20 DIY wedding guest book ideas

DIY wedding guest book ideas

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The most creative DIY wedding guest book ideas are a Polaroid guest book, a disposable camera, a minimalist acrylic sign, puzzle pieces, a message dropped in a shadowbox, and a unique fill-in-the-blank guest book.

Your wedding day is truly unique. It’s when all the special people in your life gather to celebrate your love story. It’s an opportunity to cherish the love between you and your new spouse, surrounded by those who matter most. While a traditional guest book is familiar, simply collecting signatures may not fully capture the essence of your wedding memories. That’s why considering a creative alternative that reflects your wedding theme or personality could be a great idea.

If you want a more creative way to remember your special day, we’ve compiled 20 DIY wedding guest book ideas that differ from the traditional guest book. These ideas are designed to capture the love and joy you and your guests share. Keep reading for some unique wedding guest book suggestions.

Key takeaways

  • Traditional guest books may not fully capture the essence of your wedding memories . Consider unique DIY ideas like the meminto wedding book 
  • DIY guest book ideas like Polaroid wedding guest books, disposable cameras, and jigsaw puzzles allow you to create memorable keepsakes from your special day.
  • Encourage guests to leave heartfelt messages, well wishes, or advice that reflect your relationship. These personalized touches make your guest book truly special.
  • Some guest book ideas, like fill-in-the-blank books or video messages, offer guests an interactive experience, making the process more engaging and memorable.
  • With tools like Meminto, creating a unique guest book is simple.

20 DIY wedding guest book ideas

DIY wedding guest book ideas

  1. Polaroid Wedding Guest Book

Consider a Polaroid wedding guest book for a unique touch to your wedding memories. While Polaroid cameras may cost more, they offer instant results. Set up a Polaroid camera on each reception table. Include a note inviting guests to snap photos and write messages on them. Provide markers for writing. Let the memories unfold naturally.

After collecting the Polaroids, you can use Meminto  to make your own DIY wedding guest book. Use a photo album with double-sided pages to showcase the photos and messages.

While waiting for your professional photos, this Polaroid guest book will keep the memories alive. It’s a tangible keepsake—much better than many Instagram posts.

  1. Disposable cameras

For a nostalgic touch, consider using disposable cameras at your wedding reception. This is a cheaper option than Polaroid cameras, allowing guests to take plenty of pictures without worrying about film costs. Set up disposable cameras on each table along with note cards and pens. Encourage guests to take photos and write well wishes.

After collecting the physical photos, combine them with the note cards in a scrapbook. Assembling everyone’s photos and messages might take some time, but it’ll be a fun project for any DIY lover.

  1. Minimalistic Acrylic Sign

Use acrylic signs as part of your wedding guest book for a modern touch. Acrylic signs are trendy right now because they look sleek and simple, fitting well with any wedding style. You can set up a large acrylic sign for guests to sign with paint markers. To keep it minimalistic, use markers in just one color, such as white.

  1. Pieces of a puzzle

Celebrate your special bond with a unique twist: a jigsaw puzzle wedding guest book! Each guest can write on a wooden puzzle piece, adding their touch to your keepsake. Later, you and your partner can put the puzzle together, cherishing the memories of your wedding day.

This idea is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts or those who appreciate symbolic gestures. Once completed, you can even frame the puzzle as a rustic decoration for your home.

  1. Dropped messages in a shadowbox

Consider using a shadow box for a creative twist on a guest book. These frames have a deep interior, perfect for displaying various items. Instead of traditional signatures, have guests write on unique objects that reflect your wedding theme.

You can use wooden hearts, paper airplanes, seashells, or wine corks. Get creative and choose something special for you both. Later, arrange these items in the shadow box for a meaningful and decorative keepsake.

  1. Unique fill-in-the-blank guest book

Traditional guest books can sometimes feel dull. Instead of just names, consider a more engaging option. This unique guest book features fun prompts for your guests to answer, like “How should we handle our first argument as a married couple?” or “What’s the perfect slow dance song?”

Your loved ones will enjoy the interaction, and you’ll gather some valuable marriage advice along the way. You can use tools like  Meminto  to create a book like this.

  1. Messages via guests’ phones

Since everyone has smartphones nowadays, why not use them to collect heartfelt messages? Have your guests record short videos using their phone’s front camera. They can send these videos directly to you or your spouse.

Make it simple for them by providing a notecard with instructions and contact details on each reception table. You can include a phone number, email address, or QR code for easy submission.

  1. Wine Cork

This guest book idea is perfect for your wedding at a vineyard! It doesn’t just fit the topic; it is also easy to make yourself.

Begin by gathering wine corks (you can buy them online if needed) and gluing them onto a heart-shaped board or poster paper using a hot glue gun.

Here’s a tip: Boil the corks first to soften them. Then, glue them onto the board and trim the sides with a serrated knife for a neat finish.

  1. Giant Jenga Pieces

If you’re not into traditional guest books or puzzles, how about something fun you can use later on? Giant Jenga could be the answer. This game involves stacking wooden blocks and taking turns pulling them out without toppling the tower.

As a guest book alternative, get a plain set and ask guests to write their names and well-wishes on one block. Consider getting the giant version for more writing space and as a unique wedding decoration.

  1. Reusable Coasters

If you want wedding decor you can use at home after the celebration, consider having guests sign reusable coasters. You can choose wooden ones for a rustic feel or stone ones for a modern touch. After they’re signed, pack them up and take them home. It’ll be a special way to remember your big day, and guests will enjoy seeing their messages proudly displayed in your home.

