20+ Relationship Scrapbook Ideas

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Some ideas for creative relationship scrapbooks include documenting anniversaries, romantic dates, and love notes; capturing memories of specific dates; creating a collage of love; immortalizing your song on scrapbook pages; expressing affection; and commemorating your travels as a couple.

Scrapbooks are an excellent way to cherish your love story. You can add a page each year on your anniversary or include memories of all your adventures together. They are like unique memory books that grow with your relationship, reminding you where it all began. Some people keep separate scrapbooks for different parts of their lives. Even if you are not accustomed to documenting every day, making a scrapbook together can be a fun activity. If you are unsure what to give your partner for a special occasion like your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, a couple’s scrapbook could be the perfect solution!

In this article, you will find some ideas to inspire you to create a relationship scrapbook that captures your love story in creative, humorous, and meaningful ways.

Key Takeaways

  • Relationship scrapbook ideas include documenting anniversaries, romantic dates, and love notes, recapturing memories of special dates, and creating love collages.
  • These relationship scrapbook ideas offer creative ways to capture and cherish the unique moments and memories shared in your relationship, making your scrapbook a meaningful keepsake for years to come.
  • Meminto offers an easy-to-use platform for creating personalized relationship scrapbooks. Users can customize their scrapbooks to reflect their unique love stories by documenting anniversaries, romantic dates, love notes, and special memories.

20 Relationship Scrapbook Ideas

Relationship Scrapbook Ideas

1. Create a Meminto Together

Creating a Meminto relationship book can be a profoundly enriching experience that lets you and your partner capture and cherish your shared memories dynamically and interactively. Here’s how you can start crafting your meminto:

  1. Purchase: Begin by making a one-time purchase on meminto.com, where you’ll get access to a wide array of questions designed to jog your memory and capture detailed accounts of your experiences.
  2. Answer Questions: Meminto will prompt you with questions you can answer in various formats—text, audio, or video. This process doesn’t just preserve memories; it makes recording them interactive and engaging. You can respond using the Meminto app, making the process convenient and flexible.
  3. Publish: Once you’ve completed your entries, Meminto compiles them into a beautifully designed book. This book can include written stories and media like photos and videos, accessible via QR codes, adding a multimedia dimension to your memories.

The process is designed to be simple yet thorough, ensuring that no detail of your story is left untold. Meminto offers the flexibility to modify or add to your answers over time, allowing your book to grow and evolve like your relationship. Additionally, the platform ensures privacy and security, giving you control over who sees your responses.

This approach to creating a Meminto makes it more than just a scrapbook; it’s a living document of your relationship’s journey, filled with rich narratives and multimedia memories. It’s an ideal way to celebrate your relationship, reflect on your shared past, and preserve your stories for future generations.

To start creating your Meminto relationship book, you can begin here: Meminto Stories.

2. Document your anniversaries.

Create a special scrapbook to document your anniversaries with your lifelong best friend. Gather mementos like ticket stubs from movie dates and handmade cards from Valentine’s Day gifts. Make a page for each year of your life together, showcasing these keepsakes.

You can choose a theme and color scheme for each page based on the contents or keep a consistent color theme throughout the entire album, like black and gold.

If you prefer a more straightforward approach, select one photo from each year or month you’ve spent together. Print them, place them on a black background with a white frame, and write a note underneath explaining why each photo is unique. Add the appropriate number sticker somewhere on the page. It’s easy, looks great, and will take some time!

3. Romantic Dates

Set aside pages in your scrapbook for your most cherished romantic outings and date nights. Add photos, restaurant menus, movie ticket stubs, or handwritten memories that reflect the joy of your time together. Let these pages shine with the love and happiness you both share.

4. Put All Your Love Notes Together 

Gather all the sweet messages and love letters you’ve shared with your partner. Decorate the pages with heartfelt touches like embellishments, calligraphy, or pressed flowers. These personal expressions of love will add extra meaning to your scrapbook.

5. Recapture memories of a particular date.

Think about your favorite date with your partner. Was it a romantic evening with dinner, a movie, and a walk in the park? Or an adventurous camping trip in the mountains? It could be a day helping others, like volunteering at a soup kitchen or walking dogs at the S.P.C.A. on Valentine’s Day.

Whether it was your first date or an exciting adventure, it’s worth remembering in your scrapbook. Create a unique layout for this date, including photos, ticket stubs, or brochures you’ve saved. It adds a meaningful touch to your engagement or wedding scrapbook, commemorating the moments that brought you closer together.

