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The most personal wedding gift from witnesses

Marriage in 2021- creative ideas wanted!

These days, some plans are being thwarted by the worldwide Corona pandemic. Vacations, family celebrations, large events, folk festivals, etc. are falling victim by the dozen to the strict regulations designed to contain the virus. Unfortunately, so do many a long-term planned wedding celebration. Nothing can be planned properly, guest lists are revised and cut down, venues canceled, caterers canceled – for bride and groom it's like a race against time. 

The day of the wedding has been firmly scheduled for a long time, now the bride and groom's only concern is to organize this special day with a maximum of flexibility. Despite all the circumstances, everything should be just right on this day, from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. Many even form a wedding committee especially for this purpose, in order to put together many creative ideas for this unique day into an all-round suitable program.

And if it is really only a wedding ceremony and wedding celebration in a small circle, two people must not be missing in any case – the witnesses.

Witnesses - next to the bride and groom the most important people at a wedding ceremony.

For many people, it is decided very early on who should be their best man. Most of the time, it's the best friend. Others decide on a parent. Perhaps this is simply a way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for the previous stage of life. A period of life that, after all, ends with the wedding day and is replaced by a particularly exciting, new period of life, marriage. After all, the wedding day should be a day for the bride and groom to never forget. 

For many people getting married, it gives them a feeling of security to have a best man by their side on this special day. After all, getting married is not something you do every day and, ideally, only once in a lifetime. Not only the bride and groom see it that way, but also everyone else involved in the wedding. But they are only moved by one thought: How can you give the bride and groom a very personal joy? And especially the two people who are present at the wedding ceremony as witnesses, make quite intense considerations, which is the appropriate Wedding gift from witnesses.

What's the ideal wedding gift?

Wedding gift witness

This question cannot be answered in one sentence. After all, you don't want to embarrass yourself and be remembered by the bride and groom for as long as possible with a special gift. Money gifts are really practical. A gift of money comes to the wedding at the right time, because bride and groom have plenty of expenses and are certainly very happy about a gift of money. But there are simply much more unusual gift ideas than cash gifts. 

Many leave themselves correctly much time with the search for a suitable gift, others decide rather spontaneously or on the last minute. For the wedding gift of groomsmen should definitely look for more unusual gift ideas. Because one has a personal relationship with the bride or groom, looks back on a common time with beautiful memories and wants to continue the friendship intensively after the wedding. Simply being the best man as a wedding gift is by far not enough.

Wedding gift from witnesses should reflect the value of the personal relationship

Witnesses are not chosen at random. They are people with whom you have a very special relationship. Friends who are so important to you that they witness your marriage in writing on what is probably the most important day of your life. Even though this has only symbolic value today, since the appointment of witnesses to the marriage has no longer been required since 1998, witnesses to the marriage still have great significance for the bride and groom and are an integral part of most marriage ceremonies.

Although for the bride and groom the greatest wedding gift from witnesses is their presence, for the groomsmen themselves this is of course far from enough. The wedding gift should be particularly unusual, so it is not enough just to organize a great bachelor party. Even if it is the funniest and most original bachelor party ever. It must already be a gift with depth. Something that will be remembered for a long time or even forever, will be of lasting benefit and will show the bride or groom how important the personal relationship with him or her is to you.

What wedding gift from witnesses is particularly trendy?

Cash gifts are probably not one of them. Personalized gifts could be a possibility. But then it should be something quite unusual. A cup with a photo of the bride and her best friend, well. A calendar with the twelve most beautiful shots from the vacations you spent together – equally questionable. Somehow, the wedding gift from witnesses is supposed to be something where both the bride and groom get something out of it. Something they can use together, something they both enjoy, and something they might later tell their guests is the best witness wedding gift ever.

One gift that falls into the category of “top wedding gift from witnesses” is the relationship book from Meminto Stories. This is not something a guidebook on how to successfully lead a relationship. You could put your foot in your mouth with that. No, the Meminto relationship book is a book that has yet to be written, alone or by the bride and groom together. It is a book that documents how the bride and groom got to know each other, through the engagement period, from the first kiss to the bachelor party. With it, one can relive this beautiful time, can hold on to the memory of it and perhaps give it to others to read one day, later to one's own children, or to parents who have always wanted to know how the bride and groom actually found each other.

The Meminto Stories relationship book

With the relationship book from Meminto you are certainly high in the ranking “wedding gift from witnesses”. Because this book is unique. And giving it as a gift is very simple. In keeping with the occasion, it should be presented in Meminto's gift packaging. It contains an access code to a personal area on

Give a relationship book as a gift now!

Give away access to hundreds of questions. We structure the answers, make sure the bride and groom don't forget anything and take care of the printing and mailing. After an exciting year, the bride and groom have a book about their relationship in their mailbox!

There, the bride and groom receiving the gift can log in and enter a few details. Then they automatically receive a question about their relationship once a week by e-mail. And so a book is gradually created, the very personal relationship book. You can take turns answering the questions, or everyone answers the question from their own point of view. Or you let others have their say. This is a very exciting affair, and perhaps one or the other situation suddenly appears in a completely different light, or you get to know your partner even better and more intensively.

After a year, when all questions have been answered and the young couple has contributed some beautiful pictures, Meminto creates a real, bound book from it. This is a wedding gift from witnesses that has real long-term character, and on top of that it is a real one-of-a-kind, not a zero-eight-fifteen gift. 

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