progress in creating their book.
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Users can collaborate with family and friends, allowing for a more diverse range of perspectives and anecdotes to enrich the content of their memory book.
  • User-Friendly Editing Interface: Meminto offers an intuitive editing interface that allows users to easily review, refine, and customize the content and layout of their book.
  • Privacy and Security: Meminto values user privacy and security. It provides two-factor authentication to protect personal stories and data.


You might have noticed that Meminto trumps No Story Lost in every aspect, offering you a superior book and a smoother platform experience. But what you’ll appreciate the most is the quick and helpful customer support from the Meminto team. Meminto offers a user-friendly platform for documenting and preserving your life stories. Its comprehensive and secure features make it the perfect choice for creating a lasting legacy of memories.