6 steps to autobiography with Meminto

An autobiography without support - a small marathon

Autobiography – Even the word itself is difficult!

With an autobiography, you write about your own life. And you do it because you had an interesting life, so interesting that you want others to share it. We assume that you are here on the Meminto site because you are interested in autobiography. And certainly not only because you are concerned with the question of what is right: autobiography or autobiography? You can write both. But in this article, we will choose autobiography.

The famous writer’s block – please don’t give up now!

In our last blog, we gave some useful tips on writing a biography. But with a biography, there is still the possibility that others will write about you and your life, so you are effectively letting them write. With an autobiography, the onus is on you to write your life story all by yourself. (Well, that’s not quite true, but we’ll get to that later).

Proud to become an author of a book, you start writing your memoirs and want to go on. And you just can’t find a beginning. You rummage through your memories, think of this or that story from your life, and suddenly there it is: writer’s block. And you start to doubt whether writing an autobiography was such a good idea.

Started weakly, slackened strongly and finally stopped

This phenomenon has also afflicted many an author. First you need time to sort out the story of your own life and finally start the first page of your biography, then everything starts to falter again. Because there are enough examples of things that are supposedly more important and keep you from your autobiography. It is not uncommon for authors of autobiographies to stop writing after only a few pages. This is often a great pity, because the life story behind it would certainly have interested other people.

A varied life is no guarantee of a good autobiography – it’s the writing style that counts!

If you want to publish your memoirs in a book, your story should read like an exciting novel. In a language that any reader can understand. And varied. If you don’t succeed in putting your memories of the stages of your life into texts that are entertaining and worth reading, then your autobiography will only be read to the end by a maximum of one person, namely yourself.


Do I need a publisher? Who will take care of the printing? What else do I need to consider? Questions about questions on the way to an autobiography

You’ve probably asked yourself these questions when you were thinking about writing a book about your life. Can you simply send the finished text – if you have actually made it to that point – to a print shop and they will make a book out of it? Actually, even from a technical point of view, there are a few things that are important. The images have to be delivered in a suitable resolution, the text should be formatted in a print-ready PDF, crop marks, impositions… Sorry, we don’t want to scare you off, but we don’t want to hide the truth either.

Don't lose heart - Meminto helps you with your biography

Let Meminto take the stumbling blocks out of your way

If you’re on the verge of losing the courage to write an autobiography, we want to show you a way that anyone, including you, can create a perfect narrative of their life story. That’s what we meant at the beginning by “It’s not quite true that you have to write your autobiography entirely by yourself”, because with Meminto Stories we’ve developed a way to (have) your memoir written.

You don’t have to ask yourself how you start – Meminto asks the question

In fact, you don’t have to ask yourself how you start. We at Meminto Stories ask the questions, and that’s how your autobiography is gradually created. Without any stress, every week for 52 weeks you will receive a question that you can answer at your leisure. You don’t have to worry about the structure of your autobiography, you don’t have to be afraid of losing interest in between. Because the weekly email with one question each should be motivation enough to continue. Because you will notice that your book is growing and your life story is slowly taking shape.

And the technical questions? – Meminto will take care of that for you!

You don’t have to worry about that either. We have the right tools and possibilities to make your biography a high quality book. We make sure that print and image quality are top notch and that all other qualities such as paper, cover and binding ensure a high-quality appearance.

With Meminto Stories in only 6 steps to an autobiography

Now we will show you step by step how to create your perfect biography with Meminto. You will see very quickly that it is very easy to write a book about your life story.

Step 1: Get access and start

The first step is to go to the Meminto website at www.meminto.com. Click on the button “Get access and begin!” to start the purchase of your book. Because the book is to be an autobiography, you select the category “The life book“.

Usually you will be asked the questions by e-mail. If you choose the phone option, you will receive the questions by phone. This is a very convenient option, especially for older people.

After you have paid for your purchase, you will receive an activation link and a code by mail to complete the purchase.

