70th-90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

70th-90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

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Some of the best 70th – 90th BDay gift ideas for dad and mom include a mystery tackle box, customized art workshop, heated eye massager, memory jar, recipe book, activity books, a do-it-yourself autobiography, Fitbit Versa 3, drone, and grabbed reacher.

Consider selecting a 70th – 90th birthday gift that truly honours their journey to this remarkable milestone. Opt for thoughtful gadgets designed to enhance their daily routine or sentimental keepsakes that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Whether it’s a practical tool to ease their tasks or a heartfelt memento to cherish, choose something that resonates with their personality and interests. Meaningful gifts that reflect on their life’s journey or humorous items that bring a smile to their face can make the celebration even more special. However you choose, let it be simply a token of appreciation for their amazing journey through life.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a diverse range of 70th – 90th birthday gift ideas suitable for your mom and dads, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for gifts that honour the individual’s journey and resonate with their personality and interests, such as a customized art workshop or a memory jar filled with heartfelt messages.
  • Consider practical gadgets designed to enhance daily routines, like a heated eye massager or a Fitbit Versa 3 for staying active and healthy.
  • Choose sentimental keepsakes that evoke nostalgia or reflect on the individual’s life journey, such as a do-it-yourself autobiography or a personalized photo book. You could always create them using Meminto.
  • Plan meaningful experiences or adventures tailored to their interests, like a bucket list adventure or a weekend getaway to a luxury resort, to create lasting memories.

70th-90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

Editor’s Choice: Meminto Life Book

When it comes to finding the perfect birthday gift for your parents as they celebrate their 70th, 80th, or even 90th birthdays, it can be challenging to find something that truly captures the essence of their incredible journey. That’s why the Meminto Life Book stands out as our Editor’s Choice for the best 70-90th birthday gift.

Imagine giving your parents a gift that not only reflects their life stories but also allows them to relive and share those cherished memories. The Meminto Life Book is more than just a book; it’s a personalized journey through the moments that have shaped their lives. With thoughtfully crafted prompts and questions, it guides your parents in recounting their experiences, lessons, and adventures.

Why is the Meminto Life Book the ultimate sentimental gift?

1. Personal Touch: This isn’t just another photo album or diary. The Meminto Life Book captures their unique stories in their own words, creating a legacy that can be treasured for generations.

2. Easy to Use: Your parents don’t need to be tech-savvy or skilled writers to create this beautiful keepsake. The book’s format is simple, with prompts that inspire heartfelt responses, making the process enjoyable and meaningful.

3. A Journey of Reflection: Completing the Meminto Life Book gives your parents a chance to reflect on their lives, recalling memories that might have been long forgotten. It’s a therapeutic experience, offering joy and nostalgia.

4. Connecting Generations: This book becomes a bridge between generations, allowing your children and grandchildren to understand their heritage, values, and the incredible lives their grandparents have lived.

Picture your mom and dad flipping through the pages, reminiscing about their first date, their proudest moments, and even the trials they’ve overcome. The smiles, the laughter, and perhaps even a few tears of joy as they share these stories with you. The Meminto Life Book isn’t just a gift; it’s an experience, a conversation starter, and a cherished heirloom.

In a world where digital gifts often lack personal touch, the Meminto Life Book offers a tangible, heartfelt way to celebrate your parents’ lives. It’s a gift that says, “Your story matters, and we want to remember and cherish it forever.”

So, as you consider the perfect gift for your parents’ milestone birthdays, think beyond the usual. Give them the Meminto Life Book and watch as they light up, knowing that their legacy will be beautifully preserved. This birthday, give the gift of memories, love, and a timeless treasure with the Meminto Life Book.

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70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

1. Mystery Tackle Box

For an ideal 70th birthday present for Dad, consider the Mystery Tackle Box a delight for any angler. This gift box includes various baits and lures alongside a fishing magazine—a fantastic catch for any fishing enthusiast!

2. Heated Eye Massager

Celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday with the heated eye massager. After years of dedication, he can finally unwind and enjoy some relaxation. With this massager, Dad can sit comfortably and soothe his tired eyes, appreciating his accomplishments. It’s the perfect way to pamper him during these golden years of his life.

