Easter gift for grandma and grandpa

Easter gift for grandma and grandpa

A suitable Easter gift for grandma and grandpa – this is a special challenge every year again. Because grandparents – according to them – have everything they need anyway. And the search for suitable gift ideas one has not only at Easter, but likewise at Christmas. And in addition, you still have to come up with suitable birthday gifts.  But now Easter is just around the corner. And so now you think about an Easter gift for grandma and grandpa.

Easter fire and egg hunt - and a visit with the grandparents

This is what most children associate with Easter. Oh yes, also the egg coloring. This is usually a big challenge for the mothers. When, in addition to the eggs, half the kitchen is dyed. But the Easter fire, as a prelude to Easter, that is always very impressive. When you stand around the fire full of anticipation for Easter Sunday with many others and think about where you will look for the eggs first thing the next morning. And that you usually go back to grandma and grandpa in the afternoon. They look forward to Easter every year and hope for good spring weather so that the traditional Easter coffee and egg hunt can take place in the garden again.

The favorite for years: personalized gift ideas

And every year, when Easter approaches, the question arises: With which Easter gift for grandma and grandpa do we make them a special joy? After all, such a gift for parents or grandparents is also a very personal matter. The ballpoint pen with name engraving, the cup with the picture of the children or grandchildren, the puzzle with a photo from the last vacation, the wall calendar with twelve photos of the family – there seem to be no limits to the imagination. You can even order a calendar where grandma’s name always appears in different places, that’s also quite an original idea. 

Personalized gifts are really ideal birthday gifts or the perfect Easter gift for grandma and grandpa. But at some point you also have enough of such things in the cupboards and you have to come up with something new.

Do it yourself


Also a way to get an Easter gift for grandma and grandpa. Do it yourself, or diy for short, is quite trendy and many people are discovering completely new and creative sides to themselves. Many websites on the Internet or even many films on YouTube offer extensive instructions for making original, decorative or even useful things. Also many stores from the building and DIY sector specialize in diy and offer extensive material for the production of fancy gift ideas. It is made really easy to make personal gifts for grandpa and grandma using the diy method. But again, not everyone has the talent or lacks the time to make something on their own.

An Easter gift with a long-term effect

If you could find an Easter gift for grandma and grandpa that would last them a really long time, that would be a great thing. If they both like to read, or travel, or have some other hobby, then you could give them a nice book on a topic that interests them. As thick as possible, so that they really need a lot of time to read it. 

Or even better would be a magazine subscription. Maybe for a year, then they’ll have something until next Easter. And be reminded month after month how wonderful the last Easter was and that the next one is coming soon. So the search for the perfect Easter gift for grandma and grandpa is geared towards making sure it’s something they really get a lot out of. Something they won’t just put in the closet or hang on the wall. Maybe also something that encourages them to get active themselves in some way, such as a magazine for DIY or needlework ideas.

The Meminto childhood book - the perfect Easter gift for grandma and grandpa

The Meminto Childhood Book combines all the requirements that one associates with an ideal gift for grandparents. It is individual, personal, unique, has a long-term character, stimulates cooperation, is informative and emotional and, on top of that, of interest to the whole family – in short, you can stop looking for the perfect gift for grandma and grandpa and start looking at the Meminto Childhood Book.

How does it work with the Meminto childhood book?

Really quite simple.

To say it in advance: In the end, you’re giving away a real book, professionally bound, lavishly printed. With pictures and episodes from the life of your children, your relationship or your life.

On Meminto you can find out everything about this original gift. But anyway, we want to briefly introduce you to how it all works. Meminto offers you the support to write a very personal book. And it comes in three categories: Childhood book, Life book and Relationship book. This is what you can order on Meminto. After you get an account and the ordering process is completed, you can start writing your book. And you can do it with the help of questions that Meminto will ask you over the course of a year. One question every week. So that you don’t forget anything and you also write down memories that you might not have thought of yourself.

Easter gift for grandma and grandpa and at the same time community project for the whole family

Although it’s a special Easter gift for grandma and grandpa, the Meminto book can be a project for the whole family, and in the best case scenario, even the grandparents will be involved. Namely, if they, for example, have often looked after the grandchildren. It is not uncommon for there to be experiences between grandchildren and grandparents that the children’s parents did not witness live. Or there are incidents that were experienced quite differently from the perspective of grandma and grandpa.

Create a book for the whole family now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you will have a book about your life in your mailbox!

All those who are to contribute to the creation of the book are given access to the weekly questions. With this, they can then give the answers either in rotation with the other “authors” or everyone answers the respective question from their own perspective. This will result in a book whose content is as colorful as the life of the child it is about.

Attractive gift box increases the excitement

If you order in time, Meminto will send you the access code in a nice gift box, which also contains other surprises. You’ll have a real gift in your hands when you go to visit grandma and grandpa at Easter. They won’t be able to stop marveling when they find out they’re getting a real book about their grandchildren. And at the next Easter – or 52 questions later – the book will be ready. It will certainly not remain with just one copy. At least everyone who worked on the book will want one. And who knows who else from the family.

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