  1. Messages via Video Camera

Making a video guest book is easy if you have a good camera. Find someone from your guest list to handle it, or hire a professional. They can film everyone’s well wishes at the reception.

Editing the video is simple, too. Use basic software like iMovie or Microsoft Movie Maker to assemble the clips. It’s a great way to capture heartfelt messages from your guests.

  1. Marked-Up Map

If a globe doesn’t work, try using a printed or hand-drawn map instead. Choose one of your cities or areas if most of your guests are from there.

Ask them to sign or mark their favorite places they’ve been with you. They can also leave date-night suggestions. It’s a personalized and practical guest book idea.

  1. Globe Guest Book

If you and your partner love to travel, consider a Globe guest book for your wedding. Instead of a traditional book, guests can write their well wishes directly on the globe. It’s fun to incorporate your love for travel into your wedding decor.

Place the globe on a vintage trunk or stylish coffee table to enhance the travel theme. It’s a unique and personal touch to your special day.

  1. Signed record (or records)

If you love music or collecting records, why not make it a part of your wedding? Choose one or more records for guests to sign with paint markers. Display them on a record player, frame, or sturdy surface at reception.

After the wedding, frame the signed record(s) as a keepsake and hang them as wall art in your home. It’s a creative and personal touch to your wedding guestbook.

  1. Vintage Post Cards

Consider using vintage postcards as your wedding guestbook for a touch of vintage charm. Start collecting them before the wedding and display them at the reception.

You can place them on a card fixture or near a mailbox for a nostalgic touch. Ask guests to write their well wishes and travel recommendations for you. It’s a unique and sentimental way to gather memories from your loved ones.

  1. Acoustic Guitar

Elevate your love songs with this unique wedding guest book idea: an acoustic guitar. While any guitar will do, consider getting a new acoustic one for the occasion. It’ll hold the memories of your special day and can even be used for a jam session at your after-party. Musicians, this idea is perfect for you.

  1. Custom Wedding Sign

Create a custom sign featuring your names, wedding date, and a fun phrase or hashtag. Ask guests to write directly on it.

Display it on a table or easel for a rustic touch. Provide markers nearby for guests to use. It’s a personalized and interactive guest book idea for your wedding.

  1. Woven Memories into a Quilt

If you love textiles, consider making a guest quilt instead of a traditional guest book. Sew the quilt before the wedding and have guests sign it with fabric markers during the reception.

Take the quilt home afterward and display it in a cozy spot, like over the couch or at the end of the bed. It’ll be a comforting reminder of your wedding day for years to come.

  1. Message in a Bottle

Consider a message in a bottle guest book for a beach or nautical-themed wedding, or if you’re just a wine enthusiast. Instead of signing a book, guests write notes, advice, date night ideas, or bucket list items on small pieces of paper.

They roll them up, tie them with ribbon or twine, and drop them into an empty wine bottle. After the wedding, you and your partner can read these messages, turning them into cherished memories.

  1. Marked-Up Dictionary

If you love crossword puzzles or Scrabble, consider using a dictionary as your guest book. Have guests find and circle a word that describes you as a couple, then sign and leave a note.

Ask them to mark the page for you to find later. It’s a unique and personalized touch to your wedding guest book.

How to Create a Wedding Book with Meminto

Now that you and your partner know what sort of wedding guest book you and your partner would be going for, we’ll guide you through creating a couple of them with an easy tool.

We’ll guide you through using Meminto to create a unique fill-in-the-blank guest book and a Polaroid wedding guest book.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started with Memito:

  1. Go to Memito.com and pick a wedding book from the Quick Selection menu.
  2. You can either download the app or use the web version. Using the web version is recommended because you can customize the book design fully.
  1. Click on “Start Now.”


  1. If you already have a Meminto account, enter your login details and sign in. If not, you can sign in with your Gmail or iCloud. If you don’t have an account, click “Start now with a free book” to try Meminto for free.

  1. Click on the “Please select option” and choose the type of book you want to create, like “relationship book.” Check the boxes to subscribe to newsletters and promotions and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Then, you can log in with your Gmail or iCloud. If you prefer, you can also register using your email.

  1. Fill in the required details and click “Sign up for Memito.”

  1. Choose your preferred language and the day you want to receive weekly questions. Then, click “Save Changes.”
  1. Fill in your name and your partner’s name, and click “Save Changes.”

  1. Choose the typographic alignment and category presentation for your book.

  1. Now, you can customize the book to suit your preferences.

Click on “Questions/Topics” to choose questions to answer. You can input a symbol as your answer to create a fill-in-the-blank guest. If you’re creating a Polaroid guest book, you can create questions based on the themes you’re classifying your photos and adding all of them.

  1. Once you’ve answered at least three questions, click “Layout & Release” from the left menu.
  1. Here, you can edit your book design and details.

  1. Ensure everything looks good before placing an order and requesting a digital version.

  1. When everything is ready, click “I have checked everything; continue” to place your order.

  1. Select “Release digital book” to get the digital copy.


Now, you might be wondering if you can get a physical copy after it’s created. The answer is yes, but a subscription is required at an extra charge.


Don’t settle for a basic guest book. Preserve your memories in a special way that will continue to delight you for years. Your wedding joy doesn’t have to fade once the celebration ends.


Choosing a creative twist on the standard wedding guest book can make the experience more enjoyable for you and your guests. It can also lead to stronger memories and perhaps even result in a stunning piece of artwork to take home.