3. Record Player

Improve your Dad’s days with his beloved tunes. This beautiful wooden record player from Victrola adds a vintage charm to any space. It’s a perfect 70th birthday present that will transport Dad to nostalgic times and let him share his favorite albums with loved ones.

4. Fitbit Versa 3

Age is merely a figure. You must encourage your Dad to stay active as he embraces this new phase of his life with the Fitbit Versa 3. It has a built-in heart monitor and a remarkable six-day battery life. This smartwatch will help him maintain his health and daily activities.

5. Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

Summer is here, and your Dad might love firing up the grill during this time of year. Make his life easier with a 70th birthday present: the Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot. Place this gadget on the grill, press a button, and it does the rest, easily cleaning away the dirt on your grill.

6. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

What pairs perfectly with a birthday cake? Ice cream! 

With a Cuisinart ice cream maker, your dad can quickly create delicious, creamy frozen treats. It’s an amazing 70th birthday gift that everyone in the family can savor together.

7. Printed Memories Birthday Photo Book

The Printed Memories Photo Book is a meaningful 70th birthday gift for dads. Gather photos of special occasions, moments in nature with his beloved pet, tea times, and cherished memories. Include heartfelt messages and dates to create a personalized birthday gift he’ll treasure!

8. Gentleman Jon’s Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit is the best gift for any man who enjoys an old-fashioned way of shaving. It contains everything you need: a badger hair shaving brush, razor, stand, and bowl. The brush is made from 100% natural badger hair, that is soft and pliable. It creates frothy bubbles whenever it touches the face skin, allowing for opulent foam. The double-edged safety razor offers a close, smooth shave, while the chrome-plated stand adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

9. Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1″ 1080p full HD display, 32 GB) Black

The Fire HD 10 Tablet makes a great gift for those who enjoy staying connected. It boasts a 10.1″ 1080p full HD display, 32 GB of storage, and a durable battery. With this tablet, you can easily access your favorite apps, websites, movies, and TV shows, keeping you entertained and connected wherever you go.

10. 70th Birthday Hats

Celebrate their special day with a birthday hat designed just for them, keeping them stylish and protected from the sun. Many vendors offer a wide selection of 70th-birthday hats! Most designs come in various colors, so you can easily choose the perfect one to match their style. Simply click to explore the options available.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

1. Customized Art Workshop

Plan an art workshop for your mom so that she can let out her creativity and discover any new artistic skills for her 70th birthday. No matter whether painting, pottery, or photography, offer professional help to her, giving all the necessary supplies to make it a day of self-expression and fun.

2. Kid-Made Modern Arts & Crafts Supply Library

Do you want the best arts and crafts materials for your children? Then why not look at Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Supply Library? 

This complete kit is loaded with everything needed for creative projects, including crayons, markers, paints, and stencils. With its adorable carrying case, everything stays neat in one handy location.

3. Uncommon Goods Chicago Tribune Custom Birthday Book

Celebrate your mom’s 70th birthday with uncommon gifts like the Uncommon Goods Chicago Tribune Custom Birthday Book. The book may be personalized with their name, photograph, and even affectionate words. It will be a great way to go back and admire the highlights of their lives over the last seventy years!

4. Memory Jar

Make a memory jar filled with handwritten notes from your family and friends, remembering happy events in the past, funny stories, or sincere messages about your mother. That’s why she can treasure this personalized and emotional gift throughout the years, as it will always remind her of the love and happiness she spreads to everyone around.

5. Handmade Photo Album

Design a customized photo album of pictures from your mother’s life, from her childhood memories to recent happenings, as a good 70th birthday gift. Each page should be decorated with personal touches and captions that capture the ethos of her journey through time.

6. Recipe Book

For a beautiful 70th birthday gift, make an exquisite recipe book from your mom’s precious handwritten recipes carefully collected together. Alongside some newer favorites, you may also include traditional family recipes passed down through generations, making it a cherished memento filled with love and tasty memories.

7. Bucket List Adventure

Support your mom in checking items off her bucket list by organizing a unique adventure or experience tailored to her interests and dreams. For example, whether riding in a hot air balloon, taking cooking classes, or going on a road trip somewhere nostalgic, this is a memorable way to celebrate her 70th birthday while creating future nostalgic moments for both of you.

