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Valentine's gift

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Standard Valentine’s gifts: flowers, chocolates, perfume, jewelry

If you were to walk through the streets these days and ask people why lovers give each other Valentine’s gifts on February 14, then surely hardly anyone would know the real reason. One makes halt, is so custom, with it one can prove its love – so and similarly the answers would read. And also the question, which one makes itself then in such a way for Valentine gifts, would be answered probably standard with flowers, chocolates, Parfum, jewelry. And you realize that these are often not so original gift ideas, which are intended to prove the love.

Actually, every day should be Valentine’s Day

Especially romantic couples have for Valentine’s Day quite unusual gifts. Some lovers even give more thought than to a gift for Christmas or a birthday. But shouldn’t every day be Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t you also think about love gifts for your sweetheart at other times? Of course, Valentine’s gifts have become a fixed ritual for couples in love, but you can also give away small, unusual things to express your love on another day from the bottom of your heart.

And what are typical Valentine’s gifts for men?

Men do not have as much over for romantic gift ideas as women – at least they do not show that. That’s why women in particular are thinking about unusual Valentine’s gifts for their men on this special day. A hearty steak by candlelight, a joint stadium visit, a new game for the Playstation? Actually, it is not so difficult to find really romantic love gifts for men. You just have to be a little creative, you women, then you will come up with the right gift idea for your sweetheart. Not always just socks, tie and shirt – no, it should be original and loving.

An insider tip: Just ask the girlfriend

Some men are not very creative when it comes to finding personal gifts for their wives. After all, women also have their own idea of what the appropriate Valentine’s Day gift from him should look like. And if the man with his romantic gift idea is completely off the mark, then the love message can also backfire. Therefore, many men simply ask times the best friend of the woman, as the in any case suitable, romantic, but equally original as well as personal and best still personalized gift for his darling should be. This is usually not the cheapest solution, because the girlfriend unfortunately knows exactly which small, special piece of jewelry from the jeweler around the corner is particularly close to the woman’s heart.


Candlelight dinner or a romantic walk?

How couples in love spend their Valentine’s Day varies greatly. Breakfast in bed, an extended walk and, to round off the day, a candlelit dinner. And then, of course, the Valentine’s gifts are distributed at the end, the love gifts chosen with much love and coming from the heart. And while the DFB Cup quarter-final is playing on the switched-off TV, the men sit dutifully by the dessert and marvel at the special gift ideas that their wives have come up with to surprise their sweetheart. 

And when she gives him a loving look – happy about her Valentine’s gifts – and thinks there’s nothing better than ending Valentine’s Day by candlelight, he squints at his smartphone to find out the score. No, all kidding aside, it’s not that bad. Men can be pretty romantic guys, too.

Also a Valentine’s Day topic: How it all began

Couples in love like to talk about when their love began. Did he already have his eye on her in high school? Did she always come to the gym just because of him? Who made the first move? Why did you choose me of all people, there were so many nice girls in the group? Men are usually a bit more sparse in their information, but women can remember every detail exactly. 

And the gaps in their memories are filled by their girlfriends, who have been with the relationship from the beginning. And looking back, the individual Valentine’s gifts are then also recalled. Also there women are simply better in it. The men can remember such a thing simply badly, even if it was still so original and unusual ideas that their wife had.

Capture the most beautiful moments somehow

Many couples have this wish. Photo albums or photo books have always been a special Valentine’s Day gift. Since the first shared experiences that were captured in photos, lovingly compiled and presented as an album or another photo gift, for example, a canvas or the like for Valentine’s Day as a gift.

Do you know the statement: “A picture is worth a thousand words”? But have you ever noticed that you are leafing through a photo album or book, and suddenly you don’t even know when and on what occasion this photo was taken. Sure, if it’s clearly your own wedding photo, you’ll remember it for a lifetime. But many events, for example on vacation, are so gradually forgotten. You would like to prevent that.

Sometimes a thousand words say more than a picture

Granted, a thousand words don’t have to be, but if you were to write a few lines to a beautiful photo, then in 10 years you wouldn’t have to think about when and where the photo was taken and what interesting event was the occasion. But we all know how time-consuming and exhausting that is. It starts with the laborious gathering of the photos. Then adding text, putting everything together, pasting it in, or uploading it as a photo book. Not for the busy.

Probably the most personal Valentine’s gift: A relationship book from Meminto

With a relationship book from Meminto you can look back on your relationship. No matter if you are newly in love or have been together for a few years. You can create a book together, about a period of time that you determine, a phase in your relationship that is so important to you that you want to write a book exactly about it.

With Meminto, it doesn’t matter if she gives him or he gives her this book. It’s a very personal gift idea for both of you. And so versatile. Either you use Meminto to write a book about your relationship from your point of view, and have a gift for Valentine’s Day a year from now. Or you give the gift box from Meminto and you write your story together. Each from his own point of view.

Capture your story now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you'll have a book about your relationship in your mailbox!

The relationship book – something special even for hard-boiled guys

With a book together, you can really relive the past. And through very individually and specifically asked questions, some things that you had almost forgotten may come back to mind. And especially for men, who naturally don’t talk much, it may be easier to write down one or two incidents. Freely after the slogan: Talking is silver, writing is gold.

Now only addressed to the men: How do you think your sweetheart will melt when you come around the corner with the idea of your own book about your relationship? In comparison, flowers and chocolates are the purest embarrassment gifts. Because not only the book as such is a special highlight – also the way to it can already prepare a lot of pleasure. And because Meminto makes it so easy with the individual book, it is also one of the best Valentine’s gifts for men or from men.