10 DIY Memory Book Ideas for Friends

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The best DIY book ideas for friends include then and now, annual events, friend quotes, graduation memories, childhood memories, collage style, BFF, travel memories, Instagram-worthy layouts, and a school memory book.

A memory book is fantastic because it lets you preserve many memories you can cherish forever. Flipping through the pages is like time-traveling back to the good old days. Like true friendship, these pages will withstand all the changes life brings.

This article features some fantastic DIY memory ideas you should try for friends. These layouts are perfect for keeping memories safe in your photo album or making a thoughtful gift for birthdays or holidays. You can customize these layouts however you like, adding inside jokes, favorite hobbies, and places you love to hang out.

Key Takeaways

  • Memory books offer an excellent way to preserve cherished moments and experiences with friends. They can serve as personal keepsakes or thoughtful gifts for special occasions.
  • DIY memory book ideas for friends include Then and Now, Annual Events, Friend Quotes, Graduation Memories, Childhood Memories, Collage Style, BFF, Travel Memories, Instagram-Worthy Layouts, and School Memory Book.
  • Each memory book idea allows for customization, enabling individuals to tailor the content to reflect their unique friendships and shared experiences.
  • Similar to true friendship, these memory books endure through life’s changes, providing a timeless means to revisit and relive fond memories.

10 DIY Memory Book Ideas for Friends

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  1. Then and Now

Consider creating a “past and present”-themed D DIY memory book for your friends. This idea involves comparing your early friendship days with your present moments. It’s a simple yet powerful way to evoke nostalgia and celebrate the journey of your friendship.

You can use photos, captions, and creative design elements to highlight the growth and evolution of your bond over time. This memory-book idea will bring you and your friends smiles and fond memories as you reminisce about the good old days and appreciate the moments you’ve shared.

  1. Annual events

Sometimes, we overlook these events because they happen every year but are significant. The beauty of making a memory book about an annual event is that the theme is already established.

Gather all the photos from these annual occasions, whether visits to the pumpkin patch, snapshots from the annual sisters’ road trip, holiday celebrations over the years, or attending opening day for baseball. Compiling these photos into a book allows you to revisit these cherished annual events throughout the year, reliving the memories and sharing them with your friends.

  1. Friend Quotes

Inspirational quotes about friendship can add depth and meaning to your layouts. Here are two best friend memory book page designs to inspire you: “A friend is a gift you give yourself.” This simple yet heartfelt quote captures the essence of friendship.

The handmade feel of this layout adds a nostalgic touch, perfect for friends who have journeyed through school days together. Hand-drawn lines on cardstock simulate loose-leaf paper, while delicate doodles and colorful flower heads infuse personality and vibrancy into the design.

If you prefer quotes without the handmade vibe, opt for a layout featuring glittery stars and the quote, “Good friends are like stars; you don’t always see them, but they’re always there.” This quote lends itself well to designing elements like glittery stars, adding sparkle and charm to your page. You can easily tie the layout together with an adorable sticker featuring the quote.

  1. Graduation Memories

Graduation marks a significant milestone in life, whether in high school or college. It’s a time to reflect on your academic achievements and personal growth throughout your journey.

Instead of just capturing a few photos in a frame or sharing them on Instagram, why not create a memory book that showcases the critical moments leading up to your graduation?

Include photos of memorable events, milestones, achievements, heartfelt captions, and reflections. It’s a beautiful way to preserve and celebrate this momentous occasion with your friends, allowing you to cherish the memories for years.

  1. Childhood Memories

Our childhood experiences are some of our most vivid and significant moments. They shape who we are as adults. Psychologists suggest that the years between 1 and 7 are particularly influential, as we absorb and learn from our environment and the people around us during this time.

Childhood is like a golden period in our lives, marking the beginning of our journey on Earth. It’s essential to preserve these memories in a secure place so we can revisit them and share them with our loved ones. Creating a dedicated Memories page for childhood memories with your friends allows you to capture and cherish those precious moments for years.

  1. Collage Style

Collages are a fantastic way to include numerous pictures with a unified theme, whether the same event, period, or color scheme. These layouts demonstrate two different approaches to collage, perfect for both the young and those aiming for a nostalgic feel.

For a simple and nostalgic layout, gather plenty of photos and trim them down. Then, arrange and layer the images on your page. In the empty spaces, handwrite your favorite memories associated with the images. This straightforward approach is ideal for introducing memory books to young crafters in your family.

The collage style allows you to incorporate many photos at once, making it both nostalgic and heartwarming. The matting around the pictures helps them stand out against the background, while handwritten captions add depth and context to the memories captured in the images.

