70th Birthday Celebration Ideas for Dad

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Some of the best 70th birthday celebration ideas for Dad are Family Time to Create a Memorable Life Book, Milestone Photo Book, Charity Event, Host a Roast, Fruit Picking, Surprise With Wishes, Wine Tasting, How Well Do You Know Your Dad, and A Trip Down Memory Lane.

When planning a 70th birthday celebration for your dad, often called a platinum jubilee, ensuring the guest of honor is comfortable and will enjoy the event is essential. Since it’s his special day, consider his health, food preferences, and the desired party size. It may seem like a lot to think about, but don’t worry! 

In this article, I’ll give you over thirty 70th birthday celebration ideas for your dad to consider this year.

Key Takeaways

  • Celebrate your dad’s 70th birthday by focusing on his interests and creating new memories. Keep the celebration light and fun, ensuring everyone feels part of a special moment.
  • Some birthday celebration ideas are Family Time to Create a Memorable Life Book, Milestone Photo Book, Charity Event, Host a Roast, Fruit Picking, Surprise With Wishes, Wine Tasting, How Well Do You Know Your Dad, and A Trip Down Memory Lane.

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70th Birthday Party Ideas for Dad

1. Family Time to Create a Memorable Life Book

A Meminto Life Book is a wonderful gift idea to make your dad feel truly special on his 70th birthday. This personalized book lets him share and preserve his most cherished memories through text and photos. It’s a great way to celebrate his life story and create a keepsake that he and the family can treasure forever. You can create a life book for your dad here .

2. Milestone Photo Book

If you’re worried a slideshow might bring up too many sad memories, try creating a photo book instead. This way, everyone can look at the pictures at their own pace. You can chat with your dad about the photos, making it a wonderful chance to hear stories and learn more about their life. 

Include not just pictures of your dad but also of his children and grandchildren. This will remind them of the happiness and life still surrounding them. It could also be the perfect time for them to share their perspectives on certain events or memories. You might even discover something new about your dad that you never knew.

3. Charity Event

If your dad enjoys giving back, consider hosting a charity event in his honor. Organize different fundraising activities, such as silent auctions, raffles, or a donation booth where guests can give to the cause. Invite a representative from the chosen charity to speak at the event. 

Make personalized thank-you gifts for donors, like engraved keychains or certificates, to acknowledge their support. Encourage guests to not only donate but also to volunteer their time and skills to the charity in the future.

4. Host a Roast

Hosting a roast is a fantastic way to add excitement to a 70th birthday party! Imagine all the stories from 70 years of life! Make sure to mention on the invitations that there will be a roast, and ask guests who want to participate to think of a funny story about your dad to share at the party. Review each story first to avoid duplicates and, most importantly, to ensure no feelings are hurt.

This theme allows your dad to be celebrated and feel special while having a good laugh. A roast is a great idea for any celebration, so you can also consider it for an 80th birthday party. Just remember to avoid being mean and discuss with other guests what topics are appropriate and what should be off-limits to prevent upsetting the guest of honor.

5. Fruit picking

If your dad loves gardening and enjoys nature, take him to an orchard for his 70th birthday. Spend some quality time together picking berries or other fruits, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

6. Surprise with Wishes

Put in some effort to track down your dad’s friends from school, college, or work. It might not be possible for everyone to come to the party, so ask them to send a 30-second pre-recorded birthday message. Plan ahead to gather as many videos as possible and edit them into one video. Surprise your dad by playing it on a projector screen in his room when he wakes up; this will definitely brighten his day. You can also create a special Facebook page for the guest of honor to share these messages.

7. Wine Tasting

If your dad loves wine, book a visit to a nearby winery for a wine tasting. Go with him or arrange for his friends to join him. He will enjoy sampling new wines and might even find a new favorite by the end of the day!

8. How Well Do You Know Your Dad?

This game is a fun way to see how well people know your dad. With so many friends and family over the years, it’s interesting to find out how much they know about them. Create and print trivia quiz cards with space for answers. 

Have your dad fill one out and let others do the same. Collect the cards and enjoy reading the answers aloud, sharing memories along the way. You can also use true or false questions. The person who gets the most correct answers wins a prize.

