Review on Meminto Stories Relationship Book

Review on Meminto Stories

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Review, personal test and own evaluation

In life, some things go by much too quickly. Although we consciously perceive every moment, we often forget the beautiful details of some experiences. To prevent this from happening and to remember extraordinary moments even years later, it is a good idea to write down your thoughts. Some people use a simple diary or notebook for this purpose. But there is another way. Have you always wanted to record your personal history and unique memories, but never found the right way for you? With Meminto Stories you now have the possibility to create your very own personal book about your life, your relationship, your childhood or your travels. This way you can keep all your experiences in one place and at the same time create a way to remember and reminisce.

We have tested Meminto Stories for you and would like to introduce the concept to you in this article. First, we will explain who is behind this project and how Meminto can be used. After that, we will show you which book we have created and what we really think of it. This way you can find out whether Meminto Stories is really worthwhile for you.

Who is behind Meminto Stories?

Meminto Stories was founded by Albert. The idea behind it was that you can do something against forgetting and create a beautiful memory in which your personal life is recorded. Meminto, by the way, is derived from “memento mori”, which is the memory of one’s own mortality. The guiding question behind the founding of Meminto Stories was what emotional stories one actually leaves behind in this world as a person.

Meminto Stories works with the fact that by asking directly and evoking the memory, an estate is created and built. In this way, you create a beautiful memory for yourself on the one hand, but also for your loved ones on the other. This approach is in contrast to classic photo albums. Here you see many pictures, but you don’t know the stories behind them. Meminto takes a different approach and links pictures and written memories.

What can you do at Meminto in detail?

The first idea at Meminto Stories was the life book, through which we could have put ourselves in the lives of our great-grandfathers, for example. Think for yourself: Do you know how your great-grandfather lived, what his profession was, what his attitude was and what drove him? Meminto Stories can be used to record such a life story. This gives the grandchildren, for example, the opportunity to learn what their ancestors did and what their lives were like.

However, the life book is no longer the only option at Meminto. It is also possible to create a childhood book, a travel book, a relationship book and a memory book. This makes Meminto accessible for many needs and can also be used by you, for example, if you want to write down your relationship history.

Design your personal book according to your wishes!

Meminto Stories gives you the chance to create your own personal book. You can use the questions that Meminto gives you. You also have the possibility to design your own questions that you would like to see in your book. This is entirely up to you. The goal is and remains that you are reminded of beautiful moments through the specifically asked questions and that you can once again put yourself in a situation.

What we like most about Meminto is that you can edit and create a book without any time limit. This means that you don’t lose access to your draft after a certain number of days, but can take as much time as feels right for you. This allows you to answer all questions at your own pace. Meminto offers several ways to do this. Of course, you can answer a few questions yourself every now and then. But there is also the option to be reminded of a question every week by phone or to store your own answer via voice function directly during the reminder call. This is especially exciting if you want to have an appointment to dedicate yourself to your heart’s project.

What we find particularly exciting about Meminto is that you can edit a book with multiple people at once. For example, if you want to create a memory book, you can access it with your closest family members. This way, everyone can share their thoughts. This feature is also very exciting for the relationship book. For example, it gives you the chance to answer each question separately and share your answers at the end.

What has been the experience of Lebensidealisten with Meminto Stories?

We tested Meminto Stories for you and in this context we tried the relationship book. In this section we would like to take you on the process from the creation to the completion of our book. We explain how we experienced and perceived this project.

Phase 1: We create our relationship book

As already mentioned, we have chosen the relationship book for our experience report. We didn’t use our own relationship as a model, but created a fictional couple with whose stories we filled our book.

In the relationship book, there are a total of 52 questions that you can answer alone or as a couple. In addition to this, you can also delete certain questions that are not so interesting for you, as well as create new questions. Your questions are sorted into predefined categories. But you can also edit and change these as you wish. This makes Meminto Stories individually usable and can be tailored exactly to your situation.

In the editing mode you have the possibility to select one or even more pictures for each question, which you would like to add to your story. This way, you not only capture your personal memories and life moments, but also add a beautiful picture that reminds you of the moment right away.

When we started to create our book we had an exciting conversation with Albert, the founder of Meminto. He made us aware of the most important things and answered all the questions we had about Meminto until then. If you should decide for a book and create it at Meminto, then you also have the possibilities to ask all your questions. Meminto is very personal and so is the way you can use this book. Therefore, for example, a few basic questions are also asked at the beginning of the actual book creation. This way the book is personalized and adapted to your life situation.

Our tip:
Before you start the actual creation of your book, you can think about how you would like to proceed. For example, you might want to remind each other of your question each week and then take time together as a couple to answer the question. Alternatively, you can develop a new routine for book creation and devote time to a question together each evening. Simply choose the approach that feels right for you.

Meminto Stories Review
Phase 2: The continuous revision of our book

Little by little, we answered the questions for our relationship book and put them in the right order. This is another thing we really like about Meminto! Not only do you have the ability to remove or create new questions, but you can also arrange them to your exact liking. We used this, for example, to arrange the questions so that the corresponding pictures are always printed on the same page – matching the story. This worked without complications and also looks very nice. So we were able to finalize our book bit by bit.

