Meminto Life Cards

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Our “Life Cards” includes 50 cards. Questions like these are waiting to add depth to your meetings together:

  • How are your beliefs and values different from those of your parents?
  • What television programs did you watch as a child?
  • Has a rumor ever been spread about you? What was your reaction?
  • What are you most grateful to your parents for?
  • What movie or book best describes your life?
  • Are you a decent person? How does your environment react?
  • and many more!

Meminto Stories Life Cards

With the “Meminto Stories Life Cards,” every occasion becomes a special experience. Whether it’s family gatherings, anniversaries, birthdays, or just a cozy get-together, these cards bring people together and spark deep, often humorous, and always meaningful conversations. They serve as a bridge between generations, encouraging the exchange of life stories, wisdom, and dreams.

Each card set is carefully designed to capture the diversity of life. The questions and prompts on the cards are crafted to provoke thought, evoke memories, and facilitate the sharing of experiences. Thus, the “Meminto Stories Life Cards” are not just a game, but a tool that helps strengthen family and friend bonds.

Meminto Stories Life Cards
Meminto Stories Life Cards

Imagine these cards being used at a family reunion, where grandparents, parents, and children laugh together as they share stories from different phases of life. Or how they can serve as an inspiring gift for a friend who is starting a new chapter in life. The “Meminto Stories Life Cards” are a bridge to people’s hearts, a way to express and deepen love and connection.

The “Meminto Stories Life Cards” are more than just a product โ€“ they are an experience waiting to be discovered. They invite you to celebrate life, revel in memories, and strengthen the bonds that connect us. Don’t miss this opportunity, order your card set today, and begin to uncover and share the unwritten stories that lie within you and your loved ones.

As part of the Meminto gift box, which you can add to a life book order, the “Meminto Stories Life Cards” enhance the gift of memory. They make it possible to explore the stories captured in a life book in a lively and interactive way. This makes them a perfect gift idea for anyone who values life and its stories.