Capture the childhood of your children... you can immerse yourself in the stories of the past at any time.

"Beautiful idea"
"Easy to use"
"Better than photobooks"

With Meminto Stories, you can wrap your children's childhood in a story
that can be experienced, so that you can
dive into the beautiful memories.

We print your personal book, with your stories.

4.6 stars from 450+ ratings!

With Meminto you will...

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Here's how it works:

Get access to a personal collection of questions regarding your child and start answering.
Receive reminders from Meminto so that you don't forget anything and keep going.
Still valuable after many years: A book with the most personal memories about your child.

An app that everyone understands.

Simple questions for you to answer, hassle free.
We take care of the rest.

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Questions overview
Your personal questions

After your registration, you will be taken directly to your personal question selection. First of all, these are 52 questions out of hundreds that we have compiled for you based on a short interview. You can delete them at any time and replace them with others. Or rewrite them so that they fit better to your life situation. You can also create your own questions to which you can then tell your stories.

Other people you have invited as participants can also create questions for you. In this way, each book becomes truly unique because it represents exactly one story: Yours!

Your stories, correctly structured.

After you have answered a question, it slides into the “Answers” view. There it will already be sorted correctly in time. Of course, you can revise your answers at any time and upload new images. You can also manually reorder the answers within the individual categories.

If other participants are working on the book, the answers will be subdivided, so that it is always clear from whom the answer originates.

You don't want other participants to see your answer now, but only later, in the printed book? No problem: Just set it to “private” and it will only be visible to you.

Overview of the already written answers
Book preview with design options
Design your book

When you have created at least 10 answers, you can preview your book. Then it's time for a dedication or introduction!

The template menu allows you to make basic adjustments to your book, and then fine-tune things like fonts and colors. Here you can also decide whether it should be printed in A4 or A5.

We're constantly adding new templates and features, so you'll always have new ways to make your book truly enjoyable!

🎉 Your book could look like this 🙂

...and a few inside pages.

Our users... their recovered memories.

Records the growing up of her three sons
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What I like best about Meminto Stories is that it is so easy to use. Questions, answers, pictures, done. The templates for the books are nice and I can customize it to my own needs.
Markus & Family
Markus & Family
Read to their children from their own books
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We have made a book for each child and are currently on the third one. From time to time in the evening we take it to hand and read it out loud. Without the collection of questions we would have forgotten 80% of the stories.
hat ihrer kleinen Klara viel aufgeschrieben
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I love it! I have to brood and laugh so often when I dive into the questions and really think about how it was with us. And then I just start writing. I am happy to have had this chance to give Klara the chance to read everything.
Proud grandma of three grandchildren
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I am now a triple grandmother, and have started such a book for my son, who is already 33, so that his children know what he was like as a child and teenager. It's really like remembering everything when asked, I have been amazed!
Became an aunt and gave Meminto to her sister
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I read about Meminto Stories on Insta and bought it for my sister because she had a baby. She says that it is way more easy to finish than a photo book and that it helps her remember things better.

Get access...

...and a few minutes you can already write down your first stories.

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In a moment, you will...

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Albert, father of 3 boys &
Founder of Meminto Stories

Meminto Stories-

A project of the ❤️

Meminto Stories is my personal concern against forgetting. Because our time passes so quickly, because we like to look back on experiences and also because diseases like dementia are spreading more and more, I would like to do something about it. With every book you create, you help to do so.

Thank you for participating!


You or the presentee will receive stories at the start with Meminto Stories:

  1. Access to over 250 questions, as they are asked by your child, via Computer or Smartphone, which helps significantly with remembering
  2. A pre-selection of the most relevant and best 52 questions, exchangeable at any time
  3. A weekly reminder, to answer a question (by e-mail or phone)
  4. The possibility to, allow family and friends to participate and to fill the book faster and better
  5. A printed copy of the book with up to 300 pages including shipping and VAT

Yes, if you do not want to answer a question, you can simply delete it. You will then be assigned a new question. 

Questions that are not quite right for you, you can simply change them.

