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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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General questions

Meminto Stories are books with stories about you, your parents and grandparents or your children. By answering one or more questions every week, which you probably wouldn't have thought of yourself, the book practically fills up on the side. This gives you a great souvenir to keep and pass on. Meminto Stories are perfect as gifts – even for weddings, either from or for the new married couple!

Meminto Stories is designed for various user categories:

  1. People who want to capture their life story. Through many different questions, Meminto helps you to remember certain situations in your life. Long forgotten moments can be brought back to life. In the end, even a biography can develop from it, which can be printed in a book or e-book.
  2. People who want to get to know each other better – no matter how long they have already been living together. Not everything that someone has experienced in childhood or teenage years is really known to the partner or other family members and friends. Only by asking questions we get answers! As soon as an answer is written by the author, it can be shared with the partner or selected friends. Every week we get a little bit closer.
  3. Parents who want to remember how their children grew up. With our Meminto Kids questions, we specifically refer to the birth and growing up of children up to teenage years. Our questions help to ensure that special events and experiences are not forgotten.
  4. Cliques, clubs and weddings. You want to give a personal gift from the whole clique to your friend who is getting married soon? It's easy: Start a wedding book, let our questions remind you of shared experiences and then tell the story, each from their own point of view. This is sure to be fun – not only for the bride!

About our books

We are still in the middle of the development and design process at this point. This means: We welcome creative ideas and opinions. 

However, you can assume that the books will look similar to photo books, which you can also adapt (cover, content). In the various book variants there are differences in the layout and in the value. 

Yes, every book is individually customizable to a certain degree. In a preview editor, as you know it from photo books, you can sort pictures, adjust texts a little and see how your book will look like later. When you're done, you can approve the book – then we'll print and send it to you within a few days.

Working on books together

For each of your book projects, you can invite friends or family to either read or comment on stories. If you want to work on a book in a group (for example, as a gift for grandpa, grandma, or for a wedding), you can also allow others to participate in writing the book. This way you can create multiple answers to a question, which will add more aspects and shades to the whole story.

In your Meminto account, switch to the book project you want to share and invite someone using the “Share” function. Choose which rights will be given to the person: read, comment or collaborate. 

You can also use the share link to allow several people at once to participate in your book.

About our questions

We always try to ask our users the most relevant questions for their book project. Before we start with the new book, a short interview will take place. We ask about age, relationship, whether someone has been married and has children, etc. By excluding certain topics we can leave questions out altogether – et voilà, your personal catalogue of questions is ready.

At the moment we have about 1350 questions in 3 subject areas:

  1. Meminto Stories – The Life Book (2 question-catalogues to select): “The Present” and “The Throwback”)
  2. Meminto Stories – The Childhood Book
  3. Meminto Stories – The Wedding Book

With Meminto Stories – The Throwback, the whole life can be told in hindsight. This catalogue of questions consists of about 250 questions, starting from birth to old age. It is therefore particularly well suited for elderly people.

With Meminto Stories – The Present, about 800 questions are asked about the here and now. This means that you don't have to be 60 years old to get started here. This list of questions is also particularly suitable for getting to know each other better – for example, if you are right at the beginning of a relationship. To do this, you simply follow each other and wait for the questions to come up. The answers appear regularly in the timeline.

The Meminto Stories Childhood Book is designed for parents who want to capture the growing up of their children. Questions here start before birth and continue until a child is 14 years old. It is very suitable for creating a lasting memento for your child, which can then be given as a gift.

The Meminto Stories Wedding Book can be used in many ways. It can be a gift for the bridal couple or just for one of them. From club colleagues, the clique or even from you personally. Here you can ask questions about the relationship between the two of you. If it is passed around at the wedding, some laughter is inevitable. This book is rarely ordered only once, but is often multiplied afterwards. Of course, those who want to get married can also purchase it themselves and go through the question journey together.

Examples of questions can be found on this page.

We are constantly working to come up with new questions and catalogues. However, with about 1350 questions there is currently enough material to fill several books. Since our questions are categorized, you can also specify which categories you want to treat or exclude when you register.

If you have ideas for additional question catalogues, you are welcome to send them to our team.

Each book can cover a defined number of pages. In the cheapest version, for example, the book consists of 80 pages. Usually there is room for an average of 50 questions and the corresponding answers. This means that there is space for the questions of one year (if you answer one question per week).

Yes, you can personalize any question and change its title to match your next answer. If that is not enough, you can delete questions as well. They will then not appear in your book. If you think that a question should not be asked for some reason, you can raise an objection. We will then review them again.

We will send you a question every week by e-mail for one year after purchase. Of course, you can answer it faster and finish a book like this in a few days. At the end of the year, you can extend the time for receiving questions if you wish.

No, mails are currently only sent once a week. If you miss a question, we will remind you once. 
Of course you can also pause or turn off the delivery by deactivating the mail notification in your settings.

Open questions remain in the overview until you decide to answer or delete them. We will remind you once after 3-4 days of a forgotten question.

An answer can be a maximum of 2500 characters long. This way we want to help you not to break the page limit per book and achieve a great layout for your book.

Yes, you can upload up to 10 pictures per question, which we will print with your stories.

Not everyone is good at the keyboard – we know that. Especially older people without smartphone and PC experience will love our call function, which will be integrated soon. During an automated call, the answers are recorded and then transcribed.

We're working on a future version that will allow you to answer questions via video and audio using our app. 

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Handling and languages

You can carry out your book projects on either a computer or a smartphone. However, the best experience with the preview editor of your finished book will be on a device with a larger screen.

The user interface is available in German or English, and so are our questions. However, once you have decided on a question catalogue, it is not possible anymore to change this language, as the questions are assigned to you personally.

You can help us translating the system and the questions. We are happy about every participation!

Account and privacy

Data protection is very important to us. Therefore Meminto runs on German servers, where all information is stored.

Or “How secure are my answers and stories on your servers?”

A quick dip into that: Meminto Stories is currently run by its founder Albert Brückmann alone. Apart from him and one other developer (and the server team, which is not involved in the project) no one else has access to the databases and files. At no time do we look at the stories and answers of our customers, neither personally nor by machine. Texts and contents are not evaluated in any form for analysis purposes. Therefore you can be sure that your answers are in good hands.

No. These are your stories, so they are and will remain your rights. 

Yes, of course it's possible. You can find the button for this directly in your settings. But please leave us a short note why you are deleting your account. Please note that we do not refund payments for accounts that you delete yourself.