20 Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Parents

wedding anniversary gift ideas

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It’s that time of the year again. Your mom and dad are in that mode again, sweet and affectionate like teenagers who fell in love. It’s their anniversary. Figured out what the best anniversary gift for your parents

Let’s face it: the flowers, chocolate and handwritten notes are becoming too predictable. If you’re looking for a special and unconventional gift idea to celebrate your parents’ undying love, you’re in the right place.

In today’s blog post, we will provide you with a list of 20 unique anniversary gifts for you to pick from. Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s time to move beyond the regular flowers and chocolate wedding anniversary gift for your parents.
  • Get your parents a Meminto Life Book to document their love story over the past years together
  • Other special anniversary gifts include a couples’ spa day, matching pajamas, a family recipe book and a surprise vow renewal ceremony.
  • Focus on choosing the perfect gift that celebrates their union while giving them an opportunity to create more memories together.

20 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Mom and Dad

  1. Meminto Life Book

The Meminto Life Book is the perfect wedding anniversary gift to celebrate your parents’ union.

With up to 52 customizable question prompts, you can give them a chance to document their love journey from the beginning of their bond until the present day.

This gift may be the perfect bonding exercise for couples worldwide. We’re sure your parents are no different, and they’ll relish the opportunity to reminisce on their sweetest and fondest memories while creating a memory book together.

  1. Family Recipe Book

If your parents love to cook together, it is a splendid idea to present them with a recipe book of the finest meals you remember them making over the years.

This anniversary gift could rekindle a dying part of their love story if they haven’t been in the kitchen for a while.

  1. Matching Mugs

Picture your parents sipping their morning coffee from matching “Him & Her” mugs on the balcony with their pyjamas. Beautiful, right? Matching mugs with their favourite love quotes or pet names printed on them is an anniversary gift we’re sure your parents will love.

  1. Love Gift Baskets

Put a smile on your parents’ faces on their special day with a basket filled with items curated particularly for them. For that romantic effect, you can add items like their favourite picture today, treats, scented candles, roses, and a bottle of wine.

  1. Memory Jar

Get your parents’ close friends, relatives, and siblings to fill a jar with notes, messages, and lyrics celebrating the bond between your parents. We advise that you add up to 365 notes so your parents can open one message every day until their next anniversary.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

  1. Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony

Steal your parents away to somewhere calm, sweet, and with beautiful scenery, then get them to make the vows of their undying love again. Invite close friends and family members to witness this display of renewed commitment and unconditional love.

It seems like a page out of a romance novel, right? That’s precisely why they’ll love this gift.

  1. Matching Pajamas

Add colour to your parents’ bedroom with matching “His & Hers” pyjamas. This cheesy gift idea is romantically suggestive and celebrates your parents’ commitment to each other.

  1. Photo Session

A professional photo session to recreate the pose in a picture from the early days of their relationship or at a location of sentimental importance is the perfect anniversary gift idea. This gift can trigger a sense of nostalgia and affection and leave your parents’ hearts very emotional.

  1. Fine Dining

Treat your parents to an all-expenses-paid date at the finest restaurant in town. This romantic date is perfect for reminding them of the dates they used to go on when they first met and how their dating transformed into a lifelong commitment.

Personalized 50th Anniversary Wedding Gift Ideas For Mom and Dad

  1. ”Then and Now” Pictures

Remind your parents how far they’ve come together with a ”then and now” photo album showing pictures from the early stages of their relationship and now lined up side by side.

  1. Couples’ Spa Day Package

Gift your parents a relaxing and tension-easing spa date complete with massages and a “King $ Queen” treatment. This gift allows your parents who love to spend time together, to enjoy a whole day of quality time.

  1. Wedding Night Star Map

Get your parents a star map of their wedding night. This thoughtful anniversary gift will remind them of the beautiful night they said, “I do.”

  1. Anniversary Time Capsule

Create memories for a later date with an anniversary time capsule. Get your parents to fill a box with letters, photos, and gifts. Seal the box, bury it, and set a date to open it at a later anniversary—maybe five years from now. This gift gives them something to look forward to and is a fun activity for couples to try out.

  1. Song Lyric Art

Wall art with lyrics from their wedding song is an excellent gift for your parents on their anniversary. We’re sure they’ll fall in love more every time they walk past this meaningful gift hanging on their wall.

  1. Memory Lane Walk

If your parents are local and have lived and gotten married in the same place, this is their perfect anniversary gift. Take your parents on a walk around town to notable locations—where they first met, where they had their first date and kiss, and where they got married.

A memory lane walk will definitely spark feelings of nostalgia, love, and romance all over again.

  1. Personalized Coasters

A practical and useful anniversary gift idea—customized coasters engraved with their names, wedding dates and love quotes is a thoughtful way to celebrate the love your parents share while a beautifying touch to their coffee or reading table.

  1. Anniversary Clock

Remind your parents of their timeless love with an anniversary clock engraved with their names and wedding dates. This gift idea allows Helios to add a beautifying touch to their love nest.

  1. Gardening Kit

Encourage your parents to adopt a new hobby with a two-man gardening set. This gift is perfect if your parents are seniors with much free time. A shared activity will renew and strengthen the bond between the two lovebirds.

60th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Parents Who Have Everything

  1.  Love Photo Book

Celebrate your parents’ bond over the years with a love photo book. Be sure to leave blank pages at the end for them to fill over the years to come. A shared photo book is a perfect way to document their love story.

  1. Anniversary Bracelet Charms

With anniversary bracelet charms, you can upgrade your parents’ wardrobe while also celebrating their union. The charms can be engraved with their initials, wedding date, and sentimental quotes.


Just like all emotions, romantic love waxes and wanes. Rekindle or sustain the fire of romance between your parents on their anniversary with the gift ideas listed in this article.

From the Meminto Relationship Book to the vow renewal ceremony and matching bracelet charms, this article’s ideas will make your parents feel like teenagers who are head over heels in love again.

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