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Ideas for Father's Day

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Father’s Day, also called Men’s Day, is about as old as Mother’s Day, but has only gained popularity in recent decades. In Germany, Father’s Day always takes place on Ascension Day, while other countries have a fixed date for it.

While the purpose of Mother’s Day is to focus on the mother, to pamper her and thank her for everything, Father’s Day is rather interpreted as a day when men want to be among themselves. It’s no coincidence that the term Father’s Day is associated with a bunch of men of different ages who go on a hike together, dragging a well-filled handcart behind them and ending up just as full as the handcart. But of course, these are only isolated cases. Most families have other plans and ideas for Father’s Day. As a rule, the kids and mom think together about how they can make their dad happy on this special day.

Ideas for Father's Day - long targeted by retailers and mail order companies

Many retailers and mail-order companies now have their own sections for men’s gifts. And these days, these are no longer the classics that are summarized under the name SOS – tie, dress shirt, socks. Some ideas for Father’s Day are really creative and meaningful, others belong more in the category of dust collectors. And since men are unfortunately still far too afflicted with the cliché of being interested exclusively in soccer, barbecues and cars, many Father’s Day gift ideas also target these topics.

A barbecue apron with the imprint “best man at the barbecue”, for the tool cellar a tin sign “dad will fix it”, a glass car filled with liqueur, a book about fathers in the 21st century – the selection of more or less original ideas for Father’s Day is already huge. But gifts are always a question of taste, and you want to meet that taste with the right Father’s Day gift.

Best dad in the world

Ideas for Father's Day

Gifts with this inscription can be found in abundance. Many fathers also feel very honored when their kids give them something like this. It shows that the relationship between father and child is intact. And such gifts usually get a place of honor in the living room or on the father’s desk. After all, everyone should see what a great father you are. But you can’t give such gifts every year, that would be too easy. There should be a few new ideas for Father’s Day from time to time.

 Often mom also has good ideas about what to give the husband and father. Diy could be the solution sometimes. If dad himself is also a handyman, it is certainly happy about something self-made by his kids especially. And with scroll saw, burning peter, wood or other materials can be made really great gifts for Father’s Day. Instructions and ideas for a diy gift can be found enough on the Internet. You are really surprised how many ideas there are for Father’s Day.

Women looking for gift ideas for father's day

When mom has sufficiently advised her kids in the selection of gifts for their father, the question of the right gift for her husband also arises for themselves. It should be a personal gift, something that touches the heart. And although the women of their men and their tastes know well, the search for good ideas for Father’s Day often turns out to be quite difficult for them too. After all, one still has in memory what the man just a few weeks ago for great ideas for Mother’s Day. Since one should make it likewise not too simple in return. 

Even if many men always do so cool and give the impression that they actually do not need a gift for Father’s Day, we would like to put at this point to all women to the heart to give a lot of effort in the search for the right gift. Because secretly men are always very happy about great gifts and unusual ideas for Father’s Day.

What about the father of father or mother?

Oh yes, there’s also still that. You have to get a present for that, too. He’s been saying for the last twenty years that he doesn’t really want a gift anymore, but somehow you always notice how happy he is about great ideas for Father’s Day. In many families, it’s a good tradition to also visit the grandparents on Father’s Day and give Grandpa an appropriate gift. And it’s always nice to see how it warms the grandfather’s heart when, in addition to the nice gifts, he is also shown a lot of affection and appreciation.

Ideas for Father's Day - best personal, useful, durable and timeless at the same time.

Child with made heart

And that brings us back to the “egg-laying willow”. From year to year, the search for a Father’s Day gift becomes more difficult, because you still want to surpass the previous year. It would have to be something that the father doesn’t put away right away, something that will last him a long time. Perhaps also a gift that contains the beautiful memory of shared experiences. Something with which you can express your gratitude to your dad. And then you inevitably think of the many personalizable gifts, from photo books to photo calendars to sofa cushions with the likeness of the child.

A book from Meminto Stories - one of the best ideas for father's day

A Meminto Stories book is not an ordinary book. Not one you read or leaf through and then put on the shelf. And perhaps never touch it again. A Meminto book is not even written at the moment it is given as a gift. Because it is written by the recipient himself. I beg your pardon? You get a book as a gift that you still have to write yourself? 

Exactly, that is the idea of Meminto Stories. For example, if you give a Meminto childhood book as a Father’s Day gift, then the father can record special experiences with his children in a book with the support of Meminto. And if grandpa gets such a book as a Father’s Day gift, then he can write about his life. To do this, simply select the “Life book” category when ordering the book at www.meminto.com.

52 weeks of joy in and on the gift

If you give a Meminto Stories book as a gift – in the high-quality gift box, of course, in keeping with the occasion – then for 52 weeks Meminto will send the recipient questions that he or she will answer. Or others who are involved in the creation of the book, because, for example, they can also say something about a topic or have a different perspective on it.

Give a childhood book as a gift now!

Give away access to hundreds of questions. We structure the answers, make sure nothing is forgotten and take care of the printing and mailing. In a few weeks, the book will be in your mailbox!

After the 52 questions, the book, the progress of which can be viewed online at any time, is professionally printed and bound. In the number of copies that you specify. After all, there are bound to be other people in your family or circle of acquaintances who would be interested in a copy. So if the kids give dad a childhood book for Father’s Day, then the father has an ideal gift for grandpa right next year, namely the finished childhood book about his grandchildren.