6. A Collage of Love

Make a beautiful collage in your scrapbook using pictures, quotes, and symbols that reflect your relationship. Include things like hearts, kisses, and your initials intertwined to tell your love story. Use washi tape, stickers, and colorful paper to add flair and creativity to your collage.

7. Immortalize ”Your Song” in the Pages of Your Scrapbook

Capture the essence of “Your Song” in your scrapbook pages to cherish the associated memories. Whether it’s your wedding song, the first song you danced to as a couple, or a particular tune, print the lyrics or the song title and design the layout creatively. Remember to include a photo of you dancing together, immortalizing the moment, in your scrapbook.

8. Express Your Affection With a Book Of Stickers

Fill your scrapbook with love by incorporating stickers, washi tapes, and decorations that symbolize affection and romance. Craft a captivating visual story using heart-shaped cutouts, lace borders, and ribbons. Let your creativity shine in every aspect of your design.

9. Commemorate your travels as a couple.

Create a romantic scrapbook to celebrate your travels as a couple. Print or obtain a map of your country or the world and gather copies (not originals) of photos from your trips. Cut the images to match the shape of the destinations visited.

Stick the photo cutouts onto the map over their destinations and let your creativity shine in the rest of the layout. Consider adding a brief letter about your travel experiences or fun facts to help revive your memorable adventures together.

10. Take screenshots of sweet text messages and display them.

Could you capture and incorporate particular text messages into your couple’s scrapbook? In today’s digital age, many love letters are exchanged through text messages or Messenger. Start by taking screenshots of meaningful conversations and printing them out.

While finding heartfelt messages in everyday chats might take some time, it’s worth it. Cut out the messages and arrange them in a flipbook style, securing them with washi tape at the top. If you don’t have washi tape, use a ribbon or strip of decorative paper instead. This simple yet meaningful addition will add a personal touch to your scrapbook.

11. Create a calendar embellishment.

Create a sweet love-heart calendar embellishment to commemorate your first date. This adorable idea for a couple’s photo scrapbook can be handwritten or typed and printed using graphic design apps. Print or write it on cardstock, cut it out, and you’re done! It’s a classy addition to your anniversary scrapbook or any special moment you want to cherish forever. r.

You can also use these embellishments in other scrapbooks you’ve made, like your engagement layout, wedding day album, or a simple brag book. Add notes to remember significant milestones in your relationship, like the day you met or your first “I love you.”

12. A Collection Of Favorite Things

Create a scrapbook filled with your partner’s favorite things! Include items like his favorite movie’s DVD, lyrics from his beloved love song, a CD with his top tunes, a unique photo of you both, a picture of his favorite actress, a snapshot of his pet, a cherished family photo, something in his preferred color, his favorite quote, his first business card, and more!

There are endless possibilities for designs and supplies to make your scrapbook unique. Visit a stationery store for a variety of embellishments to enhance your gift. Keep everything personal by handwriting instead of using printed text. Decorate with neutral colors and decorative items to keep it stylish. So, get started on your scrapbook and show your partner how much you care!

13. Relationship Goals

Set aside a part of your scrapbook for your relationship goals. Use pictures, magazine clippings, and handwritten notes to illustrate your shared dreams. This section will remind you of your love and the exciting journey you have ahead together.

14. Special Occasion

As a couple, you’ve shared many special occasions; chances are you’ve captured some photos of those moments. Whether it’s your first date, first kiss, or first anniversary, gather those memories and arrange them in chronological order.

If you don’t have pictures of yourselves, use images representing those special days. The result will be a book that tells the story of your journey as a couple, making it a thoughtful gift for your partner.

If you’re considering getting engaged, consider ending the scrapbook with a heartfelt note about your time together and a simple question on the last page: “Will you marry me?”

15. Chronicle a year of dates

As a beautiful first anniversary present, create a book showcasing your favorite dates from the past year of dating. Browse online for scrapbook ideas that capture the essence of your first date.

Choose a theme you both enjoy and document your dates in order leading up to your first anniversary. This thoughtful gesture makes a lovely gift and serves as a keepsake to cherish in the years ahead, allowing you to reminisce about the special moments that marked the beginning of your love story.

16. Pick an emotion.

Choosing an emotion to base your scrapbook on should be easy. If you need more clarification, I have some ideas to help you. Think about an emotion you often feel together: love, laughter, excitement, goofiness, or even silliness. Once you’ve decided, fill the scrapbook with quotes that capture that feeling.