8. Fine Dining Experience

Let mom have an unforgettable fine dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant or an upscale gourmet location. Though refined cuisine may provide flawless service and a refined atmosphere, this sumptuous culinary trip will captivate her senses and create lasting memories on her special day.

9. Homemade Sweets Basket

Make homemade sweets such as cakes, cookies, and fudges and put them in a decorative basket or tin box as a charming 70th birthday gift for your mom. Consider her best flavors and dietary restrictions; therefore, the result is a tasty and thoughtful gift that can be shared with family members.

10. Weekend Getaway to a Luxury Resort

Give your mom a luxurious weekend vacation at any five-star resort or boutique hotel. This lavish retreat has spacious rooms, world-class facilities, and personal service that will make your mother’s 70th birthday a milestone in relaxation and rejuvenation.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

From talking to our customers, we have curated the best 80th birthday gift ideas for your dad and your mom. 

Here are the best 80th birthday gift ideas for your mom and dad: 

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

1. Cheers, Birthday Blade!

The Cheers Birthday Blade is a unique and memorable birthday gift for an 80-year-old man. This exceptional knife stands out from the crowd with its 8″ total length, line locks for safety, and titanium-coated stainless-steel blade. It’s not just practical—it’s also striking, with a Damascus pattern printed on the blade and a beautiful wooden box for safekeeping.

What makes it even better? The knife’s handle and box can be personalized, adding an extra touch of exclusivity to this thoughtful gift. Cheers to these practical 80th birthday gift ideas!

2. Golf Gift Mug And Putter Pen

The Golf Gift Mug and Putter Pen are excellent gifts that bring Dad’s love for the game into everyday life. The putter pen lets him unwind and practice his putting skills even when he can’t hit the golf course. These 80th birthday gift ideas are perfect for helping him stay engaged during those lengthy virtual meetings.

It’s a practical addition to his desk, blending seamlessly with his professional setup. Plus, he can easily grab the putter pen for a quick putt whenever he needs a break or wants to celebrate a small win.

3. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager 

Assist him in unwinding and finding tranquility with these considerate gift options for an 80-year-old man. Being constantly on the move, he desires his healthcare to be just as adaptable.

This Back and Neck Massager, featuring an advanced heat function, alleviates soreness in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, and waist without interrupting daily activities such as driving, watching TV, or attending meetings at the office.

4. Personalized Happy Birthday Golf Ball Set

When looking for an exceptional and customized gift for a golf enthusiast in your circle, look no further than the Personalized Happy Birthday Golf Ball set. The set has six top-of-the-line golf balls, each with the recipient’s name and “Happy Birthday” written on it cheerfully. This is a present that you will hold dear to your heart for years, which makes it ideal as an 80th birthday gift.

5. Wood-folding Cigar Ashtrays

The wood-folding cigar ashtray is a great gift that any cigar lover will treasure for many years. These 80th birthday gifts are made from high-quality wood and are perfect for enhancing any home or office décor.

6. Leather Sunglass Strap

leather sunglasses strap is perfect for someone who never leaves his glasses behind! Give him these 80th birthday gifts so that he can never misplace his favorite eyeglasses or sunglasses anymore. The good thing is that this leather strap could come monogrammed with initials and is available in eight different colors.

7. Platinum Tobacco Pipe

The Platinum Tobacco Pipe is crafted for pipe smokers and doubles as a great accessory for Halloween. Resembling a classic tobacco pipe, this practical gift is compact. It is specially designed for smoking herb blends or tobacco mixtures without nicotine. This stylish item will be a great addition to his man cave.

8. Scotch Glass

The Scotch Glass is perfect for Dad to enjoy his whiskey or scotch while sharing stories of bravery and past adventures. It ensures he won’t have to worry about finding a place to set down his cigar while tending to the fire. With this gift, he can comfortably hold a stogie in one hand while regaling listeners with elaborate tales and using hand gestures to emphasize his stories.

9. 80th Birthday Shirt

For a cheerful and easygoing present for an 80th birthday, think about an “I’m Not Old, I’m Classic” Shirt. This witty shirt will surely bring a grin to the birthday person’s face and demonstrate that age is merely a number. Crafted with cozy and top-notch fabric, this shirt sparks conversations and offers comfortable wear. These gift concepts for an 80-year-old man are ideal for marking their special day with humor and flair.

