Personal Christmas gifts for men who have nothing to do with soccer or cars

personal christmas gifts

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Although most women know their spouses very well, they often lack ideas when looking for very personal Christmas gifts for men.

Mareike is doing the same this year. Mareike is 34 years old and has been happily married to David for seven years. Seven years! And this seventh year was anything but critical. On the contrary – the two are still in love as they were at the beginning of their relationship. A relationship that started sometime ten years ago and was officially sealed after three years with a beautiful wedding. And because they are still so romantic, Mareike is looking for personal Christmas gifts for men like David, just like in previous years.

As once in the hit of Klaus Lage: A thousand times touched….

The two actually knew each other for much longer than those ten years. But Mareike had never seen David as anything more than a friend. Someone with whom one could have a good conversation, who was helpful and who always created a good atmosphere with his humor. But still Mareike never thought that David could be the man for life, someone with whom one could spend some really romantic hours with. He was simply too, what exactly was it? Mareike started to wonder when she thought of David and thought about why he wasn’t really her type.

Tübingen is not out of this world

And then came the time when David moved to Tübingen to study. Medicine? That one? Well, I wonder if that’s something for him. That’s what Mareike thought. The whole friend group was already pretty upset when they heard about David’s plans, and even the farewell party couldn’t really compensate for that. He would certainly leave a gap, this funny and always good-humored guy. Of course, he would say: “Tübingen is not out of this world, I’m back home during the semester break and also on weekends, etc.”. But somehow the friends knew that they would miss him a lot, and that it wouldn’t be the same. Even his irregular visits would not change how much they loved him though.

Yes, no, maybe

Marike smiles when she think of that time. How she suddenly realized that she missed David very much, even a little bit more than just missing a nice friend. Out of sight, out of mind, or so she thought. “Things will settle down”, that’s what she told herself. But that’s not what happened, instead she found that there wasn’t a day that went by where she didn’t think about David

And when two months later the WhatsApp message came in that David was coming home to celebrate his birthday with his gang, she found herself getting all excited and thinking feverishly about what to wear that night. And although the clique always gave presents together on such occasions, she suddenly felt the need to give David a very personal gift.

Celebration, Friends

The embarrassment of a very personal gift

When Mareike and David think of this birthday party, they still have to laugh. How Mareike, who actually had a different education, suddenly became intensely interested in medicine, and how they sat next to each other again and again and talked. And how David, in his humorous way, asked her what he had done wrong to make Mareike give him a personal gift. Oh man, suddenly Mareike realized that the personal gift was a bit embarrassing and would have liked to melt into the floor.

All the more she was surprised that David wrote to her personally the next day, not about the WhatsApp group as usual. He said he’d be home for a few more days and asked if they could do something together, and since she was so interested in medicine, he could tell her a little bit more about it  🙂

Suddenly he realized 

David told Mareike at that time that he had never really noticed her until the birthday party. Sure, they had known each other for a few years, were good buddies and spent a lot of time with their circle of friends, had often laughed together, but that’s all there was for him. 

But that evening, when they saw each other again after two months, it came to him, a lightbulb went off. He realized what it meant and urgently need to me with Mareike again. And that he suddenly panicked at the thought that he would go back to Tübingen and one day get the message that Mareike was with Martin or Jonny or somebody else. And gradually it dawned on him that he had fallen head over heels in love.

The all-redeeming kiss

If he had even the slightest inkling that Mareike felt the same way. Then many things would have been easier for him, he always claims. Then he wouldn’t have had to do such gestures to win Mareike, she, who he had actually won long ago. But she was happy to let him squirm, enjoyed that he enticed her with original and unusual ideas for their time together until he had to leave again. 

And then, after a long conversation, he finally came to the point and confessed his love to her, and that he would rather not go back to Tübingen at all, and asked her whether she could imagine being with him and whether her interest in medicine had been genuine. And at some point he interrupted his own flood of words and hugged her and just gave her a kiss, the kiss she had been waiting for all this time.

Personal Christmas Gifts for Men – A Book of Your Own

And as Mareike is thinking about what she’s going to get David for Christmas this year, she thinks about the advertisement from Meminto Stories that she saw on Facebook the other day. Would David be happy with such as book? A book with their own story it it? About all the special moments from the start of their relationship, about how friendship became real love, but only because David left to study medicine.

Mareike has a thousand thoughts running through her head, and in her mind’s eye this special book is already being created. Well, she admits that this gift is not entirely altruistic. Because she herself will take great pleasure in such a book. But for now she is concentrating on turning this idea into a special gift for David.

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She’s already decided on a title

Mareike and David – when friendship becomes love.

Mareike almost posted her idea on her Facebook account. Because she has many girlfriends who are looking for personal Christmas gifts for men at this time of year. But now she wants to wait until after Christmas, so that not all men in her circle of friends get the same present. She want’s this to be her personal gift for David, highlighting their life together. 

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