Best Memorygram Reviews: Memorygram Vs Meminto

The difference between Memorygram and Meminto is the level of personalization and collaborative storytelling. While Memorygram focuses on individual or collaborative storytelling with family and friends, Meminto offers a more comprehensive approach with diverse themes and customizable questions, enhancing the user’s ability to create a tailored and engaging memory book.

Both platforms offer innovative solutions for capturing and preserving life’s precious moments through customizable books. They provide users with tools to weave their unique stories into beautifully crafted keepsakes. Memorygram and Meminto empower users to reflect on their experiences, share memories with loved ones, and create tangible legacies for future generations. While Memorygram emphasizes tailored storytelling and weekly prompts to spark reflections,


About the books

Memorygram and Meminto are platforms dedicated to helping individuals create personalized memory books. While both platforms offer unique features for users to capture and preserve their life stories, they differ in their functionalities.


Primary FunctionProvides a platform for recording life stories and creating customized books.Focuses only on creating personalized memory books.
Story FormatsMany customizable booksMemory books
PagesUp to 300 pages per book, with the option to request additional pages if neededUnlimited canvas for capturing and preserving as many stories as desired throughout the year.
Printing OptionsHardcover book with customizable cover designs; default color printing; additional copies available for purchase.Hardcover book with free shipping included in subscription; additional copies available for purchase
Sharing OptionsWritten narratives, voice recordings, phone interviews, and videos that will be included with QR CodesProvides digital copies of books for easy online sharing; additional book copies available for purchase
Price$69 for childhood books, $79 for life booksStandard plan costs $178 per year; Premium Plus plan costs $287 per year.


How the Question Answers Are Collected

Comparing how Meminto and Memorygram collect the answers to questions can help you understand how each platform enables you to share your memories differently.

Weekly Reminders
Customizable PromptsOffers a diverse collection of questions, with the option to modify them as desired.Allows users to create personalized prompts tailored to specific memories or themes.
Format of ResponsesText answers with photos, videos, and audio.Detailed writing, photos, videos, handwritten notes.
Customization of Answers
Video or Audio Answer
Answer via Phone Call
Answer via App (Android/iPhone)
Answer by E-mail


Question Collections

Let’s see the kind of questions collections Meminto and Memorygram offer to help you remember and share your stories.


Gift options

Discover the gift options available with Meminto and Memorygram to find the perfect way to share memories with your loved ones.

Gift card by e-mail
Custom Keepsake Books
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil
Mini-Book for Trial

Memorygram Vs Meminto: How They Work


Memorygram is a platform designed to help you create a beautiful keepsake book filled with memories. Here’s how it works in detail:

First, you choose your storytelling path. You can either go for an individual storyteller route, where you capture your narrative, or a collaborative storyteller route, involving family and friends to contribute to the story. Once you choose, Memorygram will send you weekly prompts via email or audio. These prompts are designed to inspire you to recall specific memories or reflect on different life experiences.

You can respond to these prompts by writing your stories and adding photos, videos, and handwritten notes to make your book more personal. There is no limit to how many stories you can share, allowing you to capture as many memories as you want throughout the year. At the end of the year, all your stories, photos, and videos are compiled into a professionally designed hardcover book.

Memorygram offers a range of customization options for your book. You can choose different cover designs, fonts, layouts, and paper types to make the book uniquely yours. Additionally, you can arrange your stories in any order, add introductions, chapter breaks, and personal dedications to give your book a personal touch.

The final product is a high-quality, full-color hardcover book you can cherish for years. You can also get a digital copy of your book for easy online access and sharing.


Meminto is like a special journal that helps you turn your life stories into an actual book. First, you pick what kind of book you want to create. It could be about your life, travels, relationships, or other important memories.ย 

Once you decide, Meminto gives you an activation code. You can start using this code on their website. Then, Meminto picks 52 questions for you from a big collection. These questions help you remember different parts of your life.

You can change, remove, or add your questions if you want. Each book can hold lots of pictures and answers. You can print the book in color and make it up to 300 pages long. If you need more pages, you can ask for them.ย 

Meminto can send you a weekly question by email or their app to help you keep writing. You can invite your family and friends to join too. They can share their stories with you, which goes into the same book.

Once you’ve picked your cover design, Meminto prints your book. It usually arrives within 10-14 days. Then, you can hold it in your hands and show it off to everyone. It’s like becoming an author of your own life story!

Best Memorygram Alternative

Meminto is a fantastic alternative to Memorygram for creating personalized memory books. It offers a unique and engaging way to preserve your life stories and important moments.

Meminto helps you remember by asking direct questions that bring back memories, creating a collection of personal stories. Unlike traditional photo albums that only show pictures, Meminto combines photos with written memories, making a richer and more emotional record.

With Meminto, you can turn your memories into beautifully crafted books. Whether you want to document your own life, travels, relationships, or other significant events, Meminto has you covered.


  • The platform is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of creating your memory book.
  • You can invite family and friends to contribute their own stories and memories, enhancing the richness and diversity of your book.
  • Users have complete control over the content, allowing them to change, delete, or add questions and responses as they see fit.


  • It’s newer than some similar services, so it doesn’t have many reviews yet.