Remento vs Meminto: Best Remento Alternative

The best Remento alternative is Meminto. Although Remento and Meminto offer nearly similar services, the main difference lies in their approach to preserving memories. Remento focuses on transforming spoken memory recordings into written stories, while Meminto does that as well and even uses prompts and questions to guide you in creating your own life stories.

Both platforms provide a way to capture and preserve personal stories using guided prompts and recordings. They are designed for individuals and families who want to immortalize cherished memories. Users can enjoy a user-friendly experience with the ability to customize prompts and recordings, making the storytelling process seamless. Whether it’s through written narratives or multimedia presentations, both services make it easy to create lasting memories that can be shared and treasured for generations.


About the books

Remento primarily captures memories through audio recordings. These recordings are processed and transcribed into written narratives, preserving the essence and emotion of spoken stories in a written format. 

Meminto, on the other hand, offers various mediums for capturing memories, such as written narratives, voice recordings, phone interviews, and even videos with QR codes. This multi-faceted approach allows users to choose how they want to document their life stories, providing flexibility.

Book Creation ProcessUsers receive an activation code, answer 52 personal questions from a curated collection.Users select prompts, record storyteller's responses via Speech-To-Story™ technology
Customizable Cover Designs
Story sharingWritten narratives, voice recordings, or phone interviewsAudio recordings transcribed into text via Speech-To-Story™ technology
Price$69 for childhood books, $79 for life booksFrom $99
Pages26-300 pages, with options for additional pages at an added fee20-200 pages, with options for additional pages at an added fee
Activation and ContinuationNo subscription needed. 1-time paymentYearly subscription needed
Printing OptionsDefault color printing availableColor printing available
Digital VersionSmall e-book version for free, plus QR Codes in the printed bookQR codes in the book link to digital recordings; digital memory hub for content access


How the Question Answers Are Collected

In Remento, family members can customize prompts and questions for you, making your storytelling experience more personalized. These questions guide you and ensure important parts of your life stories are included. 

On the other hand, Meminto provides you with relevant life questions to help you organize your narratives. This approach motivates you to reflect on your memories and explore different aspects of your life experiences.

Weekly Reminders
Customizable PromptsOffers a diverse collection of questions, with the option to modify them as desired.Offers flexibility in selecting prompts from an existing bank or family photos. Users can also upload customizable prompts for the storyteller.
Format of ResponsesText answers with photos, videos, and audio.Detailed writing, photos, videos, handwritten notes.
Customization of Answers
Video or Audio Answer
Answer via Phone Call
Answer via App (Android/iPhone)
Answer by E-mail


Question Collections

We’ll be comparing the different topics usually being captured in life so determine what platforms have available questions in their collection.


Gift options

Creating a book to preserve memories is important, and it makes an amazing gift for loved ones.

E-gift card
Custom Keepsake Books
Personalized Gift Packaging

Remento vs. Meminto: How They Work


To begin using Remento, select your Storyteller. This can be a parent, grandparent, older sibling, or anyone you choose. Next, explore Remento’s library of prompts that cover various topics such as relationships, childhood memories, or life lessons.

You also have the option to create personalized prompts. This allows you to tailor the questions to your preferences, whether you prefer specific prompts or open reflections.

Unlike StoryWorth, where typing your responses is required, Remento lets you record your answers using audio or video directly on your device. This makes the process easy and familiar.

After recording, Remento automatically transcribes the recordings into text, capturing the essence of the Storyteller’s voice and personality. These stories are then instantly shared with family members through the app.


Once you purchase your book theme, Meminto will provide you with an activation code. This code can be entered on the website. Afterward, Meminto will select 52 personal questions from their extensive collection after doing a short, personal interview. You can modify, remove, or add your own questions at any time. 

Additionally, each book lets you include numerous pictures and corresponding answers. The book can be printed in color and span up to 300 pages, or even more if necessary but it will cost an extra fee. Meminto offers the option to receive a weekly question via email or through their app, with the ability to set reminders as well. 

Furthermore, with Meminto, there is no subscription needed. The Meminto Books can be written for two years. Afterwards, you can extend it for another two years with a payment of $25,90. 

Using Meminto becomes even more enjoyable when shared with family and friends, as you can invite them to join you. Your book will begin to fill with captivating stories that you may not have even known existed! 

Following your cover design selection, your book will be printed and typically arrive within 10–14 days. Once it arrives, you can hold it in your hands and proudly proclaim yourself as an author!

The Best Remento Alternative


Meminto is a platform that facilitates meaningful connections through storytelling. It guides you in exploring the intricate parts of your stories and features thought-provoking questions about your lives in its question bank that you can use to share information. It is a gentle companion, encouraging you to comprehensively and meaningfully document your life stories. What distinguishes Meminto is its versatility in preserving memories. 

You can share your stories through written narratives, voice recordings, videos, or phone interviews. The platform transforms these stories into beautiful keepsake books, preserving your memories for future generations and fostering a sense of connection and legacy within families and communities.

Furthermore, Meminto stands out thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive collection of questions, which cover a diverse range of topics beyond life stories. Whether you want to capture travel adventures, document relationships, or create memorial books, Meminto offers ample opportunities to immortalize various aspects of your life.


  • We love its unique way of making personalized books. You can use it for your wedding, letting friends and family share memories, creating a collective journey down memory lane.
  • It provides questions to help you organize your thoughts when writing about love stories or other important life events.
  • It lets you record audio to listen to later, adding an extra layer to the storytelling experience.
  • The final printed book is of high quality, whether for a wedding, a journey as a mother, or any other life story.



Both Remento and Meminto provide valuable platforms for capturing and preserving personal stories. They cater to individuals and families who want to immortalize their cherished memories. These services offer user-friendly experiences, customization options, and innovative storytelling approaches, making it easier than ever to create lasting legacies.


However, if you are looking for an alternative to Remento that trumps it by far with amazing features while remaining user-friendly, Meminto is your best bet. Meminto stands out with its versatility in preserving memories through various mediums, such as written narratives, voice recordings, and phone interviews.

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