How do I make use of my money-back guarantee?

A Meminto Stories book isn’t for you?
To make sure you don’t get stuck with the cost, we have a money back guarantee. 
You can find out how it works here. 

To delete your book and request a refund, you must log in to the Meminto app. There you click on “Book” at the bottom of the menu. 

Now you can start the process by clicking on “Cancel book and refund”.

If you cancel your book, you will lose all the content you may have already added. 

Click “Cancel anyway”.

It is important for us to know why Meminto is nothing for you after all. Therefore, tell us your reason and click “Delete my book”.

You did it! In a few days your money will be back with you. 

You can always start again with a Meminto Stories book!

Keep in mind that you may have to unsubscribe from the newsletter separately.

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