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Sometimes our existing book templates aren't what you need. Luckily, you're not bound by them! Use our software, create your table of contents and add chapters and content. We take care of the production of your book. If you wish, you can also work with an editor or proofreader. If there are several of you, you can also start a group project and write about special experiences or your company history, for example.

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    • If you decide now, you will save at least $10 per book!
    • Get a digital copy that you can open in any browser and turn the pages like a real book. (See example)
    • You do not want to type? Let us call you once a week with the next question. We will convert your answers into text!
    Send access to Meminto as an email (with or without an e-card) that can be used to start the Meminto experience!

    Gift Box Description & Contents

    • 1 high-quality, sturdy gift box with hinged lid, also reusable for storage, e.g. for photos or jewelry.
    • In light gray or anthracite, each with matching banderole. (Dimensions: approx. 9" x 5,5" x 1,4")
    • 1 card with gold print and activation code for the given book project
    • 1 Meminto Stories Sprout pencil: flower seeds in the end piece - come to life in soil!
    • 1 Meminto Stories card set with in-depth questions about life (also sold separately)
    • will be delivered by mail to the specified shipping address
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  • You’ve got 5 years to write your book.
  • Number of questions: Starting at 52, expandable at any time
  • Participant feature: if you invite others, they can ask you their own questions and even take notes!
  • Access via browser or iOS / Android app
  • First-class, fast support for all questions, even via WhatsApp!
  • Cover of the book: Hard cover matte
  • Number of pages: Up to 300 pages in color
  • Book design: Choose from dozens of layouts and upload your own images
  • Gift options: E-cards or gift boxes (see below)
  • PDF Preview: Yes, with watermark
  • Digital version of the book: Optional for an additional charge (see below)
  • Answering on the phone: Optional possible
  • incl. shipping costs and CO2-neutral shipping

In addition, you or the person receiving the gift will receive access to the exclusive Facebook group where all Meminto authors can exchange ideas.

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Special features at a glance

Your book creation could look like this:

Get creative and create your own book template!

Do you have your own ideas that you would like to realize in a book? Then you can use the Meminto Stories platform to do so. Here are some examples:

Sunshine daycare center
Sunshine daycare center
"Each child receives a book at the end about our time together".
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In our daycare center we do a lot of painting and handicrafts. Of course, we collect this and create a folder for each child. But we also record the children's growing up with photos thanks to a Meminto questionnaire we created ourselves. When they move on to school, they get a great printed book from their daycare center about our time together. Parents in particular are very happy about this, because they don't always know what their children have experienced with us.
Cruiser Cruises
Cruiser Cruises
At the end of a wonderful vacation: a memory book
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For us, it's a win-win situation when we give our guests the opportunity to fill out a pre-made memory book at the end of their vacation and have it printed for them at a small price. It has 40 pages, holds photos and texts and is filled out by the guests themselves (easily from their smartphone). For our guests it is a substitute for a photo book. For us it is cheap advertising, because they like to show it to friends and family at home.
Stowey High School
"The graduation book is insane!"
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As the graduating class of 2023, we selected four people to create a meminto book template. It was very simple: they came up with about 30 questions that pertained to our class and then all students and teachers were invited to answer. The Meminto platform made this easy. Of course, everyone got their own profile page and we were able to keep separate pages with the funniest memories. The printing was then taken care of by Meminto - and it wasn't even expensive.
Rony Tobbins
Rony Tobbins
Coach for personality development
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Together with Meminto, I have developed a book template for the participants of my coaching. Every week, my clients are asked a question about their current situation, which they have to answer (this is part of my program). So far, they have all been very proud to receive a signed book from me afterwards about our time together and their development. They now proudly show it to others. Better than a certificate or certificate of attendance!
Dog friends club
Dog friends club
"60 Years in a Book"
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For our anniversary, we simply wanted to capture the history of the club. We created a book template with Meminto Stories and then invited all previous club members to participate. The book has filled up daily with new photos and stories of our four-legged friends because everyone enjoyed participating. We printed an edition of 300 copies.
Frollingen city
Frollingen city
400 years of Frollingen - our citizens tell
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The history of our city through the eyes of many well-known citizens: That's what we did together with Meminto Stories. On more than 220 pages, selected people were able to tell their experiences. The book has already been printed in a second edition and is being sold in our region.

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