For those memories you want to cherish forever.

Create your own book: Meminto helps you to record all the important events in your life with regular prompts to write down your story and share it with loved ones.

Life books

Because photo books and diaries
sometimes just aren't enough.

Meminto is like a good friend who calls you regularly to talk about the good old days. Meminto then creates a valuable book from your stories.


Share your life stories with family and friends!

Tell a life story every week that you can either keep private or share with friends and family.


Keep precious memories forever!

Let yourself be reminded weekly of certain situations and moments that you thought you had long forgotten.


Leave a mark with your life.

We create a beautiful Meminto Stories book from your precious stories that will last for generations.

That's why our users love their Meminto!

Here's how it works

Think of Meminto Stories as a conversation.


Step 1

No subscription needed! With a one-off payment you get access to the large collection of questions and start your personal book project. Printing in color included.


Step 2

Meminto asks you questions - and you just start telling your story. Either via our app as audio, with a video or as text that you write. Your family can also take part with personal questions!


Step 3

That's it already! Receive your own biography in the form of a high-quality book after a few days and give it away as a gift. You can be proud of it!

Our questions

The right questions are the key to a well-told story from life.
Meminto has collected them all and will ask them regularly. Here is just a small selection…

Your Meminto experience starts here

With a one-time payment (from just $79) you will get access to our vast questions collection and can start writing your book right away – printing in color included!

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One day baby, we'll be old
Oh baby, we'll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told...