How do I create a book without a collection of questions?

Here you will learn how to create a book without a collection of questions.

  • To do this, either start a book with the activation code or choose a new book.
  • Now select a question set. Although you want to start without a question collection, you have to select one here.
  • Further down you will find the button “Start without predefined questions”. If you activate this button, you can create all questions yourself.
  • Now enter only the important data and click Save.
  • Now enter all the information about the main character of the book. Click on Save.
  • A window will appear. Either you can discover questions from the catalog you selected at the beginning, or you can create your own questions.
  • Now you can enter your question and also choose a category.
    First you have to create one. Now you can add your new category.
  • If you want, you can also specify the topics included.
  • Now you have three options. Either save and go back to the overview, answer the question directly or save and create another question.
  • In the overview you can see all your questions.
  • Do you want to add more questions? Click on the plus button.

Have fun with your individual Meminto Stories book.