5200 weeks of lifetime and the dice of the universe

Lifetime in terms of the universe

Sometimes life seems endless, we don’t know what to do with our time and spend it in front of the TV for hours. Or maybe the opposite is the case: we have so many ideas and possibilities that we don’t know what to start with and get completely bogged down in uncertainty. But uncertainty is the spice in the soup. Yesterday is known to us and today we actively commit, but tomorrow is not fully determinable by us. We plan and organize, have wishes for the day or would like to avoid something, but there is this little bit of uncertainty when the universe throws its dice.

We do not know how long our lifetime is and thus we often suppress the finiteness in everyday life. Yet our lifetime is the most precious gift we have and time is so valuable that we should spend it with the people we love and our favorite activities as often as we have the chance.

Our everyday lives are often very busy – from morning to night, we work through lists of things to do, whether in our private lives or at work. How incredibly important it is to sometimes pause for a few moments and take time for the beautiful, precious moments with our loved ones or simply for ourselves. After all, the sum of these moments is what life is all about. How nice it would be to keep these memories and to dream ourselves into these experiences every time.ย 

We all know it’s not that easy: for that, Meminto has found a nice solution. With just a few minutes a week, you can capture your most beautiful experiences within a year. To relive. To remember. To share. In your very own personal printed book.

And to return to the cubes of the universe: since we do not know what tomorrow is, it is time to start today. Yes, that’s right: today. It’s the only day we have any influence over. What have you always wanted to do? Or what was the last thing you did far too long ago? Who did you want to call? Give a hug? Tell that person is important to you? Capture your memories together in a book? Today is the perfect day to start. Because what the universe has planned for tomorrow, well, unfortunately we don’t really know.

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