Now you can pay for your book only when it’s finished!

Normally you can test every Meminto book for free in the app and on the web for 14 days before you have to decide to buy it. After our latest update, it’s different now: if you respond regularly, you can write your book until print at no further cost.

14 days can sometimes be a bit too short to get to know all the features and possibilities of Meminto Stories. If you are testing a book now, you can extend your test time by 2 days by answering a question. This works from version 1.7 and is available for all books except the wedding book.ย 

This is what your reward looks like:

When you answer a question in the web interface at, a screen appears telling you that you now have 2 more days to test. In the upper right corner you can see how much time you have left for free testing. It looks similar in the app – here you’ll be alerted to your extension by an animation like the one you saw at the beginning of this blog post. Don’t worry – you can disable the ad so it doesn’t reappear every time.

This way, you can answer all 52 questions (and more) within a few weeks and commission the printing of the book only at the end. So no more risk of not finishing it and forfeiting your payment.

Have fun with your new freedom!

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