The Parents Book

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Your family's stories in one book: the personal gift for mom and dad.

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For any occasion, present Mom and/or Dad with a ready-made book filled with all the great memories of your time together. Unlike the life book, your parents don't have to fill this book themselves – because you do it together as siblings – or even you alone!

The questions are formulated as if they were coming directly from dad or mom and concern not only the time around your childhood, but also your life together today. They are not only suitable for families with both parents but also for single mothers or fathers.

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  • You’ve got 5 years to write your book.
  • Number of questions: Starting at 52, expandable at any time
  • Participant feature: if you invite others, they can ask you their own questions and even take notes!
  • Access via browser or iOS / Android app
  • First-class, fast support for all questions, even via WhatsApp!
  • Cover of the book: Hard cover matte
  • Number of pages: Up to 300 pages in color
  • Book design: Choose from dozens of layouts and upload your own images
  • Gift options: E-cards or gift boxes (see below)
  • PDF Preview: Yes, with watermark
  • Digital version of the book: Optional for an additional charge (see below)
  • Answering on the phone: Optional possible
  • incl. shipping costs and CO2-neutral shipping

In addition, you or the person receiving the gift will receive access to the exclusive Facebook group where all Meminto authors can exchange ideas.

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  • Additional pages

    Your book will contain XY pages. This can be expanded later.

    On average, a Meminto book has between 90 and 140 pages. More information


    • If you decide now, you will save at least $10 per book!
    • Get a digital copy that you can open in any browser and turn the pages like a real book.
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Question Examples


Often it is the parents who create beautiful memories for their children in the form of photo books. With the parent book from Meminto Stories, this now works the other way around. Because here you record (alone or with your siblings) how you remember the time with your parents.

With over 120 questions about your life together then and now, we inspire you to think about many situations that you may have thought long forgotten.

In this way, your personal and multifaceted family biography is created, which shows your parents a very special appreciation.

Product information

Book size: DIN-A5 portrait format
Paper type: 150g picture paper matt or 120g uncoated paper
Number of pages: Up to 300 colored inside pages (4/4-color)
Printing: In color (images and text)
Binding type: Adhesive binding
Time limit: 5 years

For dad, for mom - or both.

Here's how it works:

Choose a book template
Answer own or existing questions with text & image.

Hold a printed book
in your hands!

This is what the book could look like:

Authors have already recorded ...
... emotional stories & memories.

Write your own book or give it away!

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You or the presentee will receive stories at the start with Meminto Stories:

  1. Access to over 500 life questions via PC or Smartphone, which helps significantly with remembering
  2. A pre-selection of the most relevant and best 52 questions, exchangeable at any time
  3. A weekly reminder, to answer a question (by e-mail or phone)
  4. The possibility to, allow family and friends to participate and to fill the book faster and better
  5. A printed copy of the book with up to 300 pages including shipping and VAT

Yes, if you do not want to answer a question, you can simply delete it. You will then be assigned a new question.ย 

Questions that are not quite right for you, you can simply change them.

Via our “Discover Questions” function you will find many more questions that will help you to get creative at the push of a button.

Over 135 questions about the life of the deceased are waiting for you. Here are some examples:
  • What could you learn from him/her?
  • What experience with him/her do you want or will you never forget?
  • Did he/she have a favorite motto, poem or song?
  • What did he/she like to play as a child?
  • Were there insiders that only the two of you understood?
  • How did you spend your last time together?
  • etc.
Your own questions can also be added by all participants.

Our users find, that it is easier to make a Meminto Stories book than a photo book. It takes them on average 2-6 minutes to answer a question because they know exactly what they can write and what images to add. That means you can do it practically “on the side”, without much effort.

On the other hand, you can take your time and don't rush! You have 5 years to write your book.

For printing & shipping your book we need about 7-10 days at the end.

Your book will be produced with a hard cover in DIN A5 (5.8 x 8.3″) format. It then has up to 300 pages and is printed in color on natural paper. We have prepared some templates for you and every month there are more.

Before you release it, you will of course be given the opportunity to view and change it.

We do not make any changes to the content of your answers, but print what you have written.

Before you send your book to print, you have the option to book a proofreading. We will correct typos and spelling mistakes. The cost of proofreading depends on the amount of text that needs to be checked and will be displayed transparently.

At the beginning you will receive 52 questions selected by us. But you can answer as many questions as you like, so less or more – that's up to you. A Meminto book can have a maximum of 300 pages.

It is important to us that you can concentrate on writing after you have paid once. That means no subscription, no hidden costs, full transparency.

Yes! Right at the beginning you can decide whether you want to order just one or more copies. You will find out the prices for the additional copies during the order process.

Even after your book is finished you can always order more copies.

Your privacy is very important to us. No one can see your answers unless you release them yourself. If you still want us to help you, you have to allow access before:

Even if you fill out your book together with other participants, you can set for each answer whether it should be visible only to you or to everyone.

Of course: Simply select whether the Meminto Stories access should be for you or for someone else. Then choose the date on which you want us to give the gift to the person. The person will receive an e-mail with a greeting card of your choice on that day and can start to relive and record their own experiences.

Yes! You can do it! Why?

  1. Because it is fun and joyful to remember back. You will be amazed at what you still know!
  2. Because every week we can remind you to answer the next question. So you don't miss anything.
  3. Because you only need 2-6 minutes to answer a question. You can do this almost always and everywhere!
  4. Because our books are designed with beautiful, fixed templates. You can make simple changes, but you will not lose yourself in perfectionism.
  5. Because the anticipation holding your own book in your hands and show it to family and friends is motivational.

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