10. Custom Watch Box

An 80th birthday deserves a special gift, like a Custom Watch Box. It’s not just about style and elegance; it also keeps all their watches organized in one spot.

With its natural wood design and five slots, this watch box ensures that all their timepieces stay secure. It also allows the recipient to display their collection of watches beautifully.

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

1. Forever Rose, Real 24K Gold Rose

For a truly exceptional gift for someone marking a significant milestone, consider the Forever Rose Real 24K Gold Rose. This beautiful flower is made from real roses coated in 24-karat gold. It has a luxurious display case to help maintain its beauty for many years. This gift is truly unique and something Dad will cherish forever.

2. Love You to The Moon and Back Wood Sign For 80th Birthday

Make your dad’s 80th birthday more memorable with the Love You to The Moon and Backwood sign. This sign expresses sincere love and honors his remarkable journey. This gift is extraordinary and meaningful, guaranteed to bring warmth and joy. Personalized messages and photos add an extra touch that will deeply touch your dad’s heart. It’s the perfect way to make their special day even more extraordinary.

3. Personalized Plant Pot

Marking 80 years celebrates a lifetime filled with experiences, memories, and love. The Personalized Plant Pot pays tribute to this incredible journey.

This pot, complete with a saucer for excess water, symbolizes the wisdom and nurturing accumulated over eight decades. Its personalized design makes it a unique gift—a keepsake they’ll treasure. Its practical features, like a drainage hole and detachable rubber cap, make it the ideal home for plants.

4. Our Family Wall Clock

An exquisite clock in your home or workplace reflects your individuality. Present the gift of time with this graceful wall clock, allowing you to select your personalized numbers for the clock face. These fantastic gift ideas suit an 80th birthday celebration or a cherished family member.

This charming wall clock features the names of all family members engraved at the bottom. It’s an ideal present to commemorate your dad’s 80th birthday and will be cherished for years.

5. Tree Of Life Necklace

The Tree of Life Necklace is an excellent piece with profound meaning and significance for someone turning 80. Made from wire wrapping techniques, this delicate necklace portrays the complex nature of the tree of life symbol. It is a thoughtful and meaningful present to honor your loved one’s eightieth birthday. It is made of copper wires and opalite, a unique man-made stone that comes in vibrant colors.

6. 80-Year Birthday Gift Puzzle

It is not just a gift but also a time capsule, since it is an ideal way to celebrate such an important day. The eighty-year-old birthday gift personalized puzzle fuses sentimentality with nostalgia, hence making it befitting as a gift to loved ones.

This puzzle has been crafted piece by piece, creating a lasting image for eighty wonderful years. It isn’t just another puzzle; it’s artwork that blends fun and memories. Better still, you can personalize it to become more than just a generic gift but something you put your heart into as an expression of love and appreciation.

7. Advanced 6-Items Tracker Locator with Anti-Lost Tag and Keychain

When Mom turns 80, this advanced 6-item tracker locator with an anti-lost tag and keychain will make her happy regardless of how forgetful she may have become during her old age since frequently misplaced items like house keys, glasses or remote controls are easily found through this practical gadget. 

It’s a thoughtful gift that helps Mom effortlessly track her essentials. Additionally, it can be used to keep tabs on pets by attaching a receiver to their collar, allowing users to locate them quickly when needed. It’s a versatile and valuable tool that makes daily life more manageable for seniors, making it a top choice among 80th birthday gifts.

8. Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Life is akin to a Swarovski crystal, gathering memories and casting them in a radiant spectrum of experiences. Now, you can commemorate every decade of your loved one’s 80-year journey with this remarkable decades bracelet.

This beautiful bracelet showcases 8 Swarovski crystals, symbolizing each decade of your loved one’s life. Crafted with precision, these crystals capture light from their surroundings, casting a brilliant array of colors.

9. 80th Birthday Pop-Up Greeting Card

Age might be merely a number, but with this pop-up greeting card, you can bring that number to life! Celebrate your loved one’s 80th birthday with this personalized and distinct gift.

