PDF Exports with Meminto App

With the Meminto app on the smartphone, PDF exports can now be created. Unlike our books, these are presented in A4 format and sent by e-mail. In the free version of our app, these exports are limited to 20 answers or stories and carry a watermark. The limitation can be lifted by a one-time payment of currently โ‚ฌ12,99 (incl. VAT) for 5 exports. So it is possible to change and extend your own project several times and print them afterwards, e.g. to file them in a folder.

Why a PDF export for Meminto Stories?

Not every user necessarily wants to produce a book at the end of the project and the writing down. For many, it is also sufficient to first put their own life story or their children’s growing up on paper, inspired by our questions. In addition, the new option also provides a convenient way for ghostwriters and family members to work with our questions. Here are two examples:

Together with grandparents and parents

Together with their grandparents, grandchildren would like to record their life stories. But they don’t yet know whether these stories will be enough for a book. Now a free project can simply be started in the app. After a short interview, 52 questions about the life of the person in question are available, which can be expanded or customized. With these questions, you now have a perfect guide and can quickly record the most important key points in a structured way and generate a printout at the end.

As a ghostwriter for biography preparation

Ghostwriters can use our questions to develop a common guide with their clients. Clients can then answer the most relevant questions themselves, using the app, generate a printout and hand it to the ghostwriter, who can reuse it for a biography. The ghostwriter can even be invited as a participant in their own story and add questions themselves that are deemed relevant.

Instruction: How to create a PDF export?

  1. The prerequisite for creating PDF files and sending them is version 2.0 of the Meminto Stories app for Android and iOS. These can be downloaded from the AppStore or PlayStore by simply searching for “Meminto” (or entering https://memin.to/app on a smartphone).
  2. Then log in to your existing account, go to “Book” and there you will find a button to export the PDF version. This works free of charge with a watermark, which can be removed with a one-time payment.
  3. If you don’t have a Meminto Stories account yet, you can create one within the app for free and start answering questions immediately. The free version does not yet allow production of a book; this can be activated via a purchase within the app.
  4. After entering the delivery email address, the PDF file is generated and then sent. By clicking on a button within the received email, the PDF file subsequently opens in a browser and can be viewed, saved or printed there.

Bekannte Probleme

Sometimes it can happen that the PDF export has errors. For example, categories may be duplicated or texts may wrap incorrectly. In this case, it can help to simply run the export again. We are continuously working on optimizing the output and integrating more display options into the app, for example to make it easier to adjust the appearance of texts and the placement of images.

In any case, our support is available via email and WhatsApp and can help to fix bugs.