StoryWorth or Meminto Stories?

Which one of them is the better service for your keepsake book?

This is a simple comparison between Storyworth and Meminto Stories. What are the advantages of both keepsake book providers?

Storyworth has been on the market for several years and offers the possibility to write down life stories. Meminto Stories is quite younger but does the same. Still, both services are pretty different in what they offer. 

Below we explain the differences in a little more detail, so you can decide for yourself which offer suits you better.

Both companies print in the US and also ship within the USA. Meminto Stories, however, has its headquarters in Germany and can therefore also print and ship cheaper within Europe.


1. About the question collections

The questions are at the heart of both providers. Storyworth and Meminto have different ways of answering them.

Answer via browser
Answer by e-mail
Answer via app (Android/iPhone)
Answer via phone call
Weekly email reminder
Duration of subscription
1 year
No subscription needed,

2. About the books

Everyone has their own individual taste and leeway when it comes to the specific design of the book. Here you can see what is possible with Storyworth and Meminto.

Questions are structured in chronological categories
Consistent cost for any number of pages
Max. Number of pages
Different book sizes available
Font, size and formatting selection
Add participants as readers or contributors
Free trial period

Various question collections

Why limit yourself to life stories? There are so many topics of your life that are worth recording.

Life book
Relationship book
Childhood book
Memorial book
Parents book
Travel book
Wedding book

Gift option

Giving a book like this as a gift is a great idea! The way is crucial.

Gift card by e-mail / printout