This Pop-Up greeting card transcends the ordinary; it’s a masterpiece! From its envelope, it blossoms into a stunning three-dimensional design bound to astonish and bring joy to the recipient.

10. Crystal Flower Ornament

Crystocraft offers a dazzling freestanding ornament adorned with Swarovski crystal elements bound to captivate anyone who beholds it. This beautiful memento is perfect for an 80th birthday celebration. Presented in an elegant box, it adds a touch of sophistication to this already stunning piece.

90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad and Mom

Here are the best 90th birthday gift ideas for your dad and mom:

90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

1. Power Lift Recliner

It’s no news that men love their recliners! But, as we age, it can be more challenging for some of us to stand up to them. That’s where a power lift recliner comes in handy. It helps Dad get up and down from his favorite chair easily and safely, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for his 90th birthday.

2. Drone

For Dad’s 90th birthday, consider gifting him a drone! It’s a fun and exciting gadget that he can enjoy exploring. This drone has multiple functions and an HD camera, perfect for capturing aerial views of his surroundings. Plus, it even includes a carrying case for convenient transportation. It’s a great way to add some excitement to his special day!

3. Beer Chiller Sticks

These beer chiller sticks are perfect for keeping Dad’s favorite brew nice and frosty! Simply pop them in the freezer, then insert one into his beer when ready for a cold one. It will help keep his drink icy for longer, ensuring he can savor every sip. Alternatively, you can consider getting him an insulated bottle cooler to keep his beer cold wherever he goes!

4. Wine Taster Glass

Consider this elegant wine taster glass if you are hunting for the perfect 90th birthday gift for your Dad. Its vintage-style design makes it a wonderful keepsake to celebrate such a milestone occasion. It’s ideal for wine enthusiasts, stylish and practical, and suitable for enjoying red or white wine. Also, it’s dishwasher-safe, adding convenience to enjoying fine wine on his special day.

5. High-Powered Binoculars

High-powered binoculars will make your dad a great 90th birthday gift if he loves exploring and hates missing a thing. It ensures that your dad or grandpa won’t miss a moment. They are waterproof, fog-proof, and designed to resist drops. Plus, they’re tripod-compatible for added stability.

6. A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography

Capturing life’s journey in a Do-It-Yourself Autobiography is a wonderful 90th birthday gift idea for Dad. This book provides a structured framework with thought-provoking questions to help seniors document their life stories, including the memorable, dramatic, and inspiring moments. You can use tools like Meminto to create a life book that will serve as a do-it-yourself autobiography for your dad.

7. Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player

The Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player is a special gift idea for older folks, adding a touch of fun to their 90th birthday celebration. This unique record player blends vintage nostalgia with modern music technology, making it a standout present.

This player is a perfect 90th birthday gift idea for vinyl collectors. It allows them to enjoy all their favorite records, bringing back cherished memories. Moreover, it’s versatile, offering the option to stream MP3 music and listen to cassette tapes, CDs, and even the radio.

8. Hand Grip Finger Strengthener

This Hand Grip Finger Strengthener is an excellent choice for an 80th birthday gift for your dad. Crafted from high-quality silicone, seniors can exercise their fingers, enhancing hand dexterity and strength. Portable and convenient, it’s also ideal for rehabilitation purposes. Its adjustable design suits different hand sizes, making it a practical and thoughtful gift to mark this milestone occasion.

9. Memory Mints

If you’re searching for humorous 90th birthday gift ideas, consider Memory Mints. These mints pack a punch of humor that will leave guests chuckling. They’re a fun way to reminisce about younger days. Plus, the charming tin adds a touch of nostalgia that’s worth keeping long after the party is over.

10. Flipper Big Button Remote

The Flipper Big Button Remote is ideal for Dad’s 80th birthday. Tailored with seniors, those with low vision, and Alzheimer’s patients in mind, this remote simplifies TV viewing for older individuals. 

Its user-friendly design ensures easy operation and seamlessly connects with other devices like cable boxes and sound bars, enhancing the overall entertainment experience. Its advanced technology and thoughtful design make it a top choice for a practical and thoughtful 80th birthday present.