Via our “Discover Questions” function you will find many more questions that will help you to get creative at the push of a button.

Of course, it all depends on which approach you choose and what your end product should be.

For My child & me the questions are put to the parents from a child's perspective. Examples:

  • How has your life changed after my birth?
  • Why did you choose my name?
  • Who were my friends in kindergarten?
  • Were you able to talk to me openly about sexuality? Why (not)?
  • In which moments were you especially proud of me?

Example questions for “My own life“:

  • How did you learn to ride a bike?
  • Did you have a good relationship with your grandparents?
  • Have you ever been fired?
  • How did you get to know your partner? Was it love at first sight?
  • Where have you ever really messed up?

Understand the principle? 😉

Our users find, that it is easier to make a Meminto Stories book than a photo book. It takes them on average 2-6 minutes to answer a question because they know exactly what they can write and what images to add. That means you can do it practically “on the side”, without much effort.

On the other hand, you can take your time and don't rush!

For printing & shipping your book we need about 7-10 days at the end.

Of course a book is more exciting when it covers a longer period of time. But even if your child is only 1.5 – 2 years old, you can already answer more than 50 questions that we choose for you. The story doesn't start with the birth, but with the pregnancy, because there are great stories to tell.

Besides, you can start at any time and don't have to go through the book in a few days. Take your time, add thoughts and work on it from time to time. Some of our clients plan to start it at the age of 1 year of their child and finish it by school age. Then there are many stories that the offspring can read and relive…

Meminto Stories was developed more for remembering forgotten situations in retrospect. That means if you want to travel again through the first six years of your child's life, it's perfect. (Or through the first 16 😉)

However, you can also do it as an accompaniment, something like a diary. Then it takes a bit longer to create, but the memories are fresher.

So you have the choice!

It is technically possible to make one book for several children. However, this then means that all children will receive the same book.
In this case, you would simply answer the questions in several paragraphs and always put the name of one child in front. 

However, you can also decide to make everyone their own personal book. The great thing about this is that we have so many questions that sometimes the second or third book will have completely different questions and answers, and stories, than the first! So it's going to be very different books. So make two if you want to give each one something of its own.

🎫 Our sibling deal: You get 20% off any book you start for additional kids. To do so, please contact us by email:

Your book will be produced with a hardcover. You can either choose the A4 (8.3 x 11.7″) or the A5 (5.8 x 8.3″) format. It then has up to 300 pages and is printed in color on natural paper. We have prepared some templates for you and every month there are more.

Before you release it, you will of course be given the opportunity to view and change it.

Yes! Right at the beginning you can decide whether you want to order just one or more copies. You will find out the prices for the additional copies during the order process.

Even after your book is finished you can always order more copies.

Your privacy is very important to us. No one can see your answers unless you release them yourself. If you still want us to help you, you have to allow access before:

Even if you fill out your book together with other participants, you can set for each answer whether it should be visible only to you or to everyone.

Of course: Simply select whether the Meminto Stories access should be for you or for someone else. Then choose the date on which you want us to give the gift to the person. The person will receive an e-mail with a greeting card of your choice on that day and can start to relive and record their own experiences.

We are convinced that Meminto Stories will help you to remember especially precious moments. We also believe that we have thought through the operation and the concept well and offer a fast support that will never let you down.

However, if you don't like something in the first 7 days after purchase or if you don't want to continue using Meminto, you can simply cancel the purchase. Please contact in due time! Please note that in this case you will not be able to receive a book from Meminto.

Yes! You can do it! Why?

  1. Because it is fun and joyful to remember back. You will be amazed at what you still know!
  2. Because every week we can remind you to answer the next question. So you don't miss anything.
  3. Because you only need 2-6 minutes to answer a question. You can do this almost always and everywhere!
  4. Because our books are designed according to fixed templates. You can make simple changes, but you will not lose yourself in perfectionism.
  5. Because the anticipation is great to hold your own book in your hands and show it to family and friends.

Just get started – and if you change your mind within 7 days, the money back guarantee applies!