Birth gifts for the mother – this is thought about far too little!

Birth gifts for the mother

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As soon as a new citizen of the earth saw the light of day, family and friends of the family set about showering the new parents with gifts. Now, birth gifts for the mother are always very welcome, as they are usually useful and especially beautiful things for the baby. But actually it is the mother who has gone through nine months of pregnancy and a sometimes grueling birth. In this respect, it would actually be she who deserves gifts for the birth. 

Of course, it should not be concealed here that many husbands are so happy to have become a father that they give their wife a special gift out of gratitude. But the rest of the family focuses more on the baby when choosing gifts.

Anyone who visits a new mother after the birth sometimes feels like they’re in a baby specialty store. Rompers, booties, blankets, stuffed animals, caps, baby cosmetics – the gift ideas that the market offers are really diverse. But what you really miss, as a rule, are birth gifts for the mother.

The Corona baby boom - felt or statistically proven?

Be that as it may, you currently have the feeling that a baby is constantly being born within your circle of relatives or acquaintances. Again and again you hear about a new pregnancy and the circle of new parents is getting bigger and bigger. In times of severely limited leisure activities and travel opportunities, the desire for a child seems to have increased in many a couple. And even if – at least for the mothers – this means that the time of peace and quiet in the family is temporarily over, the birth of a child is a very special gift.

And with each new pregnancy, the question arises of what to give for the birth. A voucher would be a sensible thing, then the parents could get exactly what they still need for the baby. Because although a voucher always seems like you have no gift ideas of your own, there is no mother who is not happy about it. Unfortunately, in all these considerations gifts for the birth for the mother do not play a role. Everyone thinks only about the cute baby and how to contribute to make this child even cuter.

Work, care, joy


All parents who have been given a child can confirm that it is not always associated with great joy. Certainly, in all phases of life, the happiness of having a child ultimately prevails, but this is always accompanied by worry and work. This begins the moment you find out about the pregnancy. Will it be without complications? Is the child healthy? Is the mother stable enough? How will the birth go?

And when the baby arrives, the worries do not decrease. Is it really healthy? How is it developing? Is everything within the normal range? How will the nights be? Do you get enough sleep yourself? Many questions and sometimes worries, but usually, for all the trouble that a small child causes, the new parents are compensated by the great joy that comes with it. Speaking of compensation. Who compensates the mother a little? For the pregnancy, the birth, the much work, the renunciation of many things, the little sleep? We think that far too little importance is given to the subject of “gifts for the birth for the mother”.

What would be such typical birth gifts for the mother?

The absolute classic among the gifts for a new mom is certainly a bouquet of flowers. Actually, all mothers are happy about this. The disadvantage, however, is that flowers are not a particularly sustainable gift. Sustainability is an important keyword in connection with a gift. Because everyone who is looking for great ideas for a gift wants the recipient to have something from it for as long as possible. 

Some also think about personalized birth gifts for the mother. Something whereby she will always be reminded of the birth and the giver or givers. For example, from the parents of the young mother a beautiful pen with a personal engraving that could read: “From Mom and Dad for the birth of Lisa-Marie”. Something like that would be a particularly nice idea for a birth gift for the mother.

Meminto Stories childhood book - a gift with a long-term character

Mother and child are two concepts that belong together. It’s simply a special relationship; no one is closer to the child than his or her own mother. And there is no one to whom the child normally feels more attached than to its mother. This special relationship is often documented by young mothers. The progress the baby makes is noted down to the exact date, and mementos such as the first milk tooth or the first curl of hair are lovingly kept with photos from this time in a keepsake box that you would like to hand over to your child at some point.

A very great birth gift idea for the mother is the childhood book of Meminto Stories. With it, the new mom has the opportunity to describe the childhood of the newborn in a real book. The different stages of development, funny incidents, in short, everything that the little child produces over the years, can be found in this childhood book.

How do you give a Meminto Stories childhood book as a gift?

This is easier than you think. You can purchase the voucher for this online at This voucher with the corresponding code is then sent to you, optionally in an attractive gift box. The gift box is therefore recommendable, because it contains not only some surprises, but represents a mad packing for the coupon. Once the young mother has registered with Meminto after the birth of the baby and set up her account, she can immediately start using the childhood book.

Give a childhood book as a gift now!

Give away access to hundreds of questions. We structure the answers, make sure nothing is forgotten and take care of the printing and mailing. In a few weeks, the book will be in your mailbox!

And although the first time with a newborn is certainly a bit exhausting, a few minutes per week to answer the questions that are automatically asked by Meminto are certainly always to be branched off. And after a year, Meminto Stories sends the finished printed book. A book, which one takes oneself also after years again and again to the hand. Or you can have it printed several times and have a nice gift for the grandparents or the child itself when it grows up.