How the wedding memory box almost ended up in the bulky waste

Timon and Marie have been happily married for over twenty years. And they are still as much in love as they were when they said “I do” to each other as an overjoyed bride and groom. When they sealed their love for each other with a vow at a romantic wedding and swore eternal fidelity to each other.

Today they are very grateful for their time together, have two healthy children and are already planning the next private event, their silver wedding anniversary. They really lead a model marriage, the two of them, they have never really had any quarrels, have decided everything together and have always held together firmly even in difficult times. Many friends, some of whose relationships broke up after a short time and who would not marry again so quickly, envy them their great happiness.

Celebrating wedding anniversary - always a special experience for Marie and Timon

As a groom and bride, they have resolved to always celebrate their annual wedding day in a special way. To go through the best memories of that day again together, to surprise each other with special ideas and to be inspired for the years to come.

It has already become a real ritual that on this day, in the morning, when Timon has already left for work, Marie pulls out this box labeled “Wedding memory box“. This box, which always brings a smile to her face when she picks up the individual items from it and her thoughts wander back to the most beautiful day in her life.

What does not come out there so everything. A few of the dried flowers that the bridesmaids had scattered before them. The ribbon she had in her hair instead of a veil, the place cards with their names, the program booklet, a picture of the beaming bride and groom. Bride and groom made of marzipan, from the wedding cake, long since hard and inedible. Memories. Beautiful memories. Marie always feels as if she is getting married all over again.

Timon had never really been interested in this memory box. Not that he doesn’t also like to remember the wedding, but these collected objects, which are so important to Marie, almost sacred, have never really triggered any emotions in him. But apparently engineers have to be like that. He’s just the businesslike type, but that’s very conducive to their relationship as a counterpoint to the more emotional Marie.

Why the house was not in order - at least for a short time


For the first few years, when there were no children of their own, Marie and Timon lived in a relatively small apartment in the city. This was quite convenient, since Marie could reach her workplace on foot. At that time, the box of memorabilia was on top of the bedroom closet. Marie could see it from her bed and even get a good read on the inscription “Wedding Memory Box”.ย 

At some point Timon said they needed that space on the closet now for other things and the memory box could be stored in the basement just fine. Marie was not at all comfortable with the thought, but realized Timon was right and dragged it to the basement with a heavy heart. “Out of sight, out of mind” she thought as she stowed the memory box on a shelf in the basement among moving boxes and old electrical appliances.

With the birth of their first child, the apartment in the city then unfortunately became too small and Timon and Marie went in search of a larger place to live outside the city. Marie had been dreaming of a life in the country for a long time and she already had many ideas about how she would furnish the new home with lots of love.

Timon took it upon himself to clean out the cellar, although Marie thought that there was still enough time for that. But that’s just life with him. If Timon has any ideas floating around in his head, then they have to be implemented at short notice. Like at the wedding, when he absolutely wanted to rent a land yacht as a wedding car. Marie actually wanted to get married in a more modest setting, but in retrospect she has to admit that this car gave her wedding a very individual touch.ย 

Timon always has such interesting gift ideas, too. The other day, when good friends were getting married, he thought they could have two jerseys from the groom’s favorite club, beautifully personalized, each with the other’s name on the back. Marie sighed when she thought about the persuasion she had to use to dissuade Timon from such gift ideas.

Now he had taken it into his head to dispose of some superfluous household items from the cellar. Over the years, quite a few things had come together, along with the fondest memories of vacations, wedding gifts that could never be used, and many other things that had been put in the basement for the time being, because you never know if you might need them someday.

When Marie comes back from shopping, her breath catches in her throat

wedding memory box

Timon creates three areas in the basement. One for the things that are donated to the social department store, one for the bulky waste and the third area for the things that come with him to the new apartment. He sorts boxes and crates, weighs up what belongs in which area and has to make an effort here and there to part with things.ย  He has to hurry a little with the bulky goods, which are to be picked up the same day.

When Marie decides to go shopping, a considerable pile of old clothes has already accumulated along the road. Timon, who is completely fixated on his work with tunnel vision, has not even noticed that she has said goodbye to him. Like that time, at the wedding, when he almost forgot to say yes because he was staring so fascinated at the wedding car that could be seen behind the window.

A good hour later, Marie returns with her weekly shopping and is slightly annoyed by the large garbage truck blocking her driveway. Now she needs a bit of patience, because the men from the city operation have quite a mountain of old household goods to load. Slightly wistfully, she watches as many a memory disappears into the trash compactor.ย 

And then her breath catches. From one of the boxes still lying on the side of the road, the inscription “wedding memory box” catches her eye. She almost stalled the engine, she was so startled. She has never been out of her car faster. Just as one of the men is about to bend down for the stack of boxes, Marie intervenes at the last moment, stammers something about “accident” and “memories” and snatches the box from the hands of the stunned gentleman.

We won’t go into the rest of the day and the mood between Timon and Marie, nor into Timon’s desperate attempts to get out of the act. By the way, it really was an accident. What is clear, however, is that the “wedding memory box” will have a permanent place on top of the bedroom closet from then on until the rest of his life, always in Marie’s field of vision – come what may.

A chapter in the relationship book

At some point, Marie had decided to write a book about their relationship. As a gift for Timon for his fortieth birthday. And the story with the memory box will get its own chapter in this book, she is sure.

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