9. A Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you know where your dad’s best memories are? Take him on a drive to revisit places like his childhood home, school, college, hostel, wedding venue, or other meaningful spots. Plan with his friends and family to learn about places they used to hang out, have coffee, or enjoy music. Make it extra special by inviting people from his past to recreate those moments. You can also put up signs with memories at these locations. Most places will allow signs as long as they are removed within a few days.

10. Golf Theme Party

A golfing theme is a fun idea for an outdoor birthday celebration. This theme can include both adults and kids by setting up a miniature golf section. A fun game for this type of party is to fill a large glass jar with golf balls and tees and have guests guess how many items are inside, with a prize for the winner. Alternatively, you could rent a golf venue for the event, but remember that this can be quite expensive. A backyard golf-themed party can be just as enjoyable if the cost is too high.

11. Dance Party

A themed dance party is a fantastic way to celebrate a 70th birthday for someone who is still active. Choose music from their teenage and young adult years and let the music set the mood. Hiring a DJ can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. Ask someone you know to create a playlist, and then just focus on setting up the speaker system.

12. Cooking Class

If your dad has always wanted to try cooking but hasn’t had the chance, his birthday is a perfect occasion to let him enjoy making a dish from start to finish. Enroll him in a basic cooking class that isn’t too complicated. You can assist him during the class or get permission to record his reactions as he mixes, blends, and cooks.

13. Rent a Movie Theater

Make the 70th birthday celebration extra memorable by renting an entire movie theater for a private showing. Treat your dad and loved ones to a nostalgic experience with a favorite classic film—or make it even more personal by showing a slideshow or home videos of memorable moments from their life.


Games are a great idea for celebrating a 70th birthday, suitable for all ages but especially fun for someone turning 70. Look up popular TV show games or family games and get creative! Customize the games by using player pieces with their faces or creating questions about your dad for a quiz game. 

This keeps everyone engaged and focuses on your dad. Another idea is to adopt a “Get to Know You” game where guests answer questions about your dad, sharing funny stories and seeing who knows them best.

15. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If your dad has always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, why not make their 70th birthday extra special by fulfilling that dream? Enjoy stunning views with your loved ones as you soar above beautiful landscapes.

16. Costume Party

Make your dad’s 70th birthday party more fun with a costume bash. You can choose a theme or let guests dress up as they like; Just mention the dress code clearly on the invitations so everyone can join in the fun!

17. Price Is Right

Create a big board with names or pictures of items related to your dad. Have guests guess the prices of these items from the 1950s and their current prices. It’ll be a fun game, and you can give away the items or miniatures to those who guess correctly. Look up the items online to find pictures of them from different eras—after all, phones from the 1950s look quite different from today’s phones!

18. Nautical Party

If your dad loves sailing, throw him a nautical-themed 70th birthday party! Decorate with items like brass candleholders, marine signal flags, stripes, ropes, and anchors to create a charming atmosphere.

Ask guests to wear navy, red, and white to match the maritime theme, and serve drinks like dark ‘n’ stormies to add to the nautical vibe.

19. Surprise Party

Make your dad’s 70th birthday extra special with a surprise party. Coordinate with your closest friends and family to create the guest list and send out invitations discreetly.

Assign someone to lead your dad to the party location at just the right moment for the surprise. Capture the moment on camera by asking someone to take photos or hiring a photographer to handle it all.

20. Garden Party

Opt for a beautiful outdoor location with plenty of space for a garden party to celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday. Decorate with string lights, comfortable seating, and lots of flowers.

Arrange for catering and a bartender to prepare refreshing drinks, light snacks, and a delicious 70th birthday cake. If possible, think about bringing in a food truck for added fun!

Consider hiring musical entertainment, such as a jazz band or a solo performer, to enhance the festive atmosphere.

21. Helicopter Tour

For a truly memorable 70th birthday gift, treat your dad to a helicopter tour. It’s an unforgettable experience that offers breathtaking views you can’t see from the ground. It’s a chance to fulfill a bucket list dream you’ve always wanted to try.

22. Wheel of Fortune

Set up a spinning wheel with different prizes and let guests take turns spinning it to win. Prizes could include things like a spa day, a golf trip, or gift cards to favorite restaurants to make it special for your dad. 

