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The perfect gift 🎁 for anyone wanting to get to know each other better.

And from the answers, we'll create a beautiful book 📔.
For a lasting memory.

How does it work?

Each week you will receive a question about your life from Meminto. You decide to answer for your friends to see them or in private.

In the end, your answers will be bound a beautifully personalized book, containing your life’s stories. Keep it or give it away for a lasting memory.

This it how it works in detail:

  1. First, buy for you or give it away to someone else.
  2. Every week you (or the gifted person) will receive a question regarding your life, which you answer. Your friends and family can even connect and take part in your biography by sending personal questions! They’ll receive your story right away or will be able to read about it later.
  3. After you have answered a couple of questions, you can create a beautiful Meminto stories book based on your valuable memories. We will send this book to you or your family.
  4. Want more questions & books? Go create another one! We have hundreds of good questions waiting for you!

Your very own book... with integrated videos?

Who would be able to tell your life story better than yourself?

With Meminto Stories, videos can be brought to life by simply holding your smartphone over the pages of the book. What’s the benefit of a physical book? A physical book can be accessed far faster than any file, hard disk or cloud service. You also get the feeling of real paper, while maintaining a great media experience.

Questions upon questions

Our question index contains more than a thousand questions regarding the different chapters and situations of your personal and business life. We want to keep these questions relevant to you – that’s why, through a simple interview process, you select your own set of questions.

Here, you’ll see a small selection of questions you may be asked:

What where the attitudes of your parents that you had problems with?
Which things that you've accomplished in life made you especially proud?
How did you get to know your partner?
Was it love at first sight?
What teacher has had the biggest influence on your life and why?
What was your first job?
How did you like this occupation?
Remember the most embarrassing moment that you've ever had in school!
What happened?
Do you have a life motto?
What is it - and why that one?
Is there anything you would love to do again?
Did you enjoy reading? What are/were your favourite books?
Do you remember what you bought with your first wage?
What was it?
What you been afraid of as a child?
Have you been seriously disappointed in life?
What happened?

By the way: 🎁 Meminto Stories is for a gift!

The Meminto Stories app allows friends, family, and even different generations to connect and accomplish the story of life together. Grandchildren can easily ask their grandparent’s personal questions, the answers of which can be found in the Meminto stories book.

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