Best Mylifeinabook Alternative: Meminto Vs Mylifeinabook

The key difference between Meminto and Mylifeinabook is that Meminto offers flexible story-sharing options, including written narratives, voice recordings, and phone interviews. At the same time, Mylifeinabook focuses on weekly email prompts and voice-to-text features for compiling stories into a keepsake book.

Meminto and Mylifeinabook provide innovative platforms for preserving personal stories, allowing individuals to document and share their life experiences in beautifully crafted books. These services cater to those who wish to leave a legacy for future generations, capturing memories in various formats. While each platform has its unique approach and features, they both emphasize the importance of storytelling to strengthen family bonds and keep cherished memories alive. By offering user-friendly interfaces and customizable options, Meminto and Mylifeinabook make creating lasting, meaningful keepsakes easier than ever.


About the Books

Meminto and Mylifeinabook both create personalized keepsake books. Still, while Meminto offers versatile formats for compiling the book, including written narratives, voice recordings, videos, and phone interviews Mylifeinabook focuses on compiling stories through weekly email prompts and voice-to-text transcription


Full Cover Image Printing
Customizable Questions
Question Prompts52 customizable questions with the option to add, delete, or changeWeekly email prompts with customizable options
CollaborationInvites family and friends to contribute storiesSingle storyteller per subscription, multiple subscriptions needed for multiple storyteller
Book Customization
Page LimitUp to 300 pagesUp to 428 pages
Price$69 for childhood books, $79 for life books$79 per book, an additional $39 for audiobook add-on, shipping included for some regions, and a $15 shipping fee for other regions


How the Answers Are Collected

Both Meminto and Mylifeinabook offer various features for collecting answers to story prompts, each with unique methods and pricing structures.

Answer FormatsWritten answers, voice recordings, phone interviewsWritten responses, voice-to-text transcription available
Editing AnswersAnswers can be edited anytime before printingEditable text before finalizing the book
Voice TranscriptionAvailable as an add-on feature
Photo IntegrationAllows multiple photos per answer, printed in colorOption to add one photo per answer
Video or Audio Answer
Answer via Phone Call
Answer via App (Android/iPhone)
Answer by E-mail


Question Collections

Meminto offers a customizable set of 52 personal questions from a large collection. At the same time, Mylifeinabook provides weekly email prompts with pre-selected questions that can be adjusted to fit the storyteller’s preferences.

Life book
Relationship book
Childhood book
Memorial book
Parents book
Travel book
Wedding book
Blank book template for everything you want to write about


Gift options

When considering Meminto and Mylifeinabook as gift options for preserving personal stories, it’s helpful to compare the specific features each service offers related to gifting.

Gift card by e-mail
Custom Keepsake Books
Printable Gift Coupon
Gift box with question cards and a sprout pencil
Mini-Book for Trial

Meminto Vs Mylifeinabook


Meminto is a service that helps people create personalized storybooks by capturing their life stories in various formats.

After purchasing a book theme, Meminto provides an activation code. Entering this code on their website unlocks 52 personal questions selected from an extensive collection. These questions serve as prompts to help you reflect on and document your life experiences. You can change, delete, or add questions, tailoring the book to your preferences.

Meminto offers multiple ways to answer these questions. You can write your responses directly on the platform, record voice messages, or even participate in phone interviews. This flexibility ensures that you can choose the best method for your comfort and convenience. Additionally, Meminto can send you weekly reminders via email or push notifications through their app, helping you stay on track with your storytelling.

You can enhance your stories by adding photos, making the memories more vivid and engaging. The platform allows you to include hundreds of pictures, which you can arrange alongside your answers. This visual element adds depth and a personal touch to your book.

Once you have completed your book, you can choose a cover design and submit it for printing. Meminto prints the book in full color and can produce up to 300 pages. If you need more pages, you can contact their support for additional options. The printed book typically arrives within 12-20 days, allowing you to hold your personalized storybook and share it with family and friends.

Meminto also offers an option to extend your book creation process for another two years for a small fee, ensuring you have ample time to complete your project.ย 


Mylifeinabook is designed to help people preserve their life stories in a beautiful keepsake book.

First, when you purchase a subscription, your loved one will receive a weekly email prompt with a question about their life. These questions are designed to inspire detailed and meaningful responses, covering various aspects of their experiences, memories, and reflections. The storyteller can respond to these questions by typing their answers directly in the email or on the platform’s website.

For those who prefer speaking over typing, Mylifeinabook offers a voice-to-text feature. This allows the storyteller to record their answers, which are transcribed into text and added to their story. This option makes it easier for individuals who might find typing challenging or simply enjoy speaking about their memories.

Throughout the year, the storyteller can add photos to accompany their responses, enriching the narrative with visual memories. They can edit their answers anytime, ensuring their stories are as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Once all the stories are collected, Mylifeinabook compiles them into a high-quality, full-color book.

Additionally, an audiobook add-on is available. By providing a short audio clip of the storyteller’s voice, the platform can create a full narration of the book, making it possible to listen to the stories in the storyteller’s voice. This feature adds a personal touch and helps future generations hear the stories as if they were being told in person.

Mylifeinabook takes privacy seriously. The stories are kept secure through SSL encryption, and only the storyteller and those they choose to share with can access the content. When the book is ready, it is printed and bound using premium materials to ensure it lasts for generations.

Meminto โ€” Best Mylifeinabook Alternative

Meminto guides users through an exploration of their memories by asking thought-provoking questions. It is a unique service designed to help people document and preserve their life stories. These questions can be answered in multiple formats, including written narratives, voice recordings, or even phone interviews, allowing users to choose the best method.

These books can include hundreds of pictures and can be up to 300 pages long, providing a rich and detailed account of a person’s life. Users can document their experiences through text, voice, or phone conversations and then transform these stories into beautifully crafted keepsake books.

Meminto offers several key features that make it a unique and flexible platform for documenting life stories:

  • Multiple Formats for Storytelling: Users can answer questions through written narratives, voice recordings, or phone interviews, providing flexibility in documenting their experiences.
  • Flexibility in Story Sharing: Users can document their experiences using various formats, such as written narratives, voice recordings, or phone interviews.
  • Creation of Keepsake Books: Stories are transformed into beautifully crafted keepsake books, which can include hundreds of pictures and be up to 300 pages long.
  • Structured Guidance: Meminto offers structured guidance on various life aspects, from parenting experiences to special occasions like weddings.
  • Memorial Book Feature: This feature allows multiple contributors to share memories of a loved one who has passed away, fostering healing and reflection.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s interface is designed to be easy to use, and it includes an extensive collection of questions covering various life aspects.
  • Privacy Protection: Meminto prioritizes privacy, ensuring that personal stories are kept secure and only shared with chosen individuals.
  • Weekly Question Reminders: Users receive weekly question reminders via email or app notifications, ensuring engagement with the storytelling process.
  • Customizable Questions: Users can modify, delete, or add questions to tailor the storytelling experience according to their preferences.

Additionally, it has a Memorial Book feature that allows multiple contributors to share memories of a loved one who has passed away, creating a space for healing and reflection. Meminto also offers structured guidance on various topics, from parenting experiences to special occasions like weddings.