Step 2: Create an account and make a selection

In step 2 you create a Meminto account with your personal data. Here you can make a few more basic settings. There are three versions available for a life book.

In addition, you can make a preselection of the question categories and delete the area for which you do not want to have any questions. But be careful: A deleted category cannot be added again later. In step 2 you also define at which time you want to have your weekly question.

Step 3: Our get-to-know-you phase

In the third step, we at Meminto would like to get to know you a little better so that we can tailor the questions you receive as precisely as possible to your individual life situation. Here you answer questions about your age, relationship status, whether you have children, etc.

Step 4: Your book is being created

From now on you have a personal area at Meminto. Here you have an overview of the 52 questions that we have selected based on your personal information. You will be surprised that we have thought of situations from your life that you might never have thought of yourself. But that’s what makes the autobiography with Meminto so exciting and varied.

For your personal motivation: The weekly e-mail

From now on, you will receive an e-mail from us every week with one of the questions that you can answer at your leisure. Of course, you can also answer all 52 questions one after the other. Then you will get your autobiography much faster. But don’t stress. Our weekly email will remind you regularly and encourage you to keep going.

Let others help you, that provides variety

Are there people in your environment who could contribute to your biography? Then you can invite friends or acquaintances to answer one or the other question. This increases the fun factor and lets your life appear in a completely new light at various points. Simply pass on your access data to people in your family or circle of acquaintances and you will receive support on the way to your personal book. 

If you’re still looking for inspiration for your autobiography, or if you’re just at a standstill in your thoughts, or if you just want to see how others write such a biography, then you can get ideas and food for thought here at other Meminto Stories life stories.

If you get too embarrassed

Even though an autobiography is meant to help you learn more about yourself and your life, you don’t have to reveal everything. So if we have selected a question that you do not want to answer for personal reasons, you can easily delete this question and replace it with a new one.

For even more individuality

If there is an area that you really want to write about in your autobiography, you can also formulate a question about it yourself. Or have it formulated by the people who support you in your biography. This will make your book even more authentic. Or you can browse through our question catalog and choose the right question for you.

Say it with pictures!

Pictures are the spice in any autobiography. Your readers want to know what you looked like as a child or teenager, how you lived, what your parents and siblings looked like. You don’t have to worry about how to arrange the pictures. The predefined layout helps you to place the pictures optimally. By the way, you can insert pictures at any time.

Preview = foretaste

Once you have answered the first 10 questions, you can preview your book. This will give you a first taste of your autobiography. From this point on, you will probably hardly be able to wait to hold your life story in your hands as a finished book.

Step 5: Congratulations, you did it - your biography is printed!

This is the moment you – and/or others – have been waiting for. All questions have been asked, all answers given, all images uploaded. Now the book will be printed, bound and shipped. If you want more than one copy, you can indicate that in advance and, of course, you can also order more copies later. A biography like this is a typical “want to have product”. And after all, you didn’t write your memoirs (just) for yourself.

Create a life book now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you will have a book about your life in your mailbox!

Meminto – Autobiography with added value

For these special features, we would actually have to go back a step before your book is printed. Because maybe you want to say thank you to a special person with your biography? Or highlight a person who means a lot to you? Then you have the option of adding a personal dedication to your book of life. This is always very well received and has a great surprise effect. 

In your personal area at Meminto, you can keep up to date with the status and progress of your book at all times. You can see at a glance how many questions you’ve already answered, which questions are still open, how long it will take until you receive your book, etc.

Step 6: Unpack, enjoy, share

In the sixth step, all you have to do is enjoy the result. Full of excitement, you open the package with the sender’s address from Meminto that the parcel carrier has just delivered to you. Is the book exactly as you imagined it? Did you think it would be so easy to write an autobiography with Meminto? Share your joy with others – maybe you know someone who wants to write a biography, but is somehow stuck. Tell us about Meminto and the 6 steps to writing an autobiography.

6 steps to an autobiography with Meminto - did we promise too much?

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