What Meminto offers you

Writing a book using Meminto is something very special. And it’s also especially easy! Through our various options, it is possible to write your very own book with others or alone. In the end, you can design it according to your own taste. Here are the most important features of Meminto Stories.

Lead through questions...

The heart of Meminto is the questions. You don’t have to get wildly creative or worry that you’ll have writer’s block. You just have to answer the 52 random questions, upload matching pictures and your book will write itself.ย 

You can also check out questions from our question pool and add them to your collection. If you come up with your own ideas, you can also create your own questions. Most special is our option where your family and friends can ask you questions. You can read more about how this works below.

Take over the design

Once your questions and images are added, you can take over the design of your book. For the cover you can choose from different layouts and upload a suitable cover image. You have a free choice of fonts. You can decide individually for the title, the categories, the questions and the normal text.ย 

Your book will not exist again like this.

Answer questions

Don’t worry! There are many ways to answer your questions. Of course, you can answer all questions in the browser via meminto.com/app. Recently, we also launched an app that allows you to answer everything on your cell phone.

For all those who are not mobile-affine, there is also the possibility to book the telephone function. Then you will be called every week at the set time and can record your question and have it transcribed.

A meminto book for everyone

The best part is that anyone can write a Meminto Stories book – no matter what age or life situation. We have the right product for everyone!ย 

Who writes what:

Together: Sharing the Meminto Book

A special feature is that you can share your book with family and friends. You can give them reading rights, so they can watch your book being created and read along.ย 

Or you can also give them writing rights. This allows them to ask you questions, as well as answer questions when you’re writing a shared book (such as the relationship book or the memory book).ย 

Also use the feature when you are writing a memory book with many friends or with your family to remember a loved one.

The perfect gift

From now on, give something special as a gift! At Meminto you have the opportunity to give a book with an e-card. All you have to do is choose the gift option and you can send an email with a matching card and a personalized text. You can even set the date on which the recipient should receive the email. And for last minute gifts, this is the perfect option!

We do the fine tuning

If you want to be on the safe side, we won’t leave you alone. You can book text and image correction when you finish your book. We will then look through your book once and correct the fine details.

Independently of this, our Meminto Support is available to you at any time. If there are any problems, we will take care of them within a few days and support you as much as possible.

Convince yourself!

Choose the book on Meminto that suits you and your life situation. Try it for 14 days and see for yourself!