Pampers, voucher, cuddly toy – tips for the right baby shower gift

baby shower gift.

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Everything is conceivable between kitsch and sensible

Expecting a child is something very special. At first it is still a well-kept secret of the expectant parents, but at some point this secret can no longer be hidden and parents, relatives and friends are officially informed about this joyful event. The general joy is usually especially great when it is the first child and grandchild. Although, of course, every newborn baby is always a miracle and extraordinary gift. But especially in the circle of friends of the expectant mother, the first child always triggers particularly great delight. And then the speculations start. Will it be a boy? Will it be a girl? Who will it look like? What color hair will it have?

The trend from the USA: The baby shower

In addition to all the excitement, of course, a baby shower must be planned immediately. A baby shower? – In fact, baby showers have become more and more common in this country in recent years, a custom that spilled over to us from the USA at some point. Mostly baby parties take place so eight to ten weeks before the determined date of birth. As a rule, a baby shower is planned by the friends without the knowledge of the expectant mother. As a surprise for her. And even though there are basically no fixed rules for a baby shower, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, the fact that only female guests are invited – usually. And these female guests have to bring an original baby shower gift. In order to score diligently on this topic as well, online stores, children’s stores or mail-order companies specializing in babies are scoured. And the offer that is offered there is immense.

The baby shower gift of course has to be extraordinary

First of all, there is the “standard” range of baby shower gifts. This ranges from hygiene products especially for babies, rompers, squeaky toys, Pampers and all sorts of other useful things to please the baby and the mother. With regard to baby clothes, the decision is not so easy, at least as long as it is not known whether it will be a girl or a boy. Whereby there are also already enough neutral baby clothes. In any case, the selection is huge and you are guaranteed to find the right baby shower gift. Of course, it is also a question of the amount of money you want to spend on a baby shower gift. But even there, the stores have something ready for every wallet. However, the closest girlfriends are usually willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets for the baby. After all, you don’t make a baby shower gift every day. And besides, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of the other party participants.

A voucher - unimaginative, but useful

Another baby shower gift, although not very original, is a gift certificate. A voucher always fits. This can be a voucher from a drugstore, where the young mother gets what she is still missing in the equipment for the baby. Or it can be a voucher for the first photo shoot, a photo book or other photo gifts, of which there are now also a variety of ideas. What also always goes down well is a voucher for an evening of babysitting. The parents are happy about this, especially if after the stresses and strains of pregnancy and birth there is once again an evening at their disposal. But basically a voucher is rather an embarrassment gift, even if it often gives a high benefit to the presentee. Because, even if no one really wants to admit it, sometimes you can do more with it than with the other – albeit lovingly selected – gifts.

Hard to beat for individuality: The Meminto Stories childhood book

A baby shower gift of a special kind is the childhood book from Meminto Stories. This novel gift idea is unique because of its individuality. It makes you stand out from the standard baby shower gifts. Because it is a book about the child’s life, which is actually not born yet. Better said, it becomes a book about the child. And that is what is special about this baby shower gift. Because this book fills only after the birth over a fixed period of time with the events that the young parents experience with the new citizen of the earth. Experiences that might otherwise be gradually forgotten or only laboriously recalled. For example, later when the child asks what the first words he or she spoke were, at what age he or she was able to walk, or when he or she got his or her first tooth.

A baby shower gift not only for the expectant mother

Of course, you can also handwrite everything you experience with your child. But that’s just tedious and with all the tasks that a newborn brings with it, it quickly falls into oblivion.

Not so with the childhood book from Meminto Stories. Anyone who receives a voucher for a childhood book as a baby shower gift has to do very little to eventually hold the finished copy in their hands. All that is required is to unlock the voucher code at and then a few personal details are required. Once that is done, the process of creating the book begins, so to speak. For this purpose, Meminto Stories regularly sends out very specific questions about the child, which are answered by mail. If you wish, you can of course also include photos of the child, which help to liven up the pages. After the selected time, over which the book is to be written, is begun with the book production. And after a few days you get a real, bound book about your own child in high quality.

Give a childhood book as a gift now!

Give away access to hundreds of questions. We structure the answers, make sure nothing is forgotten and take care of the printing and mailing. In a few weeks, the book will be in your mailbox!

The advantage is that this book can also be produced in larger quantities to please grandparents, parents and other relatives and friends. And, of course, the child itself will be happy if one day it gets a real book about its own childhood. The childhood book from Meminto Stories is therefore a baby shower gift with a long-term character, which also brings joy to many other people at the same time.