Retirement gifts

You never go all the way – not even into retirement

Up at the window they stand and watch him a little wistfully. As he crosses the parking lot on his way to his car, where it has always stood for the last forty years. Under his arm are a few retirement gifts that his colleagues have just given him in a small farewell party.

He was a fine fellow, Seifert. Everyone liked him, and no one can really imagine that from now on he will only drop in now and then. Of course, he has more than earned his retirement. In recent years, you could tell that he was no longer thirty. But the fire that burned in him for the company could be felt right up to the last minute. There was no let-up in his ambition and commitment, even on the last day.

Don’t cry now

“Well, I really like getting gifts, but I can do without retirement presents for a while yet,” someone suddenly breaks the silence of the group at the window. “Until you’re ready, you’ll have to retire at 70 anyway,” says another. And now they start again, the sayings about growing old and looking old, and so on. And while one or the other of them almost felt like crying about Seifert’s departure, the wistful mood gradually dissipates and they return to normal working

Happens every day somewhere

Such or similar farewell ceremonies happen every day in any company. More or less popular colleagues always retire. And, unfortunately, it also happens that the circle of colleagues is really happy when an unloved contemporary has reached the age of retirement. Nevertheless, also in this case gifts are made to the retirement, only perhaps not quite so affectionately selected and more so from decency and politeness.

But mostly it is a rather sad farewell. After all, people have often spent many years together, celebrated joint successes, survived difficult times, had a lot of fun together, and sometimes sat together in a convivial atmosphere after work. And if you hold a colleague in high esteem who is retiring, then you start thinking more intensively about retirement gifts.

Present basket

What retirement gifts are typical for women and men

Most often it begins with the fact that in the circle of colleagues collected. And according to the amount that has been collected, the farewell gift is then determined. Ideas are collected, the hobbies of the future retiree are researched, the gift should be somehow personalized, for example, a high-quality ballpoint pen with engraving, are there any practical retirement gifts? Somehow the retired person should remember his old colleagues in his new phase of life.

Since the idea with a set of pens with engraving is nevertheless perfectly suitable, so a correct gift to the retirement for men. And for women this is nevertheless also suitable. The alternative would be the obligatory bouquet of flowers, bottle of champagne and box of chocolates. But – flowers wither, champagne and chocolates are consumed. What remains then as a beautiful and original memory of dear colleagues? A gift idea with a little more sustainability would be more appropriate.

The group photo for the very personal touch

An original gift idea that is always appreciated. A photo of everyone, or even a whole photo book with the highlights from the years of cooperation. Then the retiree-to-be will have the opportunity to leaf through the book and reminisce about the old days, provided that his or her time is limited. Whereby, such a photo book one sees nevertheless also sometime enough, and the colleagues bring anyway only the photos, where they score particularly well with. The funny shots from the last Christmas party or the company outing, when one or the other took the term free beer too literally, these shots are better not shown in such a photo book.

Benefit, pastime and memory at the same time – one of the best gifts for retirement

“We want her to remember us for a long time” – “we want him to get something out of it” – “we have to make sure she doesn’t get bored” – these or similar are the remarks made when colleagues sit together and think about retirement gifts. It is quite challenging to reconcile all the ideas and to find the right gift that perfectly meets all the requirements: Useful, entertaining and with a long-term character, as far as the memory of dear colleagues is concerned.ย 

Mr. Seifert has been given special attention

Because Mr. Seifert was so extraordinarily popular, they went to a lot of trouble with his gift. It was to be one of the best retirement gifts the department had ever made. They were really looking for something special, something that would be useful, a pastime and a souvenir at the same time, and they found it:

retirement gifts

The gift box from Meminto!

With the Meminto gift box, Mr. Seifert can keep himself busy during the first months of his retirement. Because it contains quasi the license to write a book. A very personal, individual book. About his own life up to now, in which one or the other story from his working life will certainly be mentioned. As soon as Mr. Seifert has registered at with his personal code, which is also included in the gift box, everything else goes by itself. This is because Meminto asks Mr. Seifert very individual questions about his book.ย 

Create or give a life book now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you will have a book about your life in your mailbox!

A book about working life

When Mr. Seifert started his book, he realized that a lot of his life has revolved around work. For many exciting, funny and also sad moments in his life he has experienced his colleagues. It’s really fun to spend your free time working on the progress of this book, answering Meminto’s questions, letting one or the other of your former colleagues have their say, or even putting together the right photos to go with the experiences.ย 

And when Meminto’s questions suddenly turn to his first vacation trips with his wife and children, and his memories then revolve around the wonderful camping vacations at Lake Garda, he has to realize that, in addition to work, life has given him many wonderful times with his family and friends. Work isn’t everything, even if you don’t think so for a long time.

Getting to know colleagues a little better with the deck of cards

From time to time, Mr. Seifert shows up at the company. Then he usually has this deck of cards with him, which was also in the gift box. And then one or the other colleague is kept away from work for 10 minutes in order to answer the questions on the card he has drawn, knowing full well that one or the other episode in the book will be brought up by the ex-colleague.

And again and again, Mr. Seifert has to emphasize that Meminto’s book was one of the best retirement gifts his colleagues could give him. A gift that will provide him with benefits, pastimes and memories of his working life after retirement.

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