Divide the wheel into categories like trivia, jokes, dance-offs, and challenges, each with different point values. Guests earn points with each spin and can trade them in for bigger prizes later in the party. Include family challenges too, like a trivia game where everyone works together to answer questions.

23. Fishing Trip

Gather family and friends for a special 70th birthday fishing trip for your dad. Depending on your location, plan a day trip, a camping adventure, or a weekend getaway at a lakefront cottage.

This idea is perfect for a summer celebration, but you can also enjoy it in winter with an ice fishing expedition!

24. Classic Car Theme

If your dad loves classic cars, it’s a great theme for his 70th birthday celebration. Find out which cars he owned or always admired, and decorate accordingly. Remember, this isn’t a party for kids, so keep the decorations tasteful. You could even have a cake shaped like an old car or organize a small car show. Just be mindful of celebrating his passion without going overboard with the decorations.

25. Party With an Open Bar

Celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday with an open bar at the party. Some Peerspace venues offer bar services, or you can hire an outside bartender as long as they have the proper licenses.

For a vibrant atmosphere, consider booking a French lounge bar in San Francisco, CA. Alternatively, opt for a unique location like a 2,000-square-foot rooftop terrace in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, which provides full bar service and stunning skyline views for a cocktail party.

Ask your venue’s host for help arranging a bartender. You can even request a signature cocktail based on Dad’s favorite drinks for a clever and delicious addition to the celebration.

26. Memory Jars

Memory jars are a wonderful way to celebrate a 70th birthday. Start by creating a few jars yourself to use as table decorations. Provide extra jars, photos, and other fun items for guests to create their own. After the party, everyone can take home a keepsake of the special life you just celebrated.

27. The Sports Party

A sports-themed party is a great way to celebrate your dad’s 70th birthday. Focus on his favorite sport to keep him engaged and guests entertained. You can go all out with decorations and activities. Consider giving him a sports-themed gift, like a quality baseball glove. If getting it signed by one of his favorite players is tough, have all the family members sign it instead.

28. Make a Euro Splash

Make a Euro splash for Dad’s 70th birthday! If he’s always dreamed of visiting Paris, now is the perfect time. Celebrate in a historic stone building where artists, poets, and fashion icons have enjoyed wine over the years. Picture an elegant, stylish and timeless setting, just like your dad. The beautiful space is filled with art and photos, and there’s plenty of wine to enjoy.

29. Head Out to the Country to Enjoy Some Nature

Celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday by heading to the country. A beautiful barn in Winsted, MN, makes a perfect venue for Midwest dads. With space for up to 50 guests, this rustic location features ponds, flower gardens, a kitchen, and even pigs in party hats!

Host a big family picnic or a country-style dance in the barn—the possibilities are endless.

30. Throw Him a Charming Cafe Party

A charming cafe party is the perfect 70th birthday celebration for dads who enjoy simple pleasures. Spend the day with close friends and family at a lovely, airy cafe in Milwaukee. Enjoy personal barista service and a buffet of scones and muffins. 

Bring balloons, a cake, and decorations, or grab board games for a relaxed and enjoyable social gathering.

Meaningful Questions to Ask Your Dad About His Life

How to Create a Memorable Life Book for Your Dad On His 70th Birthday

  1. Visit Meminto Life Book and click “Get Started.”
  2. Choose whether you’re buying the book for yourself or someone else with the “I will” or “Someone else will” options.
  3. Decide on the number of pages for your book and select if you’d like additional or digital copies. Click “Add to Cart” after making your choices.
  4. Enter your shipping address, preferred payment method, and any promo code you have.
  5. Confirm and track your order on the checkout page.
  6. Check your email for a confirmation message and activation code. Copy the activation code and go to Meminto Registration.
  7. Enter your personal information, activation code and password. Then click “Sign up for Meminto” to start writing you
  8. Choose your preferred language (German or English) and select the day you’d like to receive weekly questions. Click “Save Changes.”
  9. Select your book’s typographic alignment and category presentation.
  10. Customize the book to your liking.
  11. Watch the video below for more details on how to use the Meminto app.


There you have it—some great ideas for a 70th birthday celebration ideas for dad. The key is to celebrate the person and not their age. Keep things light and fun while making new memories. Your goal is for everyone to leave the party feeling like they’ve been part of something special. Good luck, though you probably won’t need it!

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