How can I set the pagination?

A change that should minimize empty pages in particular, we have put live today. The idea is not to create a new page in the book for every question, but to get freedom over whether content should be placed continuously or not.

The following rules apply:

  • If no images have been uploaded for a question, the following question can be added directly without a page break.
  • However, if the next question contains images, it will be displayed on a new page.

In the preview, this procedure can be changed globally by activating the setting “Add page break after stories without images” under “Content”:

However, this can also be set individually for each question. To do this, the “Advanced settings” area must be opened in the question and the corresponding option activated.

The options are always directly available in opposite directions. This means:

If page breaks are waived globally, they can be activated individually. If page breaks have been activated globally, they can be deactivated at question level.