Gifts for girlfriend or wife – always a challenge

Gifts for girlfriend

If you have read this article, then you will realize that it is not such a big challenge to find really good gifts for girlfriend or wife. Because the gift idea that we present to you today is suitable both as a gift for Christmas, for a birthday and especially for Valentine’s Day. Because it is soon – and in this time couples are always looking for unusual, special or even romantic gifts for their great love.

The voucher – only partly a good idea

If you give your wife or girlfriend a gift certificate, you run the risk of being labeled as not particularly creative. That is also true. Unless, for example, the voucher is for a romantic time for two, a few hours together beyond the everyday life or something else, but special, with which you can prove your love once again. But otherwise, a normal voucher just falls through the sieve.

However, if you read this post to the end, you will get to know a voucher that is guaranteed to fall into the category of “Especially unusual gifts for girlfriend or wife”. Because the gift certificate we’re about to introduce you to is no ordinary gift idea. It is a voucher that evokes memories of beautiful hours, an unusual idea that touches the heart because romantic or special moments are recreated.

Meminto Stories – probably the most unusual gift for the girlfriend or wife

For those who like to read, a book is always a good gift idea, not necessarily an unusual or even romantic idea, but at least an idea with which you can score points with your wife or girlfriend.

But how about a book that your partner has to write himself first? A gift, for example, for Valentine’s Day, birthday or Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversary or just in between – occasions are plenty. A gift that, at the moment it is handed over, is actually not yet really tangible and only emerges over several months. Books as gifts for girlfriend or wife that she still has to write herself? That sounds creative and fancy, but how is it supposed to work? We’ll explain.

A very special gift for the girlfriend – the personal Meminto book

You have the choice between three categories of books. For example, for the wife or girlfriend the relationship book. It is an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day. For the young mother for her birthday perhaps the childhood book, in which she can impressively record the first years with the common child. Or, if the relationship has already lasted a few years, how about a book of life as a gift for your partner for Christmas?

All this is possible with Meminto Stories. In the end, with Meminto books you will have found gifts for your girlfriend or wife that have a long-term character, personalized content that describes very individual passages from your life. As a memory for you, your children or other relatives and acquaintances who want to share in your life or keep moments from it alive for later generations.

Gift box or voucher – what to take and what to do next?

If you still have enough time to find gifts for your girlfriend or wife, we definitely recommend the Meminto gift box. You order it, specifying the type of book you want to give as a gift, i.e. relationship book, childhood book or life book. After a few days you will receive a very decorative box that not only contains the code that your girlfriend or wife needs to start her book, but also a few fine surprises, such as the deck of cards that gives a taste of the book.ย 

And this particular gift box is an extremely unusual idea, an idea that will make hearts beat faster once you realize what you can do with it. We think gifts for girlfriend or wife can not be more individual.

A Meminto voucher – the last minute gift idea

That also happens – that Valentine’s Day or Christmas for one or the other man once again come quite suddenly. And one becomes hectic and asks oneself the question, how one comes now still at special gifts for girlfriend or woman. And usually the obligatory gift certificate comes into play. But what we – and especially your girlfriend or wife – think of it, we have already explained above.ย 

Unless you decide to buy a voucher from Meminto. You can download it at the last minute from Without an attractive gift box, but the result is just as creative as it is unusual.

Order a gift box for you and your loved one now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you will have a book about your relationship in your mailbox!

Become a book author together

Unlike standard gifts like jewelry, perfume, flowers or, excuse me, gift certificates, a meminto book is a very multi-faceted idea for gifts for your girlfriend or wife. You can enjoy it together, support each other with memories, spend several months on it, choose suitable pictures together. When it’s finished, you have something that you take to hand again and again, that you lend sometimes, that you leave to your children.

A year of questions and answers – and in the end, the finished book

This or something similar could describe the process of how you end up with a finished book. Once you have handed over the gift and your partner has registered with Meminto using the appropriate code, she will be asked questions. Questions that are individually targeted to the desired topic.ย 

These questions usually come in weekly intervals over a whole year and you have enough time to answer. The better Meminto gets to know you, the more personal the questions become, from which the book gradually emerges. You can follow the process at any time and see for yourself how the book is progressing. You can upload suitable pictures and actively and creatively contribute to the design.

When all questions have been asked, usually after about a year, the process is completed. Meminto takes care that the book is produced. With a high-quality cover and top print quality, you will hold the finished book in your hands after a few days and have a lot of fun with it.

And – too much promised?

Meminto Stories – it has never been easier to find suitable gifts for your girlfriend or wife. And never has a gift certificate had more charm and impact than a gift certificate for a Meminto book. A book about your relationship, about your life or your child’s.

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