You can include famous quotes about emotion from movies, books, or websites, as well as any sweet words you’ve said to each other. Use humorous one-liners to make your partner laugh if you’re aiming for silliness or humor.

17. First Home

Remembering this milestone and creating a scrapbook page for your first home is a lovely idea. Here’s what you can include:

  • Pictures with the sold sign to mark when you found your home.
  • Photos of the real estate agent giving you the keys symbolize the start of this new chapter.
  • Take pictures of each room when you first move in so you can reminisce about how it looked before any changes.
  • Include a floor plan of the house to track any renovations or decorations you plan.
  • Snap a photo of your first meal in your new home—a sweet memory.


18. List the top 5 or 10 things I love about you.

Make a list of the top five or ten things you love about each other as a fun scrapbook idea for weddings, engagements, or anniversaries.

Include severe things like “I love how you make me feel beautiful even on tough days” or “I love how you play with our kids every night before bedtime.”

You can also include quirky stuff, like “I love your unique eyebrows that always catch my eye” or “I love how you praise my cooking after every meal.”

It’s even better if you can make these lists together. You’ll create a unique collection of everything you adore about each other, from the silly to the heartfelt.

For an extra twist, keep a list of secrets or favorite memories in an envelope or card to open on future anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. These lists will hold special meaning as time goes on.

19. Sail away 

Create a travel scrapbook to capture your adventures worldwide, perfect for couples who love to explore.

Could you make a nautical-themed layout to remind you about beach vacations and coastal getaways? You can use sea-inspired decorations to give your pages a breezy, beachy vibe.

20. Tally

Create a unique layout to celebrate your time together, like counting the minutes, hours, and days. Instead of marking your anniversary, make it extra special by scrapbooking “1824 days, 36 hours, and 27 minutes of loving you.”

Here’s what it usually includes:

  • A cute photo of both of you
  • Stickers or decorations to show the count
  • Write down your thoughts about reaching this milestone in a journal entry.


21. Display Your Romantic Love Notes in Mini-Envelopes

Use mini-envelopes to show off your love notes in your relationship scrapbook. Instead of leaving them hidden in an old shoebox, put them on display within the pages of your anniversary scrapbook.

You can get creative with materials for the envelopes, like paper or fabric scraps. And if you have more giant love letters, make more oversized envelopes to fit them in!

Add cards or notes from your first anniversary or past flower bouquets to your scrapbook.

How to Create a Relationship Scrapbook

At this point, you should know the kind of relationship scrapbook you want. So, let’s learn how to use Meminto to create one.

Creating a relationship scrapbook with Meminto is a fun and memorable way to preserve your special moments with your partner. Meminto offers an easy-to-use platform where you can customize your scrapbook to reflect your unique love story.

Whether celebrating anniversaries, documenting romantic dates, or compiling love notes, Meminto provides the tools to create a personalized keepsake you’ll treasure for years.

Here’s how you can use Meminto to create a relationship scrapbook:

  1. Head over to Memito. You can get the app or use the website. Using the website is better because you can fully design your book there
  1. Click on “Login.”


  1. If you already have a Meminto account, enter your login details and sign in. Otherwise, you can log in with your Gmail or iCloud. If you don’t have an account, click “Start now with a free book” to try Meminto for free.


  1. Click “Please select” and choose the type of book you want to make. For this, choose “Relationship Book.” Check the boxes to subscribe to newsletters and promotions and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Then, you can log in with your Gmail or iCloud. If you don’t want to use either, click “Or register with email” to create an account with your email.

Enter the required details and click “Sign up for Memito.”


  1. Choose your preferred language (German or English). Then select the day you want to receive weekly questions and click “Save Changes.”


  1. Enter your and your partner’s names, then click “Save Changes.”


  1. Pick the alignment and presentation for your book’s typography.


  1. Now, you can customize the book to suit you.


  1. Once you’ve answered at least three questions, click “Layout & Release” on the left menu.
  2. Here, you can edit your book’s design and details.


  1. Ensure everything is correct before ordering and requesting a digital version.


  1. When everything’s ready, click “I have checked everything; continue” to order your book.


  1. Choose “Release digital book” to get the digital copy.



Scrapbooking is a unique way for couples to celebrate their love and make something tangible that shows their journey together. You can include big moments and remember all your romantic times. There are so many things you can do with it! Gather your stuff, let your imagination go wild, and start making a scrapbook you’ll love forever.