90th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

1. Activity Books

Activity books are an excellent idea for Dad’s 90th birthday. Whether it’s word puzzles, Sudoku, brain teasers, or adult coloring books, these engaging activities provide hours of enjoyment for seniors. Much like my own elderly mom, who cherished her time working on these books, Dad might find them to be a delightful pastime as well. 

There are many options, whether he prefers relaxing on the porch or solving puzzles indoors. So, why not consider getting him a collection of activity books to celebrate his special day?

2. The Book of Myself

Every person has their own story, and “The Book of Myself” could be quite helpful in capturing these stories. For reflection purposes, the elderly should be able to note down those unforgettable moments, trials, and victories in their lives.

This is not just another heartfelt gift but also an opportunity for them to leave behind what they have learned over the years. It will be a special way for Dad to create his legacy; he also wants future generations to learn from him by telling them about his life experiences. You can learn how to create a personalized life book for your dad.

3. Comfy House Slippers

At 90, comfort becomes a top priority, and these house slippers deliver just that. Not only are they cozy, but they also prioritize safety. With back support to prevent slipping, an easy-on-off design, and memory foam cushioning for extra comfort, they’re an ideal choice for seniors. 

Plus, the rubber sole with anti-skid texture minimizes the risk of slips and falls, providing peace of mind for both the wearer and caregivers. Consider opting for slippers with back support for added safety and comfort.

4. A Plug-in Portable Space Heater

This plug-in ceramic heater is a game-changer for staying warm. It warms up in a mere 3 seconds and can heat up to 100 square feet of space around the senior gentleman in your life. 

It’s user-friendly and efficient, equipped with a thermostat for temperature control and a timer for convenience. Weighing less than a pound and compact in size—just 2.8 x 4.3 x 6.5 inches—it’s easy to move from room to room as needed.

5. Lightweight vacuum cleaner

A lightweight vacuum cleaner can be a practical and thoughtful gift for a senior lady who prefers to clean her own space. Cordless models like this one are particularly convenient as they reduce the risk of tripping over cords. 

This cordless vacuum stick weighs just 10.08 lbs, making it easy to manoeuvre and operate, even for those with limited mobility. While lighter options are available, the cordless feature adds extra safety and convenience.

6. Grabber Reacher

While it may not be the fanciest gift, a grabber reacher is incredibly practical. It helps prevent your mom from bending too much or reaching for high items, reducing the risk of balance issues or accidents. This grabber reacher stands out with its soft grip and easy-close handle, making it more comfortable and convenient to use than other options.

7. This Queen Makes 90-Year-Old Look Fabulous Shirt

Make your mom’s 90th birthday celebration lively and amusing with this dress that has the words “This Queen Makes 90 Look Fabulous” on it. For the important women in one’s life, it serves as a lovely gift that adds grace and laughter to their milestone festivities. On her special day or any other random day, both can be made quite exceptional for a loved one using this unusual design.

8. 90th Birthday Badge Pin Metal

If you are struggling to find something nice for your grandma’s ninetieth birthday, this beautiful pin would perfectly fit the bill. Birthdays are extraordinary milestones. Hence, your grandma is likely to beam at this shiny badge pin. It is just right to commemorate her special day and give her an impression of how much she means to you.

9. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

If you still do not know what gift to buy for your mother’s 90th birthday, a Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager might be a great choice. This device relieves neck pain and shoulder aches, improves blood circulation, and helps with mobility.

Easy to use and portable so you can enjoy it while watching television at home or reading books, this massaging cushion provides practical relaxation that will surely melt your mom on her remarkable day.

10. Newspaper Yearbook

When people get to a certain age, they often become nostalgic and look back at things. A Newspaper Yearbook, with key news events from the year they were born, makes an ideal gift for those who are in their 90s.

It is a good way to look at the major happenings of that year and can add to their 90th birthday celebration. This book is worth going through while sipping tea with loved ones like great-grandmothers due to its ability to bring fun memories. You can always use Meminto to create a newspaper yearbook as a 90th birthday gift to your mom.


Planning for your parent’s 70th or 90th birthday bash is a chance to show your love and appreciation using well-thought-out, unique, personalized gestures. From selecting one-of-a-kind presents to designing meaningful gifts, everything counts towards making this a momentous and happy occasion.