Simply writing your biography – but how?

Writing a biography

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Record your memories in a book – Write a biography, that is the basic idea of Meminto Stories. You may be asking yourself, who would be interested in writing my biography, let alone read it? Even if someone is interested, how do I best approach this? Let us consider these questions in the coming minutes.  

First, reconsider the question, who would be interested in your biography. Does nobody come to mind? Don’t you think there are plenty of people who would be interested in your biography? For example, think of your children. Or your grandchildren. Haven’t they ever asked, “Tell me, what was it like back then”? … and with that, you have an answer as to whom would be interested in authoring a book about your life story: You!

Admittedly, the public might not be interested in your biography unless you are a public figure. Meminto Stories is aware of this and does not produce thousands of copies. However, we offer the opportunity to record and print one copy of your biography. Or we can print five to ten copies, however many you need. Exactly the number of copies you require, to give your close family and friends an insight into your life story.

The stories you tell amid good company that regularly cause joy, amazement, laughter, or even confusion in your listeners. You have probably heard someone say, “Tell the story of… again.”

A personal gift and an eye-catcher at the next celebration: simply write a biography.

Would it be wonderful, at the next opportunity such as a birthday party, to give a personal gift of an autobiography?

retirement gifts

Imagine your grandchildren leafing through a book you wrote about your life. They could read all the stories you have told on separate occasions. Enriching the experience would be photos capturing the stories. This is a gift kept for a lifetime and you will always be happy to pick it up again.

Not only that, but this book is guaranteed to be taken out and passed around at the next family gathering. Everyone will enjoy learning a little bit more about your life story.

And then there’s the obvious question: How did you become the author of your biography? Until now, biographies have been reserved for well-known individuals such as politicians, athletes, or businesspeople. Yet now you are holding the memoir of your father, grandpa, or uncle. You are surprised to suddenly hold a book that contains moms and grandmas’ stories. To write a biography – how did she do it?

Stories that are touching, astonishing, exciting, and grateful.

That’s exactly what Meminto Stories hopes to achieve. Your autobiography should keep memories alive. Events should never be forgotten. These memories should affect future generations as they affected you. The valuable moments you’ve experienced can make people think and be thankful in the present.

When you describe your grandchildren how their grandpa went to the countryside in the war years and after that to hamsters while you sat at home and hoped and feared that he would come back and bring food or other important things for the family. This is thought-provoking, given the richly laid table and the possibility of being able to buy everything you could want. And it certainly makes you more grateful for the things that are often taken for granted.

When you explain to your grandchildren, how their grandpa went to the countryside during wartimes to forage while you stayed home, hoping he would return with food and essentials. This is a thought-provoking story, given the lavished dinner table and the ability to purchase whatever one would want. These stories make one more grateful for things often taken for granted.

The secret behind this biography? Meminto Stories!

Where did this sudden writing talent come from? What publisher did grandma send the script to? Where did she have this book printed?

Of course, you can decide whether to reveal your secret or not. Whether you share how easy it is, becoming an author with Meminto Stories. An author of your own life stories. While remembering and capturing your life stories is important, Meminto Stories does even more. Meminto Stories does all the work until you received a printed and bound book.

Furthermore, this is a beautiful moment that you can retell to your loved ones. A story about how Grandma became an author and wrote her own biography. Maybe this story is already the beginning of your second Meminto Stories book.

Capture your story now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you will have a book about your life in your mailbox!

You don’t have to be a writer to write your memoirs because Meminto Stories will write them for you. All you must do is answer weekly questions. We select the questions and the answers you provide will be used to write a biography or autobiography. This whole process occurs over a year, during which you will be emailed a question per week. Gradually your answers will be processed into a completed book.

Meminto Stories also allows you to follow every step in the process. You can see your personal story slowly begin to emerge. Furthermore, you can invite people into the process. You can invite people who know you well and have accompanied you through life. They can work on this book and enrich it with their thoughts.

It’s that easy with Meminto Stories. It’s one of the easiest ways to create your book. Furthermore, it’s a simple topic of conversation during the next family celebration. Finally, it’s a simple way to give a very personal gift that will last a lifetime.

Let Meminto Stories guide you into becoming a bestselling author. Not a bestseller due to the number of copies but because of the valuable and personal content within your book. You have the following options:

Don’t waste any more time and start today!

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