Gifts for expectant fathers – you can also exaggerate everything, right?

Gifts for expectant fathers

The other day I read somewhere the saying; “Men have feelings too – hunger for example, or thirst.” Of course, this was meant to be funny and men, as we all know, don’t carry their emotional world in front of them on a platter, but from my own experience I know that men can be quite emotionally touched in certain situations. Expectant fathers, for example. Unless they’re one of the really tough guys, the moment they find out they’re going to be a father is highly emotional for men. And the moment after the birth, when a new dad holds his baby in his hands for the first time, is even more emotional.

I can't imagine him as a father

When men announce to their friends or colleagues that they’re going to be fathers, they can get a lot of flak. Especially if you’ve been more of a partygoer, someone who doesn’t necessarily give the impression that he can take responsibility for a baby. But many a buddy has been proven wrong. Instead of making funny remarks about the dad-to-be, they suddenly start thinking about what they could give their friend or colleague for the birth of their offspring. This often results in very funny and original gift ideas, which are not always meant quite seriously and are rather characterized by pity and consolation of the colleagues, who just can’t imagine that this Hallodri of all people will become a father.

From ear plugs to sleeping pills - original gifts for expectant fathers

Men in the mountains

It’s good that in extreme cases you have up to nine months to look for a suitable gift for men for the birth of their child. Mostly it is so that from the moment it became known that a colleague becomes a father, the topic of baby and gifts for the birth is omnipresent. Hardly a break passes in which the most original gift ideas are not discussed. From people who do not have quite so much idea, babies are mostly reduced to crying, sleepless nights, feeding and diaper changes. No wonder that most suggestions for gifts for expectant fathers then also revolve around these topics.

In case the baby cries too hard, ear plugs or headphones are suggested. Then the stressed father has a little peace. Another gift idea could be a sleeping pill, if the baby makes a fuss at night. For the father, of course, so that he can really sleep through the night again. And because the young man becomes a father for the first time and has no experience at all with the new role, one thinks about a gift subscription of the magazine “parents”, about a councellor only for fathers or a coupon for a Coaching on the topic “babies properly wrap”.ย 

The list, the failed gifts for becoming fathers could be continued at will. A wellness weekend to really switch off again, a nose clip plus rubber gloves in case the young dad has to make the baby’s pants clean after all, or a singing course for children’s songs to sing the offspring to sleep professionally in the evening, valerian to calm the nerves – there are no limits to creativity.

But there are also serious gift ideas

At the latest when the partners of friends or colleagues are involved in the question about gifts for expectant fathers and the birth date comes within reach, the discussion reaches a higher level. Women just feel differently than men and approach the search for a gift idea for the expectant dad a little more emotionally and seriously. Most often, the gift for the future father then becomes a combination of at least two gifts, one of them serious and another rather funny and original. And since we have sufficiently devoted ourselves to the latter, let’s now turn to the more serious gifts.

Becoming a father is really something special, something very personal. That’s why personalized gifts are the perfect choice. Thus, not only the birth, but also the thought of colleagues and friends who have given something for the birth remain in long, preferably lifelong, memory. And personalized gifts for the birth for fathers do not have to have something to do directly with the baby. So not about baby linen, bottle warmer or toys. It can be quite times also an engraved pen, which carries the inscription: “To the birth of Henry, 07.06.2021”. Or a voucher for a photo book documenting the first months of the father-child relationship.

The perfect gift: a book about the baby from the father's point of view

This gift idea for young fathers is really a hit. Because it is very personal, individual, professional, emotional and with long-term effect. A real book in which the father describes how he experienced the first time with the new citizen. Maybe he can also put a chapter in it, which tells about how he was given extremely original ideas for gifts for expectant fathers by his colleagues or friends.

Now you’re probably thinking, “On top of all the stress of having a baby, a young father can’t surely set out to write a book, too.” He doesn’t have to. Because that’s what Meminto Stories is for. Meminto Stories is an Internet platform that helps someone write a book. For example, a book about their own life, about a couple’s relationship with each other, a childhood book, or even a memoir about someone who is no longer with us.

With Meminto Stories, young fathers become book authors

If you want to give such a book to a new dad, you can do it in a few steps. You go to the website, select the category – in this case “Childhood Book” – choose the appropriate gift box, which receives the access code and just wait for it to be sent to you. And with that, you’ll have one of the best gifts for expectant fathers in your hands.

Give a childhood book as a gift now!

Give away access to hundreds of questions. We structure the answers, make sure nothing is forgotten and take care of the printing and mailing. In a few weeks, the book will be in your mailbox!

The recipient then only needs to log in with the access code, answer a few general questions and then the process is set in motion. At regular intervals, usually weekly, the young father receives specific questions about the life of his little child. He can enrich the whole process with photos that he can upload himself. After about a year, the process is completed and Meminto creates a professional book from the answers, in the finest print quality and with an attractive cover. And the young father is sure to order at least a second book, because the child will also be happy to own a real book about his childhood.

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