As already mentioned, the relationship book is especially suitable for you not to fill it out as an individual, but to work on it together with your partner. For example, you don’t always have to formulate a single answer together, but can simply prepare your own answer to a question individually. This gives you a lot to talk about and you also know what your better half thinks about a particular topic.

Design your book not only from the inside, but also from the outside!

When we were satisfied with the contents of our book, we took care of a few key data. At Meminto, you can take all things related to your personal book into your own hands. For example, you decide what size you want your book to be, what the cover should look like, what should be written on the back, and what fonts should be used. In addition, you can see directly in the preview which changes you have made and how they really look. This way you can try around a bit and in the end choose the option you like best.

Our Tip:
We would advise that you take plenty of time when creating your book. This has several reasons. On the one hand, the creation also serves to remind you of beautiful moments in your life. This should not happen under time pressure, but can be consciously perceived and enjoyed. On the other hand, your personalized book should be exactly the way you want it to be. So if you are not yet satisfied with a question or imagine a different cover, then think about everything again. After all, the book doesn’t have to be ready in three days, but should be a beautiful project for your relationship!

Phase 3: The book is completed

If you are satisfied with your book and have set all the key data in the preview, then you have already done a large part. Before you order your book now, we would advise you to request the PDF version. You can get this option in the preview section of Meminto Stories. In the PDF version you can see how your book will look like. In our opinion, this is a very good way to make a final check that everything is where you put it. In addition, there is no danger that you will receive your book and be dissatisfied at the end because it did not turn out as you had imagined.

For us, almost everything looked very nice and coherent in the PDF version. However, there were a few pages where the questions shifted and our pictures slipped onto the next page. However, we didn’t find that bad at all. Through the PDF preview, we saw directly where we could still change something. So we simply made all the changes we wanted and then created another PDF version to check. This time everything fit. Now we have ordered our book.

Phase 4: The relationship book has arrived - Our final impression

After a few days, our personalized relationship book arrived. It also came with a flyer that talks about Meminto’s offer, a flyer that introduces Meminto’s new memory book, and a magnet.

Our book arrived exactly as we had imagined it. You can see it in the pictures below this section, by the way. The book makes a high quality impression. We especially like how the relationship book feels in the hand. When we ordered it, we chose the “soft touch” cover. This makes the book feel very nice. Also, the individual pages in the book are exactly as we last created them in the PDF version. The text is clearly printed and easy to read. The pictures are also very high quality, even though we only chose to use uncoated paper and not special picture paper.

After receiving our relationship book and reflecting on our process, we can only recommend Meminto Stories! Everything was done exactly as we envisioned and as a final touch, we received a beautiful book that will definitely take a place on our shelf. If you create this book as a couple, it gives you a lot of space to share. It is also fitting to record one’s relationship journey so far. We would especially advise you to get the relationship book if you are content and happy in your relationship and want a safe place for your memories together. The whole process can then become a beautiful activity in your relationship that you can hold in your hand with the personalized book at the end.

Write down your relationship in a book now!

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How much does Meminto Stories cost you?

What we really like about Meminto Stories is that there are no hidden prices or subscriptions. If you decide to buy a book, you know from the beginning what price you will have to pay for it. The relationship book, which we tested for this review, currently costs 149$. This price includes the creation of the book and a printed copy. By the way, it doesn’t make a difference whether your book has 40 pages, 100 pages or 300 pages in the end. Meminto Stories is about remembering beautiful moments. Therefore, the price will not increase if your book has more pages.

When you order the book, you also have the possibility to choose a few more options. For example, you can specify in advance that you would like to order additional copies or that you would like to order a digital copy. These options are associated with an additional charge.

You are still unsure? You can do it now!

You find Meminto Stories exciting, but you’re not quite sure yet if it really suits you and if you’ll manage to finish the book? You can currently try out the functions of Meminto for 14 days free of charge. There is also a 7-day money-back guarantee. So you can simply test Meminto and start right away. If you notice within the first few days that Meminto does not suit you, you can either let the trial period expire or simply cancel the purchase in due time.

The test phase has the advantage for you that you are not immediately bound to Meminto Stories, but have the chance to try Meminto for yourself first. This way you don’t have any pressure to decide for or against a book, but can simply get involved in this experience and capture a few memories together. When you answer the first questions as a pair, you will quickly realize if you like the concept of Meminto. We found that the questions in the relationship book were very exciting and captivated us. They are not just “everyday” questions that you are asked. Instead, Meminto also holds questions that you have to think about first. This is very exciting, especially in a relationship, and is also a lot of fun.

Our conclusion

We can definitely recommend Meminto Stories to you! We tested the concept for you and created our own relationship book. We were convinced by the way Meminto works and we think that such a book is a great way to remember past things and beautiful moments in the relationship. Also, as a couple, you can design this process exactly the way it feels right for you. In this way, you develop your own book step by step. Of course, you can always take a look at it later. With Meminto Stories you create a memory for eternity.

If you are interested in Meminto Stories, we would recommend you to just start. You can choose your favorite book and answer the first questions. Take your time in this process and don’t put yourself under pressure. In this way Meminto can become a great everyday companion for your relationship, which is good for you and helps you to draw new strength and energy!

By the way: Meminto Stories will continue to be updated and constantly expanded. In addition to new functions and content, an app is planned, for example, that will allow you to answer the questions for your book easily on the go. This is particularly exciting when a memory comes to mind that you would like to record directly.