  1. BFF

Take inspiration from the original idea of using pictures to spell out “BFF.” Collect photos of you and your best friend that aren’t too close up and can easily be cut into letters.

Alternatively, print numerous small photos and arrange them to form the letters B-F-F. Whatever strategy you choose, your personal touch will impress your best friend.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not make a BFF pillow too? All you need are printer transfer sheets. Design your pillow, print the images, and iron them on. It’s the perfect homemade gift for your best friend, adding a dreamy touch to your memories.

  1. Travel Memories

How about capturing your travel memories in a DIY memory book for your friends?

Travel experiences are often some of our most treasured memories. Exploring new places and immersing ourselves in different cultures can be incredibly enriching. Traveling allows us to learn and grow intellectually and spiritually as we connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Instead of sharing your travel photos on social media, why not organize them into a personalized memory book?

You can compile all your photos, ticket stubs, and souvenirs from your adventures into a beautifully crafted book. Organizing these memories into a book allows you to relive your adventures and share them with your friends for years.

Customize the layout with captions, maps, and travel quotes to capture the essence of your journeys. A travel memory book is a beautiful way to celebrate your friendship and the unforgettable moments you’ve shared on your adventures.

  1. Instagram-worthy layouts

Consider incorporating Instagram-worthy layouts into your DIY memory book ideas for friends! These layouts are characterized by their visually appealing and trendy designs, perfect for showcasing memories with friends in a modern and stylish way.

To create Instagram-worthy layouts for your memory book, select a theme or color scheme that reflects your friendship or the memories you want to capture. Choose elements that resonate with you and your friends, whether a pastel palette, a minimalist design, or a vibrant and colorful theme.

Gather your photos, videos, and mementos to include in your memory book. Choose snapshots from memorable outings or special occasions celebrated together. Select images that bring back happy memories. Once you have your content, it’s time to design your memory book pages.

Add creative elements like stickers, washi tape, and borders to make your layouts visually attractive. Experiment with different arrangements to tell your story effectively.

Include captions or quotes that capture the essence of each memory. Write heartfelt messages or inside jokes to add depth and emotion to your layouts.

Assemble your memory book pages to create a visually stunning keepsake. Whether it’s a physical scrapbook or a digital album, aim to celebrate the bond you share with your friends through your Instagram-worthy layouts.

  1. School Memory Book

How about crafting a school memory book for your friends as a DIY memory book idea?

This book showcases all your cherished memories from your school days in a simple timeline format. It can start with your first day of kindergarten, journey through all the grades, and end with your college graduation.

Fill it with photos and videos capturing school trips, special moments with friends and classmates, shout-outs to favorite teachers, and your proudest accomplishments. It’s a beautiful way to reminisce about the significant moments that shaped your school life.

How to Create a DIY Memory Book Idea for Friends

At this point, you should know the kind of memory book to memorialize your friendship. So, we’ll show you how to use a tool like Meminto to create a DIY memory book for friends.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for creating a memory book for friends:

  1. Download the Meminto app from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  1. If you’re new to Meminto, create an account. Otherwise, log in.

  1. Enter your name, email, and password, or sign in using your Gmail or Apple ID.

  1. Select “About your year together” as the topic.

  1. Choose from three options:
  • Free Mini Book: Includes nine questions, uploads 30 photos, invites 2 participants, uploads 1 minute of audio and video, and gets a digital book to share.
  • Digital Book: For $10, access all questions, customize them, upload 250 photos, invite up to 35 participants, and upload 60 minutes of audio and 10 minutes of video.
  • Printer Meminto Book: Similar to the Digital Book, but receive a hardcover keepsake book (up to 300 pages) for about $79.
  1. Select your preferred language, either German or English. Choose the days to receive weekly questions via email, then click “Next Step.”

  1. Customize your book’s layout and settings, then save the changes.

  1. Answer questions and upload videos, audio, and pictures. Use the provided tools to edit questions or add your own.

  1. In the web browser, tap the menu icon, then select “Layout and release.”

  1. Edit the dedication, inside pages, and cover. Save changes after each edit.

  1. Review your book before ordering. Once satisfied, click “Approve and Order.”

  1. Confirm everything looks good, then click” I have checked everything; continue” to approve and order your book.

  1. Click “Release digital book” to receive a digital copy via email. Your memory book is now ready to share!


Creating DIY memory books for friends is a heartfelt and meaningful way to celebrate our special bonds. Whether reliving cherished childhood memories, commemorating annual events, or capturing the excitement of graduation, these memory books serve as tangible reminders of the moments that shape our friendships.