You are currently viewing New, lower prices at Meminto

New, lower prices at Meminto

We have listened to you! From now on you can start with a childhood book from $24.90. Life books start at $29.90. Books that are group projects start at $34.90 (e.g. relationship book, memory book). The wedding book is still available at the standard price with up to 300 pages.

Favorable entry price makes Meminto Stories affordable for everyone

Already after our appearance on ” Die Höhle der Löwen” visitors could see on the website that our books no longer started at a price of €99,- but were already available for €69,-. This was possible because we introduced new page scales.

Before, a book always had up to a maximum of 300 pages. After the introduction of the scales, books with 100, 200 and 300 pages were possible.

Now we have further reduced the entry price. From now on, a book can be started with only 40 pages or given as a gift. Of course, the number of pages can be increased subsequently if required. This has the advantage of reducing printing costs. We pass this on to our customers.

And this is how the new selection looks in the ordering process. Here is an example of the life book:

The new selection of pages in the life book

From now on, smaller staggerings are also possible. With the additional selection (see above), 20 or 40 additional pages can now be added to the main selection of pages. However, this is only possible in our store, not in the later process when completing the book or in our app. There, you must then switch to the next higher main selection (e.g. from 40 to 100 or 200).

Now even more suitable as a gift!

With the introduction of the new entry-level prices, Meminto Stories is now better integrated into the gift range. Together with one of our beautiful gift boxes, a childhood book or a childhood book for teenagers, for example, can be given as a gift for under $50.

Now, however, possible under 50 dollars in a package: a printed book and gift box.

Let us remind you now!

Meminto Stories is usually given as a gift on a special occasion: a milestone birthday, a wedding, the beginning of a child's school years and, of course, at Christmas. So that you can be reminded in time, we have set up a reminder service:

Remind later

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