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5200 weeks of lifetime and the dice of the universe

May 8, 2021

Sometimes life seems endless, we don’t know what to do with our time and spend it in front of the TV for hours.

Writing family biography: It’s more fun together

May 8, 2021

Let’s say you and I are guests at a wedding party.
We are sitting in the same room, but we may go home with completely different memories of that wedding.

Homemade gifts for mom

May 4, 2021

Sonja is sitting at her desk and flipping through her calendar, lost in thought.

Birth gifts for the mother – this is thought about far too little!

April 20, 2021

As soon as a new citizen of the earth sees the light of day, family and friends of the family set about showering the new parents with gifts.

The most personal wedding gift from witnesses

April 20, 2021

These days, some plans are being thwarted by the worldwide Corona pandemic. Vacations, family celebrations, large events, popular festivals, etc. are falling victim in rows to the strict regulations designed to contain the virus.

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life story

Rudi has such an eventful life story

The stream of refugees from East Prussia pushed its way endlessly toward the Baltic Sea. Those who could, walked; those who could no longer, rode on one of those rickety ladder wagons pulled by sturdy horses.

Writing a biography

Simply writing your biography – but how?

Record your memories in a book – Write a biography, that is the basic idea of Meminto Stories. You may be asking yourself, who would be interested in writing